Painting Outside the Koneko

Dom and Erika were painting the outside of the Koneko. All of Weiss walk out and see the front of the store painted as the cat from Trigun. "Don't look any where else!" the two girls exclaimed.

Weiss walked to the side of the store where the girls had ran to. Dom and Erika covered with their bodies, Ken and Aya doing the naughty, Dom's had covered Omi's Mr. Happy, and Erika's foot covered up Yoji dieing in a corner. Weiss' eyes got huge and walked away.

Ken leaned over to Aya and asked, "Aya, how did they know?"

"Shut up!" Aya growled.

"Yes!" the two girls exclaimed.

"Can we watch next time?" Erika asked.

"Pretty please!" Dom added.

"No!" Aya barked.

"Awe…" the girls said saddened.