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Chapter 4 – The Hidden Soul


A constant chime of water falling onto the hard surface sounded almost like a sad lullaby to the young boy with sun-kissed hair and sky blue eyes. Curled up against the cold metal bars he snuggled closer to the heat and comfort of the crimson blazing fur that surrounded his small lithe body.

"Yeah, Kit?" A deep thoughtful voice full of wisdom responded just as softly.

"Do you think he hates us? You saw how disgusted and terrified he was after… after he found out what we did to him…"

The boy said hesitantly, gazing up with eyes filled with sadness and uncertainty to meet the blood soaked tranquil eyes of the demon.

"He chose his own path, Kit. And what he has become… he already was … we just helped him realize his other self. You know as well as I do that there is a demon in every human, but only few are powerful enough to become a true demon and control that power. The Uchiha boy is one of those few and so is his brother."

The fox's voice was soft and soothing almost caring as he curled one of his nine tails around the boy's shoulders in comforting gesture.

"Itachi" Naruto's voice sipped with anger but at the same time it held great pity for the man who had murdered his whole clan and lived a life without anyone to care about or anyone who cared about him.

"Yes, that boy is very talented and strong. He would make a great demon, no doubt, but his lust after power will only result in his end. But maybe he will realize what is most precious to him before it's too late." The demon mused.

"And what is that? What does he value more than power?" Naruto, although he hated Itachi, felt some sort of sympathy towards the cold-hearted man and was curious to find out if there was really more to the mysterious Uchiha than he realized.

"His brother, Sasuke… That is why he still continues living, even if he doesn't want to admit it yet, he loves his brother."

"Do you think that somewhere deep inside Sasuke feels the same? Do you think he could ever forgive Itachi for what he had done?" The blonde asked staring somewhere into the distance, feeling content to be able to freely voice his troubles and worries without the fear of being shunned.

"I do not know if the young Uchiha could ever forgive his brother but I do believe that there are deeper feelings than hate lurking in his heart."

The boy simply nodded and the silence filled the void in-between the chimes once again.

- - - - - -

Sasuke woke up with a start. All he could see were those deep red eyes everywhere he looked; they intruded into his consciousness and imprinted themselves there forever.

When he slept he dreamt of them, when he fought he felt them watching, even when he tried to think of his brother it wasn't the same anymore. He felt trapped, trapped in his own need and desire to feel those eyes on him, to fall into their depths and feel their power. He panicked.

The Uchiha heir dressed frantically, almost tripping over himself. This loss of control was unheard of and it only made his fear grow. He was glad they had a day off today, no missions, no training, no Kakashi's knowing gaze, no Sakura's annoying pestering, but no Naruto as well. And he just couldn't have that. As much as it disturbed Sasuke he could not resist the urge to see his teammate, for what he wasn't sure. He blamed it all on the thing he had become, on his unseen connection to the nine-tails and even then it didn't make him feel better.

With as much dignity as he could master, the young Uchiha raced towards the only place he would find the elixir to his "sickness".

The urgent knocks on the door startled the sole occupant of the small apartment from his resting place in the middle of the wooden floor. Groggily the blond made his way towards the disturbance with none too cheerful of an attitude.

"Yeah, yeah, break down the door for all I care" Naruto voiced his annoyance when he was in the hearing range of the intruder on the other side of the door, "Sasuke teme"

"How did you… "The door opened half way to let in the disturbed Uchiha in, "never mind." Sasuke decided that it was better not to question how the blonde sensed him although he made sure to thoroughly hide his chakra signature.

"So, what brings you here this early?" For the first time that morning the Uchiha felt very unsure of what to do or say, he almost felt ashamed for giving in to some ridicules notions and coming here. "Sasuke, ne, today's our day off isn't?" The fact that he just now noticed Naruto's state did not help in the slightest. Naruto had the "I just woke up" look clad only in black slacks and no shirt of any sort whatsoever. He presented a rather exotic view with his lithe partially covered body and messy golden locks that got almost long enough to touch his shoulders but not quite.

"Susuke!" That seemed to have worked. Sasuke was startled out of his musings so rapidly that he almost tripped over himself… again.

"Dobe!" Anger was the best retaliation technique in the Uchiha's guide to retain one's dignity.

"Hey you kind of spaced out back there so I had to do something, you know?" The blond scratched the back of his head innocently while the Uchiha continued his venomous glare.

"Alright, Sasuke what do you want" No more pretense, straight to the point.

"I…" But the Uchiha did not know what to answer, nor did he know what exactly he wanted from the blond. "Something strange had been happening to me since… since I…"

"Since you became a demon" A simple statement devoid of any emotion but it made Sasuke cringe and wish to deny it although he knew it made no sense to reject what he so openly welcomed.

"I can't even feel the same hatred towards Itachi anymore!" Sasuke spat, now completely loosing control over his confusing emotions.

"I can't think of anything else!" The young Uchiha was now subconsciously getting closer to his blonde teammate while the other was moving backwards.

"I can't even sleep any more with out seeing Them!" A dangerous sort of confidence was now spreading through the raven-head and he felt the chills of excitement run down his spine.

"Everywhere I look I see them looking into me, into my soul" He hissed low voice dangerously close to the other's face. Naruto was flat against the wall now, only few centimeters separated him and his maddened friend, but as a flick of light bulb everything seemed to reverse.

The Uchiha didn't have time to comprehend what took place he only realized that now he was the one cornered flat to the old wooden floor with the other holding him almost painfully immobile to the dusty surface. Then he saw that what he sought, the eyes no longer innocent pure blue but deep red reeking of power and death. They enthralled and mesmerized him.

"Well Uchiha, what is it that troubles you so much?" The low growl emitted from behind the sharp canines of the Kyuubi as he leaned in closer to the frozen Uchiha.

'Your eyes', Sasuke wanted to say but couldn't breathe a word; he was trapped in fear and anticipation of the moment. Unbidden, his body responded to the power of the creature above him, every fiber ablaze with desire.

The said creature had not missed the change in those deep black eyes, now clouded with lust and the beautifully carved pale body beneath his own. He dived in for the kill.

Their lips met fast and hot, Kyuubi's fangs piercing the soft tissue without care. The blood filled both of their mouths sending their senses in overdrive with desire and blood-lust. The tongues danced in a deadly duel as did their chakra. Blood red and deep purple: fighting, merging and enveloping each other with the entire world forgotten.

All too fast it all came to abrupt end as the blonde roughly pushed off the black-haired teen and crawled away as fast and as far away as was possible leaving behind the confused semi-demon.

Sasuke's mind was reeling with all the emotions and sensations just experienced and could not comprehend in the slightest why the other had left. Finally finding enough self control he sat up and looked in the direction of the other demon but all he saw was a small frightened boy with sad sky clear eyes of endless blue and crystal tears running down his soft cheeks.

"Naruto?" He managed to croak out while slowly trying to get closer to the other.

"Go away Sasuke" He heard the calm but barely audible words and his confusion was turning into anger. It was not his fault, Naruto was the one that advanced on him, he was the one that started this, why was he getting rejected now when it was Naruto who had offered it. 'Or was it Kyuubi?' the thought ran unbidden in his barely working mind as he still refused to move, until he heard the plea so soft and sad it felt like a knife in his heart. "Please"

Not a second later he was gone, out the still swinging window, into the waking streets, out of the view of the sad blue eyes that watched longingly after him.