This was an idea I had come up with suddenly and the urge to write it down was enormous. Well I was always pretty curious how Akari and Touya would be like together. With one really talkative, happy happy joy joy type of girl be with a serious gentle guy. Well I am just trying out this. My very first Hikaru No Go fic. I kind of like the idea I came up with and was very eager to share it will everyone. I hope everyone will be interested in this story as much as I am writing it. Enjoy mina!

Summary: Akari/Touya pairing. Akari had graduated High School and Hikaru was getting married but not with her. Feeling depressed Akari moved on with her life without her childhood love… Fast forward, five years later a fateful day when Akari met Touya in a place she worked….

This prologue will be on Akari's feelings...


Akari walked down the lonely lane wrapped in a black long overcoat. It was late December, middle of winter when there was snow every where. The neighbourhood was quiet and the only sound that was heard were the sounds of her boots crunching down on the snowy path.

Soon Akari reached a frozen river. She stopped momentary staring down at the rigid river, not moving and silent. The last time she came here it was spring and the river was moving swiftly, sound of rushing water was deafening. Now Akari heard nothing.

She walked on until she reached a wooden red bridge that stretch across the river. She remembered it well, even though it was so many years back when she and Hikaru were only in elementary school. They were on their way to his ojiichan's house because he needed something for his History assignment. Even those days were way back in the past, those memories where precious to her.

It was raining heavily before they reach ojiichan's house and she was complaining that they should have gone home straight from school, after that weird rainy day Hikaru changed. She couldn't understand why and how he could change after he fainted in the attic but she still stood by him. Even when it was strange that he suddenly had an interest in GO, she learn to play trying to understand him. When there was a boy by the name Touya Akira in the picture, Hikaru had been obsessed in chasing after him.

"Touya-kun…" Akari whispered his name and made slow movements towards the bridge.

She remembered that long haired boy. She had seen him in GO Weekly very often and seen him twice in person. The first time was during Junior High Go Tournament in her first year and the second time was at the end of third year in Haze Junior High School. He came to school looking for Hikaru.

Hikaru was getting married to Touya's distant cousin, a girl who she had not meant before and someone who Touya didn't really meet often.

"Then why?" Akari uttered angrily. She stopped in the middle of the bridge her head bowed both her hands clutched in fists at her sides.

Akari remembered clearly the day when Hikaru told her that he fell for a girl he met at a GO Amateur Tournament. Touya had introduced that girl to him and told him that she was his distant cousin. She felt like her life ended when the words came out from Hikaru's mouth telling her that he was getting married to that girl.

"I HATE YOU!" Akari cried shutting her eyes tight. "I just wish you never even existed!"

Realizing what horrible thing she had said Akari's eyes snapped opened and she looked up. Her breaths quicken and she placed a freezing hand on her flushing cheeks.

"When did I turn into such an awful person?" She whispered to herself and walked over to the wooden handrail of the bridge looking over the horizon. "If Hikaru saw me now, I must have looked very ugly."

Tears blurred her vision slowly, the tears that she refused to shed even when she saw Hikaru and the girl getting married. Everyone was happy when they came out of the church except her. She felt as if her life had ended suddenly, a life without Hikaru was a life she never ever imagined.

She looked up the dreary sky in time to see snow started to fall slowly as the tears she held in for ages finally slide down her cheeks. She gripped on to the handrail tightly watching the snow as they fall from the sky continuously and landing on her face.

"Somehow the weather seemed to match my mood…" Her head slowly bowing when her tears kept flowing and next thing she knew her head was resting on her arms crossed on the handrail.

Akari had no idea how long she bent over the handrail her head buried in her arms sobbing like a baby, when she looked up again she was covered slightly with snow as snow continued drifting down the sky without end. It felt like eternal snow, the cold winter days seemed to drag dully none stopping to match her now freezing heart.

Steadily Akari straightened up her hands falling back to her sides as she looked up the sky again watching the eternal snow straying down towards her.

"I will move on," Akari said suddenly in her voice filled with determination. "No matter what happens from now on and what kind of obstacles I will face. I will move on, even without Hikaru."

After shedding her tears of sorrow, after letting everything out from her chest. Akari felt very light headed as if everything had been lifted from her shoulders. She wiped her remaining tears away swiftly with the back of her hand and a smile appeared on her face.

"Fujisaki Akari will not fail to move on with courage."

Akari turned away from her childhood spot with Hikaru walking down a new path towards a fresh future which awaits her without Hikaru, never looking back.


How did the prologue went? I try to make Akari back to her happy happy joy joy type of personality so I know she got over Hikaru rather quickly. Next chapter will be fast forward to five years in advance. Well, I wish there will be reviews from anyone who reads this fic and also please drop a comment or more if you have the time. Besides that, I think I am also looking for a beta reader for my fictions. I badly needed one as you can see my english is not superb.

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