The water beckoned her to return. All around her, azure followed her. Tohno never looked better in the afternoon. The bay glistened in the tangerine rays, and today there were several special visitors. Snouts pierced the crystal liquid, and echoes rose in unison.

"Hello my friends," Yume placed her hand above their heads and caressed their moist skin. "It's good to be home." It was for this reason she chose the dolphin as her mage symbol.

"You were right, it's beautiful here." Zennosuke wrapped his arms around her petite frame.

"Told you so," she entwined her own hands around his own. The pair took in the fading sunset, and watched the sky paint another masterpiece. Hues of rose and orange faded into shades of deep royal blue, and culminated into a diamond sky.

"Make a wish, Zennosuke." Her coffee eyes sparkled, as a jewel arched through the picture perfect night.