The Dark Over Lord; Alex

By: Dom-sama

Weiss Kreuz Shorts

Dance of the Curse begins to play loudly as Alex enters the room. Omi, Dom, and Farfarello look up from the intense game of dominoes

Alex was wearing a black tank top (Farfarello's) and black baggy pants that had a silver dragon on the butt (also Farfarello's), and a black cape (Don't know where she picked that up at). They stared ather as the song continued to play.

"A…Alex, what are you doing?" Dom asked.

Alex climbed on top of the table, destroying the game of dominoes, and folder the cape around her pulling a Soul Reaver. "I am the Dark Overlord of the Earth!", but it came out, "I'm da dar doveroad off erff!"

"Alex, we can't understand you," Omi said.

"Dah!" Alex pulled the cape down and yelled, "I AM THE DARK OVERLORD OF EARTH!" She jumped down from the table and ran away laughing hysterically.