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By Joyce Roberts

This year's choice for Witch of the Year is a powerful young witch who overcame obstacles and is living an inspirational life. This year, we honor Professor Hermione Jane Granger Snape. Hermione Snape has been employed as a Charms professor at Hogwarts since the end of the war, nearly 10 years ago. She and her husband, Alex, the Potions Professor at Hogwarts, live in Hogsmeade with their nine children. That's right- Hermione is balancing a full-time job and a large family- and she's only 27 years old.

I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Snape once, about 11 years ago, when she was engaged to Alex. I admired her then, but now I feel inspired by her. Hermione and Alex were engaged under the short-lived Marriage Law. I happened to stumble across them on the beach on the weekend they were first introduced. Since that afternoon, not much has changed between the two of them. Hermione and Alex are as deeply in love today as they were on the beach, proof that not all bad came from the Marriage Law.

At the end of the war, Alex's brother and sister-in-law had passed away, as had Hermione's parents. All were casualties of the war. They adopted Hermione's younger sister and Alex's four nieces and nephews, whom they'd been caring for. In addition to that brood, Hermione and Alex have since had four children of their own. Once, Hermione led an aerial squad to help in the victory. Now, she leads an army at home.

It wasn't until I chatted with Hermione in her home that I remembered meeting her so many years ago. She had a house full of people, but Hermione herself was a little sphere of calm in the chaos. She lives with her husband Alex, 30; children Daisy, 20, a fashion student in university, Jordan, 17, Quinn, 15, Maddy, 14, and Morgan, 12, all at Hogwarts; Severus "Sev", 9, Janey, 5, Julie, 4, and Sawyer, 2. The family also has two cats, Quill and Ink, as well as a couple of owls. As you can no doubt imagine, the house is bursting with life. I asked Hermione if she had seen her life any differently. She responded, "When I was a girl, I always pictured myself in a research position somewhere, but here I am. I am raising my family and teaching young witches and wizards to use their gifts responsibly. This isn't where I thought I would be at 27, but I wouldn't trade it for the world." Hermione answered every one of my questions with honest and carefully worded responses.

I spent almost a full day with Hermione and her family, watching them interact and being guided through dozens of photo albums. I can tell you for sure that Hermione is very home and family-oriented. Hermione and Alex both claim it was their family that helped them the most in getting through all the rough patches the road of life has held for them.

It was mildly refreshing to me, in these days when so many children don't appreciate what they have, to see all 9 children being just as devoted to Hermione as she is to them. They all call her Mum, even the ones that aren't really her children. Most of them can scarcely remember a time before they were adopted and they moved into the big house in Hogsmeade. They five oldest have all had to have both their parents as teachers, which they assure me has been no problem. The younger ones were especially protective while we chatted in the study that she assured me was one of the less frequently used rooms of the house. Sawyer, the youngest, sat in her lap for the entire interview, eyeing me warily. Janey and Julie played board games in the floor. All of the children found frequent excuses to pass through the room or stop and listen for a bit. It was really rather touching.

I ended my time with Hermione Snape and her family by joining them for dinner, at Hermione's request, and observing their bedtime rituals. Dinner was a rowdy and chaotic affair, as can be expected. Surprisingly, there was only one conversation at the table at a time, but everyone chimed in and there was much laughter. After dinner, all of the children took baths and changed into nightclothes. Hermione and Alex were around to help the younger ones. As they finished, the children moved into the master bedroom, sitting on and around the bed and conversing quietly. I joined them at Janey's invitation, and sat comfortably with Julie in one of the two armchairs. When everyone was settled in, Alex began to read from a book on the bedside table. The Snape family reads novel together at bedtime every night. On this night, they were somewhere in the middle of The Jungle Book. The children were quickly mesmerized, and some of the younger ones fell asleep. While Alex and Daisy ushered the children into their cozy beds, Hermione walked me out to the front door. She thanked me for visiting them, saying she hoped I'd gotten what I needed for my article on blended families (my cover story), and invited me to join them again at my leisure.

Hermione Snape is an ordinary woman who does extraordinary things. She became a young mother in a recovering Wizarding world. She loves her family and encourages her children to pursue their diverse interests. She loves her work, balancing it carefully with her family. She's not Supermom or anything like that, but she adapts to what life throws at her and finds a way to thrive. That is why Witch Weekly is honoring Professor Hermione Jane Granger Snape as our Witch of the Year.

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