Sasuke Uchiha stood in a large open field, looking around nervously, checking no one was in sight. Satisfied he would not be found, Sasuke took a deep breath and calmed his mind, repeating the summon over and over in his head. Doton Tsuiga No Jutsu, Doton Tsuiga No Jutsu, Doton Tsuiga No Jutsu.

He had wanted to try this since they had got back from their mission. He has used the sharingan to copy Kakashi's Tracking Fang technique and he couldn't wait to try it. After all how hard could it be? Sasuke stretched out his arms and flexed his fingers. He spread his feet apart and closed his eyes in concentration, only when they reopened; they were no longer dark and brooding but in their place shone the deep red of the sharingan.

Swiftly Sasuke clapped his hands together and began the long chain of seals he had seen his sensei perform. Sasuke could feel the familiar heat of the chakra flowing into his hands. As he finished the final hand seal, Sasuke plunged his left arms down, his palm to the ground,

"Doton Tsuiga No Jutsu!"

He yelled out the summon, dirt flying up around him with the force of his thrust combined with the flow of chakra through his hand. A larger plume of blue smoke rose from beneath his hands, quickly flowing up and outwards, completely engulfing the young genin.

Sasuke stumbled back coughing loudly; he hadn't expected so much chakra smoke. As the smoke cleared, Sasuke found himself closer to the ground than he remembered. As if he tripped and fell down, although he didn't remember falling. He looked up disappointed when instead of a large pack of dogs; he found a scorched patch of grass where the charka had burnt into the ground. He sighed dejectedly. He couldn't understand what went wrong, he had done the hand seals in the exact order Kakashi had. The summon was exactly the same. Shaking his head, Sasuke stood up but suddenly his legs wobbled and he fell over.

He let out a strange yelp as he hit something soft on the ground. Looking down Sasukes' eyes widened when he saw his clothes lying beneath him. Feeling suddenly aware he was naked, Sasuke reach out a paw and… a paw? Shaking slightly Sasuke looked down at what was his hand but was now a dark blue furry paw. He quickly pulled out his other hand and cried out as it was exactly the same as the other. He looked at his feet and once again found two blue paws.

Sasuke whipped his head up, looking for someone, some reason as to why he was seeing this. It must be some kind of genjutsu, he thought. He tried to stand, only to fall down again. Noticing a small stream that tricked nearby, Sasuke crawled on his stomach over to the waters edge and hesitantly peeked over the bank. Sasuke froze when the face looking back at him wasn't his. His pale skin was replaced with deep blue fur; his nose was now small and black, placed on the end of a short pointed muzzle. Two overly large triangular ears jutted out of the side of his head, flopping over to frame the side of his face.

Only his eyes had stayed the same. Two deep blue eyes stared back at him, the only resemblance to the man he was once. Sasuke collapsed in shock and just stared at the dog mirrored in front of him. He was a dog. What the hell had gone wrong? Had he said the wrong word? Had he done the wrong seal? Hand seals! That was it. All he had to do was dispel the summon and he'll change back. Sasuke smiled to himself and sat up. They didn't call him the genius genin for nothing!

Sasuke but his paws together and stopped. The suddenly anatomical differences hit him like a ton of brick. His stomach sunk as he realised he didn't have fingers any more. He couldn't form any seals. Sasuke collapsed over the side of the bank and sighed. There was no other option. He would have to find Kakashi and get him to change him back. He could just imagine the gleeful look on his sensei's face when he told him what happened. Sasuke looked down at his doggy self, and noticed something gleaming around his neck. He leaned forward to get a better look and saw his forehead protector dangling around his neck. At least when he walks through the village he'll still look like a ninja.

Sasuke turned his head from side to side, taking in his new appearance. It wasn't all bad, he thought. He wasn't a huge dog, but bigger than that mutt Kiba carried around. He was a bit below waist height, he guessed. Not cute and cuddly but neither unpleasant to look at, quite handsome in fact. Well handsome for a dog. Sasuke couldn't quite make out what breed he was supposed to be. Not that he knew much about dogs.

He craned his head forward, trying to get a better look at himself. Suddenly his paws slipped on the muddy edges of the bank, and he tumbled forward. Sasuke tried in vain to seize the bank with his paws but they just slide on the mud and he landed with a large splash in the water below. Luckily it wasn't deep and Sasuke managed to sit up, the water coming up to his waist. By now Sasuke was thoroughly annoyed. Not only had he somehow become a dog. He was now sat in a muddy stream, his fur clinging to his body and water dripping off him. He sneezed as a droplet ticked his nose.

Learning from his first two attempts, Sasuke rose unsteadily on four legs and somehow managed to drag himself out of the stream. Instinctively Sasuke shook the water off his body and suddenly stopped when he realised what he was doing. With soggy paws he trudged forward, stumbling slightly and stopped in front on his clothes. He looked down at the pile and frowned. There was no way he could carry all this stuff on his own. He'd have to leave it here and come back later. Sasuke walked forward, slowly get used to his canine legs. He kept his focus on his feet making sure to move each of them at the right time. It wasn't until he bumped into something that he realised he wasn't watching where walking.

Sasuke fell backwards with a bump and stared at the thing he'd walked into. The thing was actually a pair of legs, orange legs to be precise. Sasuke groaned inwardly as the familiar orange and blue clothing of one Naruto Uzumaki stepped over to him.

The blond haired ninja knelt down in front of Sasuke and gently held out him hand to him.

"Naruto, you baka!" Sasuke starting shouting, only to stop when his voice came out as a bark.

"Hello dog." He said cheerfully, reaching up to scratch his head. Sasuke let out a low growl and backed away. Naruto raised his eyebrows at the dogs' reaction and drew back his hand. He stared at the bedraggled creature in front of him. Its damp thick blue fur clung to his side, giving it a pathetic look. Naruto pitied it. It was probably abandoned. He looked closer and realised it had a leaf forehead protector. It must belong to someone in the village, Naruto thought. He shifted closer to the dog and tried once more to touch its head.

"Here dog," Naruto called, "I'm not gonna hurt you."

Sasuke growled again. The baka wasn't going to give up,

"Come on," Naruto pleaded, "You'll get sick if you stay out here."

Sasuke stopped growling and looked and the blond. He had a point. Sasuke had no where to go. He couldn't get back into his house and he couldn't stay out here. Sasuke fought with himself for a moment before giving in and allowing the other boy to touch him. Naruto beamed as the dog relented and let him stroke his head and neck.

"Ew, you're soaking." Naruto exclaimed. The blond reached behind him, into a backpack the Sasuke hadn't noticed was there, and pulled out a large green blanket. Naruto draped the material around the dog and gently began to rub the animal. Sasuke just sat there, grouchily while the other boy dried him off. He couldn't believe he was letting him do this. Naruto stopped his administrations and looked at the dog.

"This isn't going to work," he said to the dog, "Better take you home with me."

Before Sasuke could react Naruto scooped him up in the blanket and held him tightly in his arm. Sasuke tried to wriggle out of his grasp but the more he struggled, the tighter the blanket wrapped around him.

"Keep still," Naruto scolded him, "Don't want me to drop you, do ya?"

Sasuke glared up at his captor, growling loudly. Now what was he going to do? Of all the people to find him why did it have to be this idiot? Sasuke sighed defeated. He would stay with Naruto for tonight and find Kakashi in the morning. Besides it wasn't like he had much of an option right now.

A/N: I've wanted to write his for ages! This story was inspired by a Naruto Doujinshi I read (can't remember the name or author though) where Sasuke turned himself into a dog to get Narutos attention. It was so cute but I can't see Sasuke doing that. So I thought I'd force him too! Hahaha! Hope you like it! Please Review! oh and just incase, Baka means idiot in japanese, but i'm sure you guys know that!