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This will be the final chapter for Eternal Snow fanfiction. It is sad to know that this fiction has now come to an end. I had really enjoyed writing this fic. I started writing this without knowing much about Hikaru No Go fanfictions. I tried this out after I heard the theme song, Eternal Snow for Full Moon Wo Sagashite anime and decided to write a story on Fujisaki Akari and Touya Akira. Not knowing how this fiction will be like, I paste the Prologue of the story along with the first chapter. In the end, I had over 10,000 hits shown on my account. There is at least 200 to 300 hits each chapter. On the other hand, I had never expected my fiction to hit over 100 reviews and now it is nearly hitting 200 reviews. I am really glad that this fic had caught the attention of many readers everywhere. I really love everyone very much for your ideas, encouragements and supports! I do hope that you enjoy the final chapter of Eternal Snow...

Warning: There is slight adult theme in this chapter.


The birds were chirping in the trees and the sun was bright in the clear blue sky. Colorful blooming flowers mixing with different shades of green grasses created a beautiful picture at Asakusa Temple during spring time. Akari had followed her mother to Asakusa Temple to pray. It had been almost four years now since Touya and she were married.

She could see her two and a half years old daughter playing in a distance with Hikaru's son, Hatori. She smiled softly to see how careful and protective Hatori was over Satomi. Touya Satomi, Touya's and Akari's daughter looked very much like her mother with her red hair and bright burgundy eyes. Besides the looks, she was playful too, just like Akari when she was younger. Hatori, who had grown very much like Natsume, down to earth and soft, looked like he was going to have a heart attack trying to catch Satomi running outside the shrine.

Akari chuckled softly at the sight. She was about to stride over to the two children when she spotted a very familiar old lady in the shrine, sweeping the floor. She inclined her head and slowly recollected her memory. She remembered that old lady who had given her an advice almost four years ago.

She still recalled that piece of advice clearly…

"It means that you have to trust. It is a fortune of bad tiding and good tiding. Something disappointing may happen one day but trust must be put forth for the good to overwhelm the bad."

The old lady suddenly looked up and turned to Akari. She stopped in her task and smiled at her.

Akari could see there was recognition in her eyes. The old lady remembered her, too. Akari bowed politely with a smile, still trying to contemplate her advice.

"Trust…?" Akari inclined her head, thinking of Touya. "Trust could overwhelm the bad?"

Akari's eyes widened slowly as the meaning started to fall in place. To trust Touya to overcome the misunderstanding they had four years ago. So that was what it meant. Her smile widened more while she studied the wise old lady before her.

"Domo arigatou…" Akari whispered watching her walking away into the shrine again.

'Disappointment and heartache will befall. Only will vanquish as one is willing to belief.'

"Disappointment and heartache had disappeared as soon as I began to trust Touya and believed in him again." Akari whispered out her thoughts. "So that was what it meant and this took me four years? I am glad I follow my feelings and heart to walk towards my future."

She was incredulous at her own silliness and slowness and she almost laughed. She was brought out of her thoughts quickly when she heard Hatori's anxious and alarming voice.

Akari turned towards them to see her daughter up on a tree and Hatori was trying to get her down. She couldn't help herself but gasped at the sight! Was history repeating itself? In a distance before she could go any closer, she watched Hatori holding out his hands towards Satomi who closed her eyes and jumped.

Akari nearly screamed at the sight, recalling how Hikaru had missed catching her and she broke her leg. She ran over to them quickly but stalled on her steps when Hatori caught Satomi swiftly and nicely in his arms. She sighed with relief, a hand on her chest.

"Akari-san…" Hatori cried still holding Satomi crying in his arms, while he ran over to her. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to let her climb up the tree…"

"It is my fault okasan…" Satomi sobbed. "Don't scold Hatori-nii… he was trying to stop me but I…"

"It is ok," Akari smiled. "Next time, don't go climbing up trees again, alright Satomi."

"Hai…" Satomi nodded.

Akari smiled shaking her head at her daughter. Why can't she be more like Touya, then maybe she wouldn't have such a headache? She reached down to take Satomi from Hatori and they all made their way to look for Akari's mother to go home.

Touya got home after his GO discussion. When he saw Akari descending the stairs to the hall with a cheerful smile on her face, Touya smiled in returned.


"Okaerinasai," Akari went up to him to peck him gently on the cheek. "How did your day go?"

"It is alright," Touya replied.

"I will get dinner heated up for you."

"Arigatou," Touya made his way to the dinning hall, while Akari prepared his dinner. "So, you went to the temple today?"

The kitchen was located next to the dining area, so Akari and Touya could still carry on with their conversation.

"Hai, Hatori came with us because Natsume-san wasn't around and Hikaru went to the discussion you had today."

"Hai, he was there. So did Satomi behave today?"

"She climbed up a tree."

"She WHAT?" Touya turned to Akari who emerged from the kitchen with his dinner.

"She climbed up and wasn't able to come down again, so Hatori had to catch her while she jumped."

"Why does that story sounded so familiar?" Touya asked frowning slightly and Akari chuckled.

"Because it happened to me when I was younger too, however, the ending of this story is different from mine." Akari continued with a slight smile. "Our daughter, Satomi did not suffer from either a broken leg or any injured body parts."

"I gather Hatori did a really nice catch then."

"He didn't miss." Akari smiled. "If that is what you wanted to know."

Touya smiled slightly. "Looks like history is repeating itself huh?"

"Yeah, I guess…" Akari sighed. "I was hoping that Satomi would be more like you instead of me. It will save me a lot of energy…"

Touya laughed quietly and finished the rest of his dinner while Akari continued telling him about their daughter's antics.

As soon as Akari had done washing all the dishes and cleaning up, Touya and Akari went to Satomi's room. Touya wanted to see his lively and bold daughter. She was already sleeping soundly in her bed when Touya walked inside to see her. Satomi resembled a younger version of his wife. She appeared to look very comfortable in her small single children's bed, sleeping so soundly that nothing could wake up her, cuddling onto Buffoon in her small arms.

He smiled at the thought of how much she looked like Akari and believed that Satomi will grow up to look as beautiful as Akari does.

He knelt down next to her little bed and brushed her hair gentle before he leant in to kiss her gently on her cheek. Satomi's lips formed a little smile when he got up and walked out again. Akari was by the door watching them with a slight smile on her face. Touya closed the door softly and turned to Akari.

"She really misses you; she hasn't seen you for almost a week now. Every time when you come home, she is already asleep." Akari said. "When she wakes, you have already left."

"I promise I will spend this weekend with both of you." Touya said and swept Akari up into his arms and she squeaked softly.

He was carrying her bridal style heading towards their room.

"What… Akira… what are you doing?"

"I am granting your wish." Touya simply answered walking into their room.

"What do you mean granting my wish?" Akari said heatedly. "Put me down at once!"

Touya ignored her and walked into their room quietly. When they were inside their room, he closed the door and locked it. He then strode over to their bed and put her down gently.

Akari looked up at him angrily at how he had ignored her request earlier. He could only smiled back at her, while her eyes flashed so beautifully before him. She was about to get up from the bed when Touya held her back.

"Touya Akira, what are you doing?" Akari said in a stern voice when Touya trapped her on the bed with him on top.

"You said you wanted someone to be more like me." Touya teased. "I am only granting that wish… a wish I will gladly bestow."

"You know that this is not what I meant!" Akari protested, suddenly realization hit her. "I was only say…"

Touya cut her off by kissing her fervently on her lips, while caressing her gently everywhere that he knew would bring her to heighten sensations.

"Maybe I want someone to be more like me." Touya whispered softly and huskily after pulling back from their heated kiss. Thoroughly aroused himself and breathing heavily. "Maybe we can have a son and I was thinking of naming him Satoshi…"

Touya leant in to kiss her once more before backing away again, but only slightly to look at Akari's flushed face and to speak. His voice was soft and hoarse as he spoke.

"Are you willing to grant me a son?"

He was about to loose the battle of self control. An inner turmoil of trying to constrain the urge to take her now was overwhelming that it became rather painful, but he also wanted to know what Akari thought of another child and he waited for her answer.

Looking up at Touya with half lidded eyes, her breath coming fast too, Akari smiled and gave Touya her answer by pulling him down towards her again….

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Eternal Snow Theme

Kimi wo suki ni natte Dorekurai tatsu no kaNA?

Kimochi Fukurande yuku bakari de

Kimi wa Kono omoi kidzuiteiru no kana?

Ichido mo kotoba ni wa Shitenai kedo

(I'm falling in love with you, and which will come to pass?

Will the feeling do nothing but swell, or

Will you notice it

Even though I've never said anything?)

Yuki no youni Tada shizukani

Furitsumori Tsudzukete yuku

(Like snow, but quietly

It continues to pile up)

Hold me tight Konna omoi nara

Dareka wo suki ni naru kimochi

Shiritaku Nakatta yo

I love you Namida tomaranai

Konnan ja Kimi no koto

Shirazuni ireba Yokatta yo

(Hold me tight if I think like this

I didn't want to know

What it was like to fall in love with someone

I love you; my tears won't stop

Therefore, I should be free of you)

Kimi wo itsumade omotteiru no kaNA?

Tameiki ga mado GARASU(Glass) Kumoraseta

(How long will I keep thinking of you?

My sigh makes the window glass fog up)

Yureru kokoro Tomosu KYANDORU(Candle) de

Ima Tokashite Yukenai kaNA?

(Now, a burning candle

Can't melt my shaking heart anymore?)

Hold me tight Oreru hodo tsuyoku

Kogarashi Fubuki ni deatte mo

Samukunai youni to

I miss you Kimi wo omou tabi

Amikake no Kono MAFURAA(Muffler)

Konya mo hitori Dakishimeru yo

( Hold me tight, strong enough to break me

If we meet in a biting cold blizzard

I won't feel cold, and

I miss you everytime I think of you

This scarf that I knit for you

I'm holding it alone tonight)

Eien ni furu yukiga aru nara

Kimi he to tsudzuku kono omoi Kakuseru no kaNA?

(If there were an eternally falling snow

This feeling I have for you, could I hide it?)

Hold me tight Konna omoi nara

Dareka wo suki ni naru kimochi

Shiritaku Nakatta yo

I love you Mune ni komiageru

Fuyuzora ni sakebitai

Ima sugu kimi ni Aitai yo

(Hold me tight if I think like this

I didn't want to know

What it was like to fall in love with someone

I love you; my chest fills up

I want to cry out to the winter sky

I want to see you now)

(Third ending theme; Eternal Snow from Full Moon wo Sagashita, lead singer by Myco from group musician Changing My Life)

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