Chapter One

The training endured by thousands of young Felinoan saiyans was crucial. Many were often wounded and hundreds were often killed. If not from the training, did they die, then from their trainers. The trainers were given the authority to kill any soldier who refused or did not do his work to their expectations.

Lynk had been in the army training since she was eight years old. Most kids her age, who were brave enough, have tried to escape. She had even tried to once, the promise of freedom was so strongly addictive. None had ever made it out in life, or in death.

Though training took away much socialization away from their lives, Lynk had made a few friends within her unit. Her best friend was a boy named Jaffer. He was tall, muscled, and had red hair. Another friend was a girl that was six years her senior, her name was Elana. Lynk went to her for "girl" advice. The last friend she had made on Felinoa was a young lord named Hajime.

Hajime was a demon. He had silver hair and eyes, and he enchanted her. Over the years their infatuations grew as they did. Soon Lynk thought that she was in love.

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