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Is Scotland ready for Jimmy Neutron?

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Chapter One

It was a hot spring day in Retroville. Jimmy's class was graduating 8th grade in the next month. As usual, Principal Willoughby entered the class to give them the news for the day.

"Good morning class! Today, I have very exiting news for you! In honour of your graduation next month, you'll all be going on a class trip, for two weeks to Scotland!"

Silence. Willoughby continued on.

"Since Scotland is where my father was born, and I've always wanted to go to Scotland, I've decided to go with you. Now, the trip costs 583 dollars, and you all must go. We're leaving in two days! See you on the plane!"

With that, he left. The class was more excited about just missing school, and just being with friends then going to Scotland. Who likes Scotland anyway? (A/N: I do!)

"Hey, Jimmy, what will you do for all that time without science?" Sheen asked.

"Oh, I'm not really without science. I'm bringing science with me!" Cindy 'overheard' this.

"Great Neutron, ruin a perfectly peaceful trip with your stupid inventions!"

"Hey! My inventions are peaceful."

"Uh, no they're not."

"Yes, yes they are!"

"No, they are not!"

"Children, quiet down please. Brawk! You can discuss this trip after class. Now, we turn back to geometry, page 321…"

Two days later, the whole class had packed their bags and were ready to go. Ms. Fowl had told them more about the trip, what type of clothing to bring, and that they'd be situated around Loch Ness, (A/N: Where else?) in a Bed and Breakfast. She grouped their rooms, in to twos and threes. Jimmy, Sheen, & Carl in one room, Cindy & Libby In another, Nick, Butch, & Oleander in a third, and so on. They took a bus to Retroville Airport, and boarded the plane, without incident. Well, unless you count Cindy complaining about Jimmy's inventions again, and why he had to pack a whole trunk full of them, but that was normal. Of course, Libby couldn't understand why Sheen had packed one bag just with his favourite Ultralord action figures, but that too, was typical.

They boarded Air Retroville, without complaint, just about the length of the trip, and who was sitting where. In the end, Cindy was next to the window, with Libby next to her, Sheen across the aisle, next to Jimmy and then Carl. While Libby slept, Cindy watched movies, Carl was playing a game on the TV screen, and Sheen was constantly annoying Jimmy. First of all, none of Sheen's favourite shows were on, namely Ultralord, and the only way to quiet him down was if he could sit next to a window and/or Libby.

"Uh Cindy, would you switch with Sheen? He won't stop talking unless he's sitting next to Libby or a window, and the only other window seat available to us is occupied by Ms. Fowl, and she's asleep." Jimmy said.

"So? Your point?"

"Will you switch with Sheen?"

Cindy thought about it for a second.

"Does the TV work over there?"


"Oh…I guess I can. But DON'T lean on my armrest! And don't snore."

"Why would I want to? I don't snore!"

"Right…well anyway. Sheen, move your stuff so I can put mine there instead."

They switched places, and Cindy continued watching the horror movie that was on. Jimmy was fixing some invention of his, but wasn't annoying her too much. When he fell asleep, she was glad to find out that he did not snore. Cindy, now the last of her friends awake, decided to sleep, and hoped someone would wake her up for breakfast…

Someone was poking Cindy. She was a morning person, often got up at 6:30, even when it was not a school day, but here, she had no idea what time it was.

"Ok, ok, I'm waking up, you can stop poking me!" Cindy said, as she opened her eyes, and saw Jimmy poking her, "What Neutron?"

"Look at them, over there." He pointed and Sheen & Libby, both asleep, and were leaning on each other. It was slightly cute. But she wasn't about to let Jimmy know that.

"You woke me up for that?"

"That, and, breakfast is here."

"Oh. Thanks, I guess. You didn't wake up Carl though."

"He gets enough food."

"That's true." Jimmy and Cindy both nodded in agreement. Then, realised they were agreeing on something, and abruptly stopped.

An hour later, all were awake, and the captain had an announcement.

"This is your captain speaking. We will be arriving at Inverness Airport in the next half hour. Please buckle your seatbelts, and on behalf of my staff, wish that you all had a peaceful trip. Weather down in Scotland is 45 degrees F. Thank you for flying Air Retroville, and have a good day."

An hour and a half later, with all their bags and suitcases, and Ms. Fowl and Principal Willoughby had counted the students, and none were missing, they took a bus to Loch Ness.

As the kids got on the bus, they realised how beautiful Scotland really was. Foggy & misty, yes, but green. Scotland had many old castles, and they amazed all. Sheen especially liked that they were driving on the other side of the road.

"Hey cool! We're driving on the wrong side! Like in Ultralord episode 514, "Attack of the other side drivers!"

"Sheen, anyone mention to you that they don't air Ultralord in Scotland?" Cindy asked him.

"Oh come on Cindy, what country in their right mind wouldn't air Ultralord?"

"This one."

"Nooooooooo! Luckily, I brought my DVD player, and with it, all my Ultralord DVDs! So I'm ok."

They drove around for an hour, finally reaching the Loch Ness area. The coach bus drove up to the Bed & Breakfast, and dropped the kids and their stuff off.

"Ok class, you must be on your best behaviours. Even though you're all in 8th grade, some of you need to learn your manners." Ms. Fowl looked directly at Sheen, Principal Willoughby will sign our names, and give you your keys. You have the rest of the evening off, but must be back by 8 for dinner."

They entered the cottage, were handed their keys, and were sent upstairs. Jimmy, Sheen, & Carl's & also Libby & Cindy's room were on the top floor, over looking the Loch. It was very pretty, and there were barely any words to describe how nice it really was. Of course, being on the top floor, meant that they had to drag their stuff up four floors.

"Hey Jim," Carl asked, the last one dragging his stuff, "Where's all your stuff? You only brought a small box!"

"That's because all my stuff is in my hyper cube. This way I could bring many inventions with me." He answered.

"Then what happened to your suitcases you had?"

"I decided to put them into the hyper cube. Much easier."

The group finally reached the top floor, each going to their right rooms. Those two rooms were the only ones on that floor, same with the floor below them.

Cindy and Libby's room was almost completely dark red and dark green. They each had a canopy bed, with a small couch in between, a desk, TV (with three channels,) some drawers, and a bathroom. Cindy and Libby both gasped as they saw their view, with the mountains surrounding the Loch, and the sun just about to set.

Jimmy, Sheen, & Carl's room was dark blue and dark red. The couch in the middle of the room pulled out into a bed, and while Jimmy had already quickly chosen the bed on the left hand side of the room, Sheen and Carl were fighting over who gets the bed, and who gets the couch.

"I have allergies to these types of beds!" Carl told Sheen.

"Oh come on Carl, I haven't believed in that since I was 14! You can't have allergies to that!"

"Well I do."

"But I need the bed to…fit…er…all my Ultralord stuff!" Sheen began pulling Ultralord blankets, towels, pillows, & an Ultralord DVD player out of his bag.

"How'd you fit that in there?" Carl asked, looking in to Sheen's bag, "What company is that bag from? I need one."

"Mary Poppins inc. It was very expensive though…"

Jimmy decided to intervene. "How about you too switch every night?"

"Ok…I guess that sounds fair." Sheen said.

The rest of the evening, the kids spent their time unpacking. Except Sheen, who found Scottish football very entertaining, and sat glued to the telly for the rest of the evening, until dinner. All the kids went to sleep early, trying to get rid of their jet lag, because they would have a long touring day tomorrow. Except Sheen, who was still watching football.

Late in the night, Sheen said to himself, "You know, football here looks a lot like soccer in America. Why is everything so backwards here? It's like Alice in Wonderland!"

"Go to sleep Sheen!" Jimmy yelled, half asleep, to Sheen.

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