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My Happy Ending

A Happy Ending? – Harry's PoV

I kept my eyes firmly shut. I didn't want to wake up, not today of all days. I knew what was going to happen if I left my lovely warm bed and I really didn't want it to happen. I tried to block out the memories of the previous month as I buried my head into my pillows. Everyone had been let off exams, with the exception of those taking NEWTs and OWLs. My birthday had been declared a national holiday for Wizard kind and the day Voldemort was defeated was also a holiday and was called independence day. Since then things had happened slower then I would have thought. People refused to believe that Voldemort was dead because stray Death Eaters were continuing their killings of Muggle borns. Hermione's parents had been attacked twice by Death Eaters, the prime suspects were the Lestranges. There had been an attempt on the Weasley family by Lucius Malfoy. What he hadn't anticipated was the fact that his plan had been leaked to the ministry so Dad and some of his Aurors had been at the Burrow to catch him.

Ron and Hermione had told their parents about their engagement and now Hermione was busy trying to convince Ron that she wanted to get married after Hogwarts. The Blacks were doing incredibly well, with the position of Head Auror being reinstated to April Black after news that Dwight Turpin was a Death Eater. Sirius Black was made manager of his Quidditch Team, The Holyhead Harpies, after their manager handed himself in for being a Death Eater. Dad was hailed as the greatest Minister the wizarding world had seen but dad had resigned and would be giving up his position after the next election in a month's time. Mum had quit her job as Healer at Hogwarts and preferred to stay at home for the rest of her pregnancy. There were still three months to go until she gave birth and it was starting to affect her temper, especially when dad was around. Everyone always got a bit of amusement from dad talking to mum's belly instead of her face.

My sister, Emma Potter, was still recovering from the curse that Voldemort had hit her with. Her condition had been getting better then once she woke up her recovery progressed even faster. Rhia Black, my girlfriend, had been busy recording songs to keep her mind off the fact that everyone involved was now a minor celebrity. Rhia had wanted to be a celebrity because of her music, not because we'd killed someone. She came over quite often but found that I was boring company sometimes but she didn't pressure me to be perkier. I don't blame her, I was always in a mood nowadays. I knew I'd feel better once this thing today was out of the way but there would still be press and there'd still be people trying to take over the space left by Voldemort.

I, myself, had been mobbed the moment I stepped out of Hogwarts for the holidays so to cope with this I confined himself to the house and the grounds of Godric's hollow. I often went to exercise Rhia's horse and flew around the countryside on my broom to keep my mind off the fact I'd killed the worst villain in history and to just get away from it all. True, Voldemort was evil but he was still, essentially a human, even if he had lost his soul. I knew I shouldn't trouble myself over it but the fact that Death Eaters were still doing Voldemort's bidding was a reminder that Voldemort's influence still hadn't gone and that's what distressed me to the extent that I didn't talk to many people. Hermione and Ron had tried to get me to feel better, even Rhia had tried but it didn't make any difference, there were still Death Eaters out there trying to kill muggleborns and that made my efforts feel like it had been wasted

I heard the bedroom door open and the smell of breakfast floated into the bedroom. I could hear mum's footsteps as she entered the room quietly like she did every morning when she knew I was awake. She stopped by my bed and sounded as though she was doing something. I opened my eyes slightly to see the fat figure of mum putting a tray of breakfast onto a chair by my bed.

"Nice to see you're awake." She said with a smile towards me. Her green eyes had a slightly dulled glitter in them, the fact that her children were so depressed made her depressed and it showed in her eyes the most. Her red hair was tied back and her clothes strained slightly at the bulge in her abdomen.

"What time is it?" I muttered tiredly.

"Three hours until the you know what." Mum told me. I groaned. Today was my birthday and the ministry had insisted that they have an award ceremony today to praise those who had been present at the fight against Voldemort. Dad and April had protested against it but not even having the most powerful positions in the ministry could stop it from happening. Mum sat at the edge of my bed.

"Happy birthday Harry." Mum said with a smile. She picked up a small wrapped present on the tray and gave it to me. I sat up in bed curiously and opened it slowly. Inside was a man's ring with a little message engraved inside.

Love mum and dad

I smiled and gave mum a hug. It wasn't something I usually did but this meant a lot to me

"Where's Dad?" I asked.

"He's bring Emma home. She got released from St. Mungos today." Mum told me. "They'll be here soon. You should get ready for the ceremony."

"I don't want to go." I muttered.

"I don't want you to go either but you know you have to." Mum said with a sigh.

"I don't see why they're spending so much money on this ceremony when they should be out trying to get the people who attacked Hermione's parents! Or bringing justice to all those people who killed innocents." I complained. Mum sighed.

"I see it the same way Harry but what can we do? Your dad tried to stop it but it didn't work." Mum said. Mum touched my face gently, "Harry, just do this and then you can do what you want, you don't even have to return to Hogwarts if you want to for your final year, it's really up to you. But just do this, if not for us but for the people, they need someone to look up to." I scowled and nodded.

"Ok, but I'm only doing it because you asked me nicely." I grumled. Mum laughed slightly and patted my face then got up. "Mum, how are you feeling?"

"What do you mean?" She asked. I pointed at her belly, "Oh, yeah, the baby keeps kicking me. It's more hyper in there then you or Emma ever were." I grinned for the first time in a long time. Mum's eyes lit up as she left me alone to eat breakfast. Mum had been bringing me breakfast in bed for a long time now even though I had told her it really wasn't necessary because of the stress it might cause to my younger brother or sister. I had just finished my breakfast and was just getting out of bed when the door burst open. My sister flew at me and hugged me tightly. She had long red hair, like our mum and bright green eyes. She looked very similar to Mum, on the whole.

"Harry!" She squealed with happiness. "You never visited me at the hospital." She said as she let go of me to let me get my breath back.

"Yeah, um sorry about that." I said, "But I didn't really want to crowd the hospital with people who want to get a glimpse of me." Emma smiled.

"That's ok, you looking forward to later?" She asked. I gave her a look that told her my answer. "Thought not. Happy birthday. You're seventeen now."

"Joy." I muttered as I went to the door. Emma followed me. She continued talking about everything that had happened to her in the hospital. I already knew but I didn't mind listening to her. Listening to Emma was comforting. I'd spent so long worrying over her it was great to hear her voice and listen to her annoy me again.

"Are you going to learn to Apparate?" Emma asked.

"Maybe," I answered.

"Do you talk much now then?" Emma asked.

"Not really." I replied

"I'll help you hunt everyone down." Emma said. I turned to look at Emma curiously.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You know, the Death Eaters, I'll help you." Emma said. "Anyway, have to go, Bo is coming to pick me up." Emma said. Bo Lupin was Emma's boyfriend and Remus Lupin's son. Remus had been killed during the fight against Voldemort leaving his Chinese wife and son behind. It had taken a while but Emma and Bo had finally gotten together despite the three year age difference. I was still a little uncertain about what I felt about that, now that Bo had left school I didn't trust Emma to stay faithful to him

"Where are you going?" I asked her suspiciously.

"To the Cinema." Emma said. "We may not be able to move around the Wizarding world but we can still go around the muggle world without being noticed." Emma said smugly.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." I muttered. Emma rolled her eyes before wondering off.

I sat in a seat between my girlfriend Rhia Black and Ron Weasley. Ron's hair was as bright as ever but nicely styled as he sat next to Hermione, who's hair was long, straight and sleek for this ceremony. Rhia Black held my hand tightly as if she sensed my need for her support. She was focused on the small stage that had been made in the lobby of the Ministry of Magic. Her long blond hair was slightly wavy and fell down her back. Her light brown eyes looked vaguely tired. I gave her a smile, which she returned to me when she noticed it. We looked up at Dumbledore, who stood in front of us on the stage talking about the values of Love and Friendship and how we must stay close to our families. We'd been listening for a while then he suddenly changed topic and went into the actual award ceremony.

"The Order of Merlin, Third Class goes to Rhiannon and Jessie Black, Bo Lupin, Emma Potter and Ginny Weasley for aiding in the battle against Voldemort and braving dangers that most their age would cower from." The five of them went up to collect a small bronze medallion that Dumbledore was handing out to them. These awards hadn't been chosen by any, if Dad had had any say he'd rather that his children not get recognition for any of this because he'd seen what had happened to me after the first time that Voldemort had been defeated. The People had chosen who'd get which awards once the story had gotten out once the Daily Prophet had started to circulate again.

"The Order of Merlin Second Class will be awarded to Rubeus Hagrid, Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape for their contribution in the fight against Voldemort." Dumbeldore announced. I was starting to feel nervous, I knew I'd be the last one to be called out after Ron and Hermione. I also knew that my parents had also received Order of Merlin First Class as had Sirius and April Black and Jenny Lupin. All for the same reason. Everyone knew very well how much work the five of them had done against the fight against Voldemort and if the public had had their way sixteen years ago they'd have already had their awards but it wasn't to be. Now, however they were getting their just rewards.

They went up one at a time. Jenny first, her long black hair had grown a lot since I had last seen her, making her look more like her niece, Cho Chang. Sirius Black went up next, his black hair was swept to the side and his face was made more handsome with a neatly trimmed beard that April hated. Mum went up next to get her award, the clothes she was wearing barely showed the bump in her belly. I couldn't help smirking when Dumbledore whispered something to her that made Mum's hand go to her belly. Dad went up next, his messy black hair was as untameable as mine. I hadn't even bothered trying to tame it but I had watched earlier as Mum had sat there in a ministry car trying to smooth Dad's hair but it hadn't worked. April Black went up next. Her blond hair seemed to stream out behind her. Her eyes were a soft hazelnut brown and her face had a few small scars. Her arms also had several scars. The previous year April had gotten up a reputation among Death Eaters and they were now too scared to go too near her. She had supposedly died when she fell off the edge of the roof on Azkaban and fallen into the sea. She only just barely survived.

I turned to look at Ron and Hermione when their parents had all finished collecting their awards.

"Good luck." I said to them.

"Oh, after a month ago, this is easy." Ron said but his face had still gone pale.

"And last but not least, the three young adults that fought and made this world safe again, freed it of a being that knew nothing of love and kindness, for invaluable services to the wizarding world and for bringing the destruction and downfall of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Hermione Granger." Dumbledore said. There was a huge roar of applause and cheer as Hermione got up to collect her Order of Merlin,

"Ron Weasley." I heard the twins Fred and George Weasley shouting and whooping loudly over the top of everyone else.

"And last but not least." Dumbledore said, he looked at M for a moment before looking back at the crowd that had assembled in the lobby of the Ministry of Magic. "Harry Potter." Everyone erupted into cheers. It sounded to me like England had just won the Quidditch world cup. I made his way up to the stage but I didn't remember much of it after I was in such a daze. I remembered looking at the sea of happy faces, my parents, my sister then Dumbledore telling me something.

"Don't let them get to you, do what you want, don't let others make your decisions anymore." Dumbledore said to me. I gave him a smile and turned to make my way back down. When sitting back in my seat I closed his eyes and willed for everything to go away but I knew that I had to go to some ministry party afterwards where I would no doubt be surrounded by photographers and well wishers. I decided in that moment that he would return to Hogwarts just to escape the press and publicity that seemed to come after defeating Voldemort. I felt Rhia's hand in mine and felt instantly better. She leant over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Don't worry about it." She told me, "It's just for a little while then you can return to school." She said. I turned to look at her and smiled. Just looking into her eyes calmed my nerves. As long as she was near me and my friends were near by I'd be able to survive. I'd defeated Voldemort hadn't I? I gave Rhia as bright a smile as I could muster as we got up after everyone else. The chairs were cleared away and the stage vanished. It turned out that the party was going to be in the lobby of the Ministry, good choice, I suppose, if it hadn't been the scene of several fight's I'd had with Voldemort. Rhia wrapped her arms around my waist. I instinctively pulled her closer to me and let her rest her head on my shoulder.

"I love you Harry." She said, "And remember, I don't care what happens next as long as you're around." I smiled and kissed her forehead as a smaller stage appeared on the far wall where fireplaces to floo into the ministry. I glanced at it curiously.

"Are you singing today?" I asked her.

"No." Rhia said, "They asked me but I really didn't want to. I'm getting enough recognition as it is." Rhia said, glancing to where there were several photographers in the crowd trying to take photos of me and Rhia. I sighed and let go of Rhia.

"I suppose we better mingle." I sighed.

"I suppose so." Rhia said, taking hold of my hand. We managed to catch up with Hermione and Ron while wondering slowly through the crowd of 'fans' who wanted me to sign almost everything they were wearing. I could tell that Rhia wasn't comfortable with the fact that there were several girls asking me to sign their clothes in inappropriate places. Once we caught up with Ron and Hermione I realised they were having slightly similar problems but not on the scale that I was.

"You did great." Hermione told me encouragingly, "It's really not that scary is it?"

"It was worse. I can't remember what happened up there." I told her.

"Oh come on." Hermione said hitting my arm gently. Some easy listening music was started on stage and a singer that I recognised came up on stage. That stupid American, Catcher Stevens! He had tried to get Rhia to go out with him several times in the past year. I knew that he liked Rhia a lot! I glanced at Rhia, who looked away instantly.

"What is her doing here?" She muttered.

"He requested it." Answered April Black from behind us. We all turned to look at her. April was looking at the stage, it was obvious from her expression that she didn't approve of the entire affair.

"Mum!" Rhia said with mock happiness. April smiled at Rhia and gave her a hug.

"I just came to tell you that you're leaving in thirty minutes. None of your parents want you to stay here long and Hermione, your parents want you home to go and visit your grandfather, you're leaving tonight." April told them. Hermione perked up and smiled.

"What?" Ron asked.

"That means I get to see my sister." Hermione said,

"You have a sister?" Ron asked uncertainly. Hermione smiled and looked at April. April winked at her before letting go of Rhia.

"Ok, well, I better get back to looking after your dad." She said to Rhia, "Merlin knows how much drink he'll steal." She muttered as she disappeared into the crowd.

"You have a sister?" Ron asked again. Hermione shook her head in amazement and turned to walk off.

"Oh, they're going to bicker again." Rhia said with a smile.

"They'll get over it." I told her. Which was true, every time Hermione and Ron argued they always got over it in the end. Rhia gave me a soft kiss on the lips before we went to go and hunt down everyone else.

I helped mum into a chair in the living room after we got home. Emma was literally bouncing off the walls after Orion Black, Rhia's little brother, had slipped a potion into her drink which had reacted with the medication that Emma was taking.

"Mummy I want to get a pony, no actually I want another cat for when Baloo dies, you know he's really old, I've had him since I was a baby I think I deserve another pet, you know like a horse like Rhia's but she only got him because Sirius was trying to win her when her parents were divorced but that never happened as you see-" Emma just continued to talk and talk and talk as she ran around the room running into walls. Mum rolled her eyes and froze my little sister.

"Oh, thank god, peace and quiet!" Mum said rubbing her forehead.

"You should slow down a bit mum." I told her, "I do want another sibling soon." Mum smiled at me and held my hand.

"Go and get me a coffee-"

"Nope, April said they're bad for you." I interrupted.

"Am I or am I not the healer in our group?" She asked me with the face that usually made my dad bend to her will. The difference with me was that I was her son! Not her husband.

"Mum!" I said sternly.

"Oh, alright, but you should stop looking after other people, you've saved the world for them and I think that you deserve someone to look after you."

"Mum, you've looked after me all my life. I think I should at least pay back some of that." I told her earnestly. Mum looked at me for a few moments then sighed.

"Please try and knock that sense into your sister." She said before making her way up the stairs. I turned to look at my frozen sister and smirked as I muttered the counter curse, it was great being able to do magic out of school! Emma started running around again then eventually settled down to watch the TV. She sat and watched one of her favourite movies as a child, Cinderella! It had driven me up the wall, not only did Emma love it but Rhia loved it too.

"I'm going to go and visit Bo." I told her.

"Oh, can I come?" She asked, turning away from the TV.

"No." I told her. I went to the fireplace and threw a handful of Floo powder into the fire. As the flames turned green I stepped into it saying 12 Grimmauld place as I walked. I never thought I'd say this but I was so happy to be able to travel by Floo again. Due to the increasing number of attacks in the last year, every fireplace had been taken off the Floo network, and even then dad had the network meticulously monitored. I stumbled out crashing into the large scrubbed table at Grimmauld place. A girl jumped up in surprise and drew her wand. I got to my feet and brushed myself off before looking up to look straight into the eyes of Cho Chang. Her long hair was tied back in a bun and she wore Muggle attire, dark blue jeans and a light pink t-shirt. She did look rather good but she was my ex and I found her so annoying!

"Hi Cho." I said with a forced smile.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I just wanted to see how Bo was, well actually, I just wanted to hang out with him. Is he here?" I asked her.

"No, he just apparated to your house to talk to you." Cho said, "Isn't it your birthday today?" She asked.

"Yes, it is."

"Shouldn't you be celebrating?" She asked suspiciously.

"I would…but I really don't care about it." I told her pretending to care.

"What kind of person are you?" She asked. I smirked slightly.

"You treat me so well for someone who saved the country from the dark Lord." I said sarcastically. "I thank you so much for that!" I added seriously, "Keep treating me like dirt and we'll get along brilliantly!" I told her before heading back towards the fireplace. I stopped suddenly and looked at Cho. "What are you doing here?"

"I went to the award ceremony and now I'm staying here until I find somewhere else to stay." Cho told me.

"Oh, right, what do you want to do?" I asked her. She shrugged.

"Maybe try and get more werewolf rights, you know that Bo can't get a job anywhere because of what he is!" Oh, did I forget to tell you? Bo is a werewolf, something he inherited from his dad.

"You know, you could start the first company that doesn't discriminate against werewolves instead?" I told her.

"And what would I do as a company?" She asked me with a slight coldness in her look. I shrugged and walked into the fireplace. I loved talking to Cho, she always made me feel so much calmer because I got my frustration out by talking to her or I got to let out my anger in some form. I had to love her loyalty to Bo though. Bo's grandparents had spoken to him since well never. They never spoke to him because of what his dad was. English and a werewolf, not a good combination for them. I burst out of the living room fireplace as I arrived at Godric's Hollow. Bo was standing in the room watching the movie that Emma was watching.

"Right, this is your favourite movie?" He asked uncertainly.

"What do you know, you're a boy!" Emma said before sticking her tongue out at her. Bo gave her a smile.

"I love you too Emma." He then noticed me. "Harry! Want to play some Quidditch?" He asked. "Ron is coming over soon and I think he's bringing his brothers."

"Which ones?" I asked him. Bo looked as though he was trying to remember what the answer was before he grinned.

"All of them." He said. I rolled my eyes. "And Ginny and Rhia are coming. They're going to form a girl's team. I tried to get Cho to come but you know, you being her ex and everything." Bo said. He sounded as though he was trying to be enthusiastic but we knew that it was only one night until the full moon. He didn't look all that great but I admired Bo for the effort. Everyone had been going to some lengths to try and cheer me up recently. Very few of the attempts worked and those times I was grateful.

"Ok, let me get my broom and I'll be outside." I told him.

"Take as long as you want." Bo said, glancing at Emma. She gave him a wink and switched off the TV. "They're coming in an hour anyway." I rolled my eyes and made my way to my bedroom. As I went in I caught a glimpse of a photo of me, Ron and Hermione when we were at least three years younger. I envied Ron and Hermione, they managed to get away from this with nothing but a place in the history books. I got away with a scar, endless publicity, a guilty conscience and a bad mood. I slammed the door shut and picked up my broom. I tried to tell myself to just forget everything. What happened has happened, there's nothing I can do to change it. Remus is dead, Wormtail was dying and Voldemort is dead, something I'm please about but not proud about. I never wanted to kill anyone, even if it was Voldemort. He was still a human being, just like Wormtail. After Voldemort's defeat I heard from mum and dad about Wormtail taking up a killer curse that would have killed Dad if Wormtail hadn't defected again. I leant against the wall and closed my eyes.

"It's not my fault, Voldemort started all this." I told myself. "And left me to deal with the god damned consequences!" I shouted after. Why! I understood that it was good for me to have won, if not then I would be dead and the world in turmoil but nothing had changed. Death Eaters were still rampant, we were still in hiding, essentially. They didn't know where we lived but we weren't allowed out of Godric's Hollow Village on our own until everything was safe. Someone knocked on my door gently.

"Harry, are you ok?" asked mum. I turned to the door.

"Yeah, sorry, talking to myself." The door opened slightly and mum came in, she turned to look at me.

"You know if you want to talk your dad and I are always here." She said.

"And so is everyone else." I muttered. "Don't worry mum, I'll be ok." I said, forcing a smile that I knew my mum had seen straight through. She scowled and made her way out of the door.

"The Black children are here by the way." Mum said. I nodded.

"Bo organised a small quidditch match." I told her, holding up my broom. Mum nodded and led me out of the bedroom. I made my way downstairs to find Rhia trying to get her younger twin sisters off her. Her twin sisters were in their second year of Hogwarts, or they would be. They had long dark blond hair and fairly light brown eyes. Jessie, a pretty quiet girl, had the skill of Legillimens while her sister, hyperactive little Kaylee, could read Jessie's mind but no one else's, a gift they'd received from their mum.

"Jessie, Kaylee!" I said loudly. They both stopped and turned to look at me.

"HARRY!" Kaylee screamed and launched herself at me. I stepped out of the way and made my way to Rhia. "You're horrible!" Kaylee muttered as she picked herself off the floor. Rhia grinned at me and kissed me softly. Jessie and Kaylee both started making noises of being sick and throwing up.

"Shut up and go away." Rhia said to them.

"Our pleasure, come on Jessie!" Kaylee said. I smiled at Rhia.

"How have you been?" I asked her.

"Since I last saw you an hour ago?" She asked with a faintly amused smile.

"Yeah, that would be about correct." I replied.

"I really missed you." She said giving me another kiss. Every time she kissed me it made me wonder why I had even formulated a plan to dump her to protect her last year. She sent lovely tingles up and down my spine.

"When's everyone coming?" Rhia asked with a faint smile. I looked at her curiously.

"What have you in mind Riannon Black?" I asked her.

"Never call me that!" She said. "My name is Rhia." I laughed, I felt calmer around her, the stresses that had just been tearing me up inside seemed to disappear for a while.

"Nice to see you laughing." Rhia grumbled as she went to the kitchen. I followed her there to find Orion raiding our fridge. Orion really needed to cut his fairly long black hair. It wasn't too long and it added to the look he was trying to achieve of skater but I thought it looked ridiculous. Orion had refused to cut it because he claimed it made the girls at Hogwarts swoon and strangely, it did. Orion had inherited his dad's player abilities.

"Orion, out of the fridge!" I said to him. He pulled his head out, his mouth stuffed full with something. He closed the fridge door and sat on the table.

"Goof fo fee you Hawy!" He said with a stuffed mouth. I sat down and let Rhia sit on my lap as I rolled my eyes. Orion swallowed everything in his mouth at once, wincing as it went down his throat.

"So, when are we playing quidditch?" He asked.

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