Wooot! As a extra-special treat for getting over 150 reviews and nearly 9000 (wow!) hits i've written this little extra scene, an epilogue if you will. It's not set at a particular time after the story but they're a little older than before. so sit back, relax and enjoy the smut!

"I'm not doing it again."

"Oh come on Sasuke, it's not like I'm asking for much."

"No Naruto. I'm not a machine. I can't just do it every time you want…"

The dark haired boy glared at the blond. Despite how long they had been together, Naruto never knew how to give up. Every time Naruto wanted something from Sasuke, he always managed to coerce him into doing it. He'd gotten Sasuke to admit he loved him first, he'd got him to agree to go public with their relationship and recently he'd somehow managed to charm his way into Sasukes apartment permanently. Not that he minded of course. A live-in boyfriend had its uses…

"But Sasuke…"

"I said no Dobe." Sasuke said, hoping the finality in his voice came through.

He suppressed a laugh as said boyfriend grunted in annoyance and folded his arms over his chest. Sasuke shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. Oh great, Sasuke thought. Here come the pleading. Is he actually pouting? Dammit, he knows I can't stay angry with him like that. He looked at the boy beside him. He wouldn't give in, not this time. He would be strong, he would be…

"I'll do that thing you like…"

The older boy stared partly in disbelief and part in interest at his partner and swallowed hard. Naruto leant across, his face tantalisingly close to Sasukes. Sasukes' eye, as well as another part of his anatomy, twitched as Narutos warm breath ghosted across his cheek. Naruto smirked to himself, proud of his newly learnt persuasion techniques. Sasuke glared, not missing the smug look on his lovers face. He may have loved the Dobe, but he was an Uchiha. He would not back down.

"No means no." He argued, eyeing Naruto warily, shifting further back on the couch as Naruto leant closer.

"Oh really?" Naruto asked, his smirk sliding into a leer, "Not even if I do this?"

Suddenly Naruto reached out and grasped the hitai-ate that lay around Sasukes neck, pulling the boy up to meet his face, giving Naruto better access to that white flesh that lay beneaththat Sasukes dark cloth. Sasuke gasped slightly as Narutos mouth descended onto his neck, licking and teasing his way up the creamy flesh. He closed his eyes and tried desperately to suppress the moan that threatened to escape. Narutos tongue was hot and rough against his skin, leaving wet trails across his neck and collar. Sasuke clenched his hands at his side, desperately trying not to grab the blond and screw him into the couch like he really wanted to do. But that would be giving in.

Sasuke shifted as Naruto crawled up to lie over him, settling himself between his legs. The smaller boy kissed his way up his neck and across his cheek before capturing his lips in his own. Sasuke tried, god knows he tried, but even Uchiha pride wasn't enough to stop him from responded to those soft lips against his. His hands moved of their own accord and slid up to rest either side of Narutos face, pulling the other boy closer to him. His mouth pressed against his as he felt Naruto move against him, pushing his hips into his. Sasuke groaned as the familiar effect of Naruto began to take control and his pants became incredible restrictive. He shuddered as he felt Narutos fingers flitter over and under his shirt, tracing the soft skin and rough scars. Sasuke bucked into his touch and bit back a groan,

"Ngh… Naruto," Sasuke grunted, between kisses, "Not fair"

"Whoever said life was fair, Sasuke-kun?" Naruto asked playfully. Sasuke glared down at him and growled in frustration. With one sudden movement, Sasuke brought his hands down to Narutos shoulders and pushed the blond hard, send him reeling backwards off the couch and onto the wooden floor.

"Ow, there was no need for that." Naruto whined, rubbing his elbow where it hit the ground. Sasuke looked down at the pitiful sight, feeling slightly guilty.

"I can't see why you want one for every mission though." He grumbled, looking down at Naruto,

"It's kinda like taking you with me." He said smiling shyly, his face flushing pink. Sasuke felt his heart override his sense and sighed, annoyed with himself for giving in to quickly.

"Alright." He said, raising his hand in defeat. Naruto looked up as Sasukes hands moved in a flurry of seals and a puff of blue chakra smoke suddenly appeared. Slowly the cloud cleared leaving behind a small, floppy-eared, raven-furred pup sitting on Sasukes lap. Naruto squealed in glee as the puppy yapped loudly and leapt down into the blonds' arms, its tail wagging happily.

Sasuke smiled and shook his head. Sure the boy was an idiot, but he was his idiot. Naruto looked up at him grinning, while trying to escape the dogs' playful tongue,

"I don't know why Kakashi-sensei wouldn't teach it to me… stupid hentai reading.."

"He only did that because you can't be trusted with it. Look what you did with the summon Jiraya-sama taught you." Sasuke said in his disapproving tone.

"It's wasn't my fault Temari was afraid of frogs!" Narutos argued, the pout returning to his face.

"She nearly blew half the camp away!"

"Shikamaru thought it was funny."

Sasuke shook his head, "Dobe." He said gently, leaning forward to capture Narutos mouth for a gentle kiss. Naruto mumbled an argument against his mouth. Sasuke laughed and leant closer, grinning down at him,

"So how about you do that thing I like?" he said lustfully. Sasuke glanced down, indicating to the ever apparent bulge in his pants. Naruto raised an eyebrow and broke into a feral grin, lobbing a chopstick for the nin-pup to chase. Purposely slowly Naruto started shuffling forward to settle himself between Sasukes legs. Sasuke watched in anticipation as Naruto sat up on his knees and with deft fingers undid his belt and slowly slid his shorts down onto the floor. Sasuke drew a sharp breathe as the cool air of the room touched his bare skin, closely followed by warm fingers and hot breathe as Narutos hand crawled up over him. His skin tingled as Narutos mouth kissed gently at his knees, working their way up his inner thigh and over on to the narrow dip of his hipbone. Sasuke groaned as Narutos tongue slipped out to lap the smooth skin just above his waistband before nimble fingers dipped dangerously low, tugging at the edges of his briefs. Narutoquickly pulledthe garment down to fall about Sasukes feet leaving the raven-haired boy naked from the waist down.

Sasuke moaned as naruto broughthis warmmouth down over him, swirling tongue causing hot, slick trails around him.As if on impulse, his hand reached down and buried itself in that blond hair,tensing slightly everytime narutodid thatwith his tongue.He looked down at theyoungerboy knelt between hislegs, his mouth wrapped tightly around him. Suddenly two bright blues eyes flickered up and held his gaze. Sasukes breathe caught as Narutos eyes stared intensely into hisown as the blond continued to moveup and down.Sasuke felt himself tense and his breathing quicken. The shudders of pleasure became more frequent and his hips bucked involuntarilyupwards, trying to drive himslef further into Narutos warmth. Two strong, tanned hands held him downas two pale ones drug themselves into blond tresses. Sasuke groaned loudly and gave one last thrust forward, spilling himself into the hot cavern of Narutos mouth. Sasuke collasped back against the couch, breathing irractically. He closed his eyes blissfully, mumbling slightly as the loss of heat as Naruto moved away from him and carefully pulled his clothing back into place.

Sasuke opened one eye lazily and was met with a grinning Naruto. He smiled at his lover and lifted a finger, beckoning naruto to him. The blond gotup and crawled up over him. Sasuke sat forward, wrapping his arms around the blond,

"You know, you can't keep winning every argument like this." He said asNaruto reached down tore-buckle his belt.

"Perhaps," Naruto smiled back, finishing his job and watching the pup chasing invisible creatures across the room. he turned to sasuke and grinned,

"But I can try."

Aw, Naruto just wanted a puppy!Bet you guys were thinking of something else at the begining weren't ya? hehehe.

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and if anyones ever had a puppy they'll know what I mean about them chasing invisible creatures!

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