The Path of a Tailed Demon.

Summary: Sasuke seeks Orichimaru to gain power to defeat Itachi, but Naruto strikes a deal with Kyuubi to return Sasuke to the leaf village. Sasuke has given his soul to the nine-tailed demon. SasuNaru, NaruSasu, KyuubiSasu, Yaoi.

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"I'm going to Orichimaru..."

The final showdown between the two rivals was getting to its peak and all of Naruto's attempts at reasoning with Sasuke seemed futile. No matter what he said to the raven-haired prodigy, the former boy utterly ignored his pleas of reason. Naruto's patience was wearing thin, anger and hurt pierced through him sharply, stabbing him over and over. His rival and only friend was leaving him behind and betraying their whole village.

"I can't let you go!"

"I don't care... I don't need anyone, not comrades, nor friends"

"You said yourself that I am your friend", tears streamed down Naruto's face, his blooded body shaking with anger and rage.

Sasuke's crimson sharingan eyes swirled violently as his body emitted the full force kill intend towards his former companion.

"Yes, you are my only friend that is why I must kill you. Our friendship will only weaken me and I won't be able to fulfill my oath... I won't be strong enough to kill Itachi if I stay with you!"

"Is that all you care about, ha Sasuke!" Vicious red chakra danced violently as Naruto growled in menacing voice that was more of a demon than a human. His nails grew to claws; canines extending to form long sharp fangs of a predator, his eyes drown in blood narrowing into slits, as the nine-tailed demon manifested itself in its horrifying glory before the Uchiha heir.

"Is power all you want!" Kyuubi's roar hit the valley like thunder shuddering and splitting earth and rocks near by. The sheer power of the demon's voice froze Sasuke in place, unable to even blink as the fox growled swinging its nine blazing tails chaotically demolishing everything in their path.

"Answer me Uchiha!" Sasuke felt drawn to that mysterious demonic power, drowning in its chaos, never before did he feel so alive. Every fiber of his being danced aflame in the pits of hell and he .. loved it.

"I ..." Unable to utter any more words as the crimson chakra enveloped

him, devouring him whole, Sasuke wished only for one thing: to know nothing

else but this torture of pain and power.

"Stay with me Uchiha Sasuke and I shall grant you this power, power greater than that of Orichimaru or your brother" Whisper, but none too quiet made its way out of the demon's clenched teeth. As though bewitched, Sasuke gave in instantaneously, his mind and body screaming in agreement, anticipating all that the demon could offer him.

The red chakra swirling around raven-haired boy's body gently brought semiconscious Uchiha to lie on the ground healing any serious injuries the boy might have gotten from their fierce battle earlier. Kyuubi came down towards the motionless boy watching him attentively. He kneeled down and gently caressed the pale boy's cheek with his sharp claws drawing a thin line of blood, marveling the power-obsessed beauty before him.

"You are mine now, Uchiha Sasuke..." The whisper turned into a snicker and then rising with volume the sound could have petrified even the bravest. The demon's sinister laugh echoed through the valley terrifying all living beings in its vicinity, disturbing nature itself.

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