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Chapter Three

The rest of the day was spent indoors because it had started to rain that afternoon, just after lunch. Principal Willoughby had introduced the students to the owners of the hotel, who were his cousins. Mr. Thomas Willoughby helped with the cooking, and his wife, Mrs. Nell Willoughby, who helped with finances and such. They had three maids who did the cleaning, who all had rooms in the basement, along with the Willoughby's. There was a girl named Marjorie Kane, who was around 22 years old, was tall and had short wavy blond hair. There was Ruby Stewart, who had long brown hair, which was tied in a bow, she was around 26. The last maid was named Fleur McDougal, who had black hair, which was shoulder length. She was 24.

Carl decided he like fishing, and went again, this time making Jimmy go along.

"Oh come on Jimmy, fishing is fun, and it helps get rid of jet lag." Carl told Jimmy, pulling him to the loch.

"Oh I'm sure it is Carl, but I'd rather-"

"Come on, I always go on your adventures, let's do something that won't have me screaming in terror." He had a point.

"Ok Carl. So what exactly are you fishing for?"

"Mainly salmon. But there are other fish too"

As it turned out, Jimmy was horrible at fishing. Carl noticed that.

"Wow! I'm better at something then Jimmy! Some body call my mom!"

"Well, if I had a fishing rod with radar…"

"My mom doesn't let me have radar."

"Yeah, you've told me. But it is more peaceful then I thought."


They sat in silence for a few more moments, until Carl saw something big glide just beneath the surface.

"Uh Jim…What's big, dark, scary, and swims?"

"Well, from the clues you've given me, it could have been a snake, but they don't swim, then I thought, maybe a shark, but they are usually grey, not dark-"

"No Jimmy! Look down…"

The same silvery thing that he and Cindy had seen was floating near the surface of the water. Carl ran away, but Jimmy went to look closer. He saw that it did look like it was metal.

"Hey, Cindy was right. This defiantly doesn't look the same as the older pictures and descriptions." Jimmy thought out loud, as the fake Nessie glided away.

"Carl! You can come back now! It's gone!" Jimmy yelled to Carl.

"No way! I'm not going near there ever again! I give up fishing. At least here…"

Jimmy walked over to Carl, who, as they walked back, kept looking behind his back.

Later that evening, after dinner, Jimmy met Cindy, and told her about what he saw.

"So you're admitting I'm right?" She said when he was done.


"Say it more convincingly!"

"Yes Cindy, I think you are right. About this."

"Good enough. When should we meet?"


"Fine. But what should we look for exactly?"

"For this metallic Nessie. I mean if it's not actually some kind of machine, it'd still be in the Loch, right?"

"If it were a machine, someone probably takes it out at night. That group who searches usually does the searching very early in the morning."

"Yeah, that's true. See you at midnight then."


At five to twelve, Cindy snuck downstairs, and found Jimmy there, waiting.

"Ready?" He asked.


They quietly opened the door, and towards the Loch. It was very dark, and it started to rain a bit.

"Hurry up and get the submarine out Neutron."

"Hold on!" He said, getting it out, and pushing it on the water, "Ok, let's go in."

"Smaller then I remember it."

"Well, we did grow a bit from 5th grade."

Jimmy turned the radar on, and set it to scan for anything larger then 5 feet. Cindy noticed that the microwave that supposedly tracked where they went was gone.

"So, your microwave is gone?"

"Yeah, well, there were some minor bugs to it."

"If we went my way we would have found the treasure faster-"

"Hey, it was just on the wrong setting!"

"And we didn't need to interview fish…"

"It could have worked!"

"But it didn't."

"It saved us from the giant squid."

"Well- maybe, kind of."

They fell silent, watching the radar. There was nothing.

"Why-why do we fight so much?" Cindy suddenly asked.

"I've been wondering that too."

"It's so stupid, yet we never stop."

"We can try, I guess…Erm… Anyway, we-uh-finished the Loch, there's nothing here."

"So it must be a hoax. It could be scaring away fishermen and money from coming."

"It did scare away Carl. Hey that could be a motive! All we need is a suspect now…what are we supposed to be visiting tomorrow?"

"Where the fishermen & women work. We can ask them!"

"Good, we're getting somewhere. Now what?"

"Go back to the hotel, maybe?"

"Oh yeah. Right. Well. I knew that."


They went back to the hotel, and slowly crept back in. The climbed as quietly as possible up the creaky old stairs.

"Well, goodnight then." Jimmy said as the reached the 4th floor.

"Goodnight Ji-Neutron. Thanks for believing me."

"Your welcome."

The next morning Libby was wondering why Cindy looked tired.

"Hey Cind, why do you look so tired?"

"Oh…ah…couldn't fall asleep too well last night." Cindy hated lying to Libby, and didn't know why she didn't want to tell Libby. But it was her and Jimmy's mystery to solve.

After breakfast, they took a bus to the fishermen's place. They learned how the fish was caught, which was really boring to watch, and Carl wouldn't go near the water any more. They then watched them clean the fish to prepare them for the market place. They had an hour to look around and go to the gift shop, the time when Jimmy & Cindy decided to ask the fishermen & women if they had seen anything suspicious. But Carl didn't want to leave Jimmy alone.

"Hey Carl-I'm just going over there for now, how about you go to gift shop? I'm not going to be doing anything interesting, just asking them a few scientific questions…"

"Ok Jimmy, I'll just be looking for stuff to get for my parents then. See you!"

Cindy & Jimmy walked over, and saw one fisherman who was just standing around, and did not look busy.

"Excuse me sir, may I just ask you a few questions?" Jimmy asked.

The man turned around, and Jimmy realised that it was-

"Cap'n Betty?"

"Arr…. Do I know you?" Cap'n Betty asked.

"You know him?" Cindy asked Jimmy.

"Yeah, Captain, it's me Jimmy! Back in 5th grade we were trying to catch Carl mutated turtle."

"Oh-I remember you! The short one with the big words and stupid inventions! What brings you to Scotland?"

"Well actually," Cindy started to say, because Jimmy's conversation was going nowhere, "We wanted to ask you a few questions."


"Have you seen anything strange here lately? In the water I mean?"

"Well, actually, I saw some shiny fish snake thing go by, and it's scared a couple of me mates away from here!"

"Really?" Jimmy asked.

"Where did you see it, exactly?"

"Oh, around the Willoughby place I did."

"That's interesting. Well, thanks for your time. Next time you see it, please tell us." She walked away, and after Jimmy said good-bye, followed her.

"Well, aren't you little Miss Nancy Drew?" Jimmy asked, teasingly.

"Well are you Mr. Let's-take-as-long-as-possible-and-while-we're-at-it-reunite-with-odd-friends?"

"Well, he did help a bit with the monster-no-actually he destroyed my inventions. Never mind. But I'm sure Sheen would like to see him." Jimmy said, seeing Sheen leave the gift shop empty-handed.

"Hey Sheen!" Jimmy yelled out.

"Hey Jimmy. Can you believe it? Not one Ultralord thing in that store. Meanwhile, Carl is busy buying the whole store. So what did you want?"

"Cap'n Betty is here."

"Cap'n Betty? Where? Where?" He ran over when he spotted him.

"Ok then…" Was all Cindy could say.

"So what do you think we found out about the mystery?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, it may or may not originate from our bed & breakfast, but there defiantly is a motive. The number of people around here is declining. But who would want that?"

"Why don't we talk to the people at the bed & breakfast and see what they know."

"That sounds like a pretty safe plan. Coming from you." Cindy smiled.

"Thanks Cindy."

"That's what I'm here for." She said walking off. "By the way, did you…um… ever get rid of those Betty Quinlan pictures?"


"All of them?"

"Yes! You can go check when we get back!"

"I think I will." Cindy said, walking off.

Cindy found Libby in the gift shop trying on rain boots with fish on them. Jimmy met Carl buying gifts for his whole family, including distant relatives. After Sheen had said good-bye to the captain, they all left on the bus, Cindy & Jimmy ready to ask the hotel staff some questions.

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