He Still Loves Her

By Kate O'Riley

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Written March 14, 2005

POV: Daniel's

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A/N 2: Please excuse any serious errors timewise; this is written in the eighth season, but my knowledge of season eight is incredibly limited. I can count the number of episodes I've seen on one hand.

Spoilers: "Solitudes", one hardly worth mentioning for "Children of the Gods", "New Order", "Heroes"

He still loves her, you know.

I see it every day. You might as well hang a big sign outside the SGC. "General O'Neill loves Colonel Carter" It would replace the sign that should have hung there before. "Colonel O'Neill loves Major Carter" which would have replaced "Colonel O'Neill loves Captain Carter"

Because he has. Loved her, I mean. Not always. But despite his gruff exterior, the second he stepped out of the stargate on Abydos, I saw it. He hadn't had a chance to hide it yet. He was curious about her. It was only there a second, and then it faded away, replaced by his big, tough guy act. It's an act. Jack's one of the softest people I know. He won't admit it, of course. I've seen him though. With kids on other planets; he's big into kids. It's really a shame what happened to Charlie, because I'm sure he was a great dad. He should be. Maybe he will be again.

I know Sam wants to have kids too...

I loved Sam from the beginning, but not like Jack. I loved her as I would a sister. I never had a sister, but if I did, she couldn't be any more dear to me than Sam is. It's kind of ironic, really. They say that we're not allowed interpersonal relationships at the SGC, or at least, the military members aren't. But when you depend on somebody to watch your back and save you from the latest bad guy, you can't help but develop some sort of feeling for them. I would gladly sacrifice myself to save Sam, Jack, or Teal'c. Not that I have to for Jack, not nowadays. Nope, now he's "General O'Neill". General "stay on the planet" O'Neill.

But it doesn't change the fact that he loves her.

I wonder if any ancient cultures had that problem? Not very likely. I mean, until modern times, no one had women in their military, with the exception of the Amazons, and they were their own military. In world history, they're somewhat of a freak occurrence.

I've seen the way he looks at him. Pete, I mean. He can't stand him. I heard one of the gate techs say "For Pete's sake!" the other day, and Jack just about tore the poor guy apart. I also know that in Jack's house, he has a dartboard with Pete's picture on it.

I've seen the way Sam looks at Pete. She's not certain about what she's doing. I wish Janet were still here, she'd talk to her, help her out. But she's not, and ever since she died, Sam's been lonely. She's been looking for someone to talk with, and hey, we're men. We don't know the first thing about "girl talk". On Abydos, Sha'uri used to shoo me away whenever her friends came over. Whatever they talked about, they didn't want me to hear.

Who knows. I don't. I may know twenty-odd languages, and I could tell you about other cultures and such, but it doesn't mean I know what's going on. I'm just sure of one thing.

He still loves her.

The End

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