Chapter One: Remus Lupin

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The Great Hall of Hogwarts was decorated lavishly in cheerful colors that seemed to have even more of a sparkle to them than they had for the many years before this one. Two dozen Christmas trees were set up in various spots, each decorated in a different manner. The enchanted ceiling sparkled with stars as the patches of clouds dropped snow towards the blue-flamed candles that hovered in the air.

The Head Table had been enlarged to fit the larger number of people, though not too many of the students had chosen to remain for the holidays; it was mainly visitors.

Cheerful talk, the clatter of forks and knives on plates, and the occasional pop of a wizard cracker filled the hall as the feast went on.

It was exactly four months and ten days since the ending of the Battle of Twilight. Most of the remaining Order had come to Hogwarts to celebrate Christmas, catch up on what had happened recently, and just to make sure everyone was doing alright. Some of the officers from foreign countries had also come to visit, having become friends with the Hogwarts professors who had fought in the final battle. Remus himself was still holding the Study Hall group at Hogwarts, and Sirius occasionally came by to help, when he wasn't on Auror duty of course.

He finished eating his Christmas pudding, and checked his pocket for the box; it was still there. Remus looked out of the corner of his eye and caught Padfoot's gaze; his friend raised an eyebrow, and Remus nodded, causing him to grin. Remus silently got out of his chair and pushed it back in before making his way down several spots to where Selena was sitting.

She didn't notice him until Alex, who was sitting across from her, said, "You've got a shadow, Professor."

Selena blinked and turned in her chair to look at him. "Oh, hello Remus."

He smiled, and got down on one knee; almost instantly, the entire hall fell silent as many pairs of eyes turned in their direction. Selena's expression was mildly confused, until he reached into his pocket and produced a small box; he opened it to reveal a ring.

"Selena," he said, voice carrying over the silence, "Will you marry me?" His smile widened as her face turned a rather bright shade of pink and Severus nearly fell out of his chair.

Selena covered her face with a hand, "You just had to ask in front of everyone, didn't you?" she muttered, several people laughed.

"I wouldn't be a Marauder if I didn't," he replied cheerfully.

"Well?" Sirius prompted after a few moments; Remus' throat was tight with nervousness as he waited.

Selena finally uncovered her face and bit her lip, attempting—and failing—to hold back a smile; she nodded.

"Gotta say it!" Sirius told her loudly.

Selena rolled her eyes at his persistance. "I'll marry you Remus."

Remus stood and pulled her out of her chair and slipped the ring onto her finger, then he dipped her back and kissed her. Loud whistles and applause burst from the spectators, though Severus remained stiff and wide-eyed with surprise.

When Remus brought his new fiancé back to a standing position she told him, face a bit less pink than before, "I am going to make you miserable for that."

He smiled in reply, "I hope so."

As some of the students laughed, Selena shot them a warning look. "Mind you, I can still take points." They only laughed harder, and then Sirius shot confetti out of his wand over the newly engaged couple as a round of hearty cheers began.

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