Here is a set of drabbles, though the word count might range between 100-200. There will be slight fluff, comedy, and romance. Anyhow, enjoy! Let me know what you think. Any criticism is welcomed. Disclaimer: I don't own Someday's Dreamers or any of its characters.

"Did you get a good glimpse of that new student from Tohno? I heard she's an official mage."

Zennosuke kept piling books into his one-shoulder, black backpack. "No."

"Well this should be an interesting school year, since an actual mage is in our class." His friend leaned against a closed locker, conjuring his fantasies.

"Don't you get any ideas, you'll have to go through a request first. But then again, you'll be rejected," he smirked. "Excuse me now, I have soccer practice to run."

"Cya, Zennosuke...we'll see," and turned towards another wing filled with female sophomores.

Could it be true that she's actually here? He headed over to the field filled with junior high students. "All right, warm ups," he blew on his whistle and let the children run for three laps. He kicked the soccer ball around, and then he kicked it up to his knee. He saw a girl out of the corner of his eye, "Yume?" The ball rolled onto the grassy field.

"Hi there, Zennosuke." The mage waved from behind a bench. "I see you're still at it," she smiled with her three wisps of hair blowing in the wind.

"Yeah," he continued to kick the ball and tapped it towards her.

"It looks like you're busy…well I hope to see ya around." She kicked the ball back to him and was about to walk away.

"Um…Yume…do you want to go out for ice cream one of these days?" He looked at her, hoping for a reply.

"Sure that will be great."