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Chapter 11: Draco Malfoy

In the Malfoy family household, set on the polished teak table, laid an issue of the Daily Prophet. It had been left there by the previous reader, whom was nervous enough about the upcoming...event.


After an astounding race between two old-time rivals, the fight for the position of Minister for Magic has ended! On June 31st, the final votes were cast, counted, and announced. It is proven that this election is one of the most voter-active elections since the one of Horgous of Frockford in 1792. The match was close. Between the two runners, Draco Malfoy of the Auror Department and Blaise Zabini of the Foreign Affairs Department, only one of them could be chosen. By a win of fivemore votes, the winner was decided.

Draco Malfoy, soon-to-be-Minister-for-Magic, was shocked and pleased to hear the news. His long-time friend Mr. Zabini congratulated him on a 'race well sprinted'. The electedwizard will be attending the Inauguration Ceremony at the Ministry Pavilion on July 7th at noon. Attending it will be a long list of eager well-wishers, renowned rivals, and old friends, including...

The list went on for five pages, but the previous reader did not care, he would be seeing them soon enough. Currently, Draco Malfoy himself was seated in his living room, nervous about the upcoming Inauguration. Though extremely pleased that he had been elected, Draco was a bit nervous about taking up the title of Minister so soon after crushing the Keir Clan, a group of dark warlocks who had thought to become the new terror of the magical world. Becoming Minister would definitely make him and his family a target for any of the remaining renegades that had escaped his aurors...

"Nervous Da?" asked a teasing voice.

Draco turned and saw his twelve year-old daughter Valerie, her bright blue eyes shining with mirth. He smiled, "And why would you think that, Val?"

She rolled her eyes, and arm draped over the back of his chair. "Dearest father of mine, you are always nervous when it comes to ceremonies, almost as much as Uncle Harry."

"I resent that!" he protested.

"Of course you would," replied the voice of his wife in an amused tone. "I believe we all would. Merlin, Harry gets so...well, visibly nervous, so I doubt anyone would resent being seen as that nervous."

Draco sighed and looked to the ceiling. "Why was I cursed with such women?"

Valerie giggled and his wife smiled. "Come on Draco, you should get ready, we need to be at the Pavilion in half an hour."

"Yes, yes, it doesn't take me that long to get ready, you know, unlike some people." He looked pointedly at his daughter, who blushed even as she grinned.

"I don't know," Val said innocently, "Sometimes you do take hours to do your hair..."

Draco rolled his eyes and stomped off, causing his daughter to laugh. When out of sight, he allowed himself a smile; he loved to hear his daughter laugh.

Twenty minutes later—Draco had made a point of it not to spend more than five minutes on his hair—found the Malfoy family standing in the Pavilion where the Inauguration would take place. The newly elected Minister was currently speaking with his friend and co-worker, Thomas Van Hozag. "You've made sure the security screens are up?" Draco murmured.

"Aye boss," Thom drawled.

"And the Floo-wards?"

"Aye boss."

"Checked the security groups?"

"Aye boss." As Draco opened his mouth, Thom continued in a bored voice: "And made sure the new recruits know what to do if there's an emergency, and double-checked the guest list for IDs that weren't there when the invitations went out, and made sure all wands are scanned for illegal activity, and put up new screeners on all windows, doors, and lights, and already gone through the patrol routines. Anythin' else you wanna know, boss?"

Draco blushed. "Sorry Thom, I suppose it's just my nerves, with the Keir Clan activity recently, I want to be sure-"

"They're not going to burst in here and curse everyone," Thom finished, and clapped Draco on the shoulder. "Relax Draco, we've taken care of it, no one'll get near your family, alright?"

He exhaled heavily, "Alright, I suppose I'll have to trust your judgment."

"You sure that's a good idea?" queried a new, but very familiar, voice.

Draco and Thom both turned to look at the newcomer, the first with a grin and the latter with a glare. Harry Potter merely smiled, his green eyes as calm as ever. "Good to see you again Harry," Draco said as the two of them clasped hands.

"Same," he replied. "How's the family?"

"Good, though I think Valerie has been spending a little bit too much under the influence of your mini-marauding daughter."

Harry smiled shyly. "Can't help it with Remus as her godfather, andyou know, the legends have to live on."

Draco chuckled, and the master of ceremonies called: "If everyone would please take their positions, the guests will be arriving momentarily."

"Good luck boss," Thom said and Harry echoed him.

"Thanks," Draco said, silently adding, I'll need it.

He waved slightly to his wife and daughter before going up to the stage, where he sat down in the wing, out of view. He heard the fireplaces roar into life as the guests arrived in a flurry of ash and robes. He closed his eyes and waited, throwing all uncomfortable nervousness out the window. He listened as the formal greeting and introduction of events was made, and waited until he was signaled, then got up and walked onto the stage. There was a hearty applause and he smiled in the direction of the guests, most specifically at his family and friends, who were seated near the front in the center. All his friends from school and work had come, along with the older wizards and witches who were dear to him, he saw Severus standing near the back of the group, dressed in his ever-constant black robes, and the older wizard nodded in acknowledgement, a glint of pride in his gaze. Draco returned the nod with one of his own and a grin.

There was a witch and a wizard waiting for him near the podium, on which rested a scepter and a scroll, two symbols of authority. The scepter symbolized the promise of direction and guidance that he would give, as the witch explained to him and the crowd. It stood for the choices he would make to help the magical world grow and prosper. "Will you promise to do so?" she asked, holding out the scepter to him.

Draco laid a hand on the silver handle. "I will," he replied solemnly, and there was a flash of golden light, which sank into him, tying him to not only his new status as Minister, but to the people whom he would lead.

The wizard then came forward bearing the scroll. He explained of how it symbolized the fairness with which the Minister governed, of how he would take note and keep record of rights, wrongs, and laws. It stood for the laws he would pass and follow, of the promises he would make to himself, to the people, and to magic itself. "Will you do so?" he asked.

Once again, Draco laid a hand on the offered object. "I will." There was a blaze of silver light, which also attached itself to his essence, filling him with authority, command, and confidence. The guests gathered in the Pavilion cheered and clapped, there was a celebratory flash of lightning which Draco knew came from Harry, and a sharp whistle that he knew came from Valerie.

He smiled broadly, thinking of how things had changed, how he had changed. And most definitely for the better.

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