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Chapter Five

In Your Eyes I'm Complete

I didn't realize it was all happening until I felt my bare feet on the wet freshly cut grass. The warm summer breeze caused my hair danced around my face and my white summer dress danced along with it. I held the lily in my hand and walked towards the arch filled with lilies where Dumbledore waited for me and to his right him.

Our eyes met and I felt my heart skip a beat and I lost the ability to breathe, all because of him. His deep blue eyes mesmerized me and I felt enchanted and attached to this man I walked towards to. I grinned widely at him as I made the finale steps to the floral alter.

The sun as it set shined the last rays of the day and made his hair look softer and disheveled then ever. I smiled at Harry as he gave me away and stood beside Ron. I whispered a silent "thank you." And he smiled and looked at the pregnant Ginny behind me.

Dumbledore placed a silk red rope and looked at us with his knowing eyes. "The heart knows who the one we are meant to be with long before we do." Ron reached out his hand and I took it gratefully. He squeezed it once and I answered with a double squeeze. For the first time in my entire life I didn't listen to Dumbledore's words.

"I Ronald Billius Weasley take Hermione Jane Granger and vow to love her with my complete and total devotion till death come between us." Dumbledore tied the rope one time. He turned to me and it was my turn to vow. "I Hermione Jane Granger take Ronald Billius-" I giggled at Ron's middle name and his ears turned red. "-Weasley and vow to love him with my complete and total devotion till death come between us." Dumbledore tied the rope once again and took out his wand. "Por Semper." He touched the rope it glowed in a white light. "You may kiss the bride." His lips came upon mine and we shard our first kiss as husband and wife.

It was Ron's idea to have a small wedding. Close friends and family. Molly and all the other Weasley wives, including Ginny who was now a Potter, worked since yesterday on the dinner we had after the ceremony. It was everything I dreamed of.

I had my chance to have a privet talk with him when the music began to play. We danced slowly and I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heart. "It's been a long time." I inhaled his scent, he smelled like soap and rain. Our buddies fitted perfectly. "Do you feel sorry it all happened?" He asked me. I raised my head and looked intensely in his eyes. "Not as much as I should be. Do you?" he tensed up and looked down. "Sometimes, yes."

"Don't be, Love." I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him

"Love?" he had a playful smile he stroked my cheek and I kissed the palm of his hand.

"My love." I kissed him once more and he pulled me closer to him and we laced our fingers together. "Our love."

I never believed in love at first sight and that's only because I never thought it existed, I never believed in soul mates either, on the other hand I never believed witches and wizards were real until I was 11.

My name is Hermione Jane Weasley and I have my own story. My love story.

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