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Author's Note: This is the second and final installment to this fic, it is Post book six and it's in my frustration that Mahiru is dating Mitsuru or in other words the Fish is dating the Bird. So this is my effort to make Mahiru fly! Happy Reading!


Let the Fish take Flight

The two teens exited the school pool and entered the cool glittering world of night life in Tokyo. Chlorine clung to their pores and surrounded the air around them. The smell and feel of it never seemed to bother either until they had left the concentrated area of the pool building. Cars rushed by, everyone trying to get home after a long day or grumbling as their work day was about to begin. Even the two lovers knew that they had a job to get to, being a waitress and a busboy/waiter at the prestigious Moonshine, but not tonight. Tonight was for surprises, presents, and lessons.

The green haired tengu, paused in his step so that his princess would be a step ahead of him. When Mahiru felt the tug on her hand that was clasped in the larger hand of her boyfriend, telling her that he had stopped walking. Glancing back at the boy she smiled as his arms circled around her waist holding her protectively. The wind began to swirl around the two and Mitsuru's arms tightened around his treasure.

The familiar feeling of air, pushing upwards and feet easily slipping from the ground, was know before the two we're lifted high into the skies, far above even the tallest of buildings. Mahiru squirmed a little bit and Mitsuru complied with the silent question easily and firmly turning her in his arms, Mahiru's arms automatically wrapped around his neck. The tengu had to frown slightly after all this time she was still afraid that she would plummet to her death. Even if she trusted him with her heart, she didn't realize that he could control all and every last one of the winds. Even if he dropped her and his winds didn't catch her right away, they would before she hit the ground.

Mahiru noticed his quick and slight frown, she herself frowned, "Are you all right Mitsuru?"

Mitsuru hesitated not quite sure how his love would take what he was going to teach her, but she did force the swim lessons on him, so he could force the flying lessons onto her, "I'm going to teach you to fly, to be comfortable in the sky," He paused judging her face for the up coming argument, "You made me learn to swim and I thank you, so I'll force you to learn this. If you don't I'll let go and watch you learn to float on my winds without my help."

The blond was appalled, "You wouldn't dare drop me!"

"I never said, I'd watch you paint the sidewalk, just that I wouldn't tell you how to carry yourself on my winds or give you time to adjust," replied the tengu.

"You wouldn't," Mahiru's only reply was the loosening of Mitsuru's hands around her waist and the large increase in altitude. The young human was shocked tightening her hands around Mitsuru's neck, and whimpering.

"Lesson one: I love you, and would never let the one I love die, especially like this," Said Mitsuru in an even tone.

Mahiru's tightly shut eyes that were buried in the crook of her lover's neck, looked up cautiously and wide-eyed. That was right he no longer was trying to kill her, he loved her and she loved him and trusted him. He was correct she would have to get over this fear of flying or heights or whatever it was.

Brown eyes frowned; she was as stiff as a block of wood! He sighed, "Lesson two: relax." Tightening his grip slightly with his left arm he brought his right hand to lightly brush against her spine and than he began to stroke her hair. The best way to get her to relax was to distract her.

Out of habit, and his own qualms about public show of affection Mitsuru glanced around, berating himself afterwards, what was going to happen a plane flying by seeing him and Mahiru? He chuckled to himself.

Mahiru was still staring at him and didn't even seem to register that he was leaning his face closer to hers, his lips gently brushing against hers. The blue-eyed girl woke from the dream-like state and responded to the heavenly lips that were sucking gently on her bottom lip. With a flick of his tongue Mahiru opened her mouth, as the inhuman muscle swept in and roused a moan from deep within her.

As the kiss continued the tengu could feel his girlfriend relax in his arms. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away, both arms going back to circle her waist. She looked up at him cheeks flushed she seemed to not even notice that far below them was Tokyo.

Mitsuru smile, "Good winds like to be trusted, you know, they carry and keep the secrets of everyone in the world. They need to feel trusted. Lesson three: You're not going to fall." With those words Mitsuru flew them a little higher and loosed his arms, barely even touching her waist.

At first Mahiru gasped expecting to feel her feet slip away and begin to fall but the wind was solid (as solid as wind can be) beneath her feet. Remembering lesson two, she forced herself to relax.

Suddenly Mitsuru broke their quiet still, "Lesson four: you don't have to be this close to me for my winds to hold you up." Reaching his own hands up he unclasped her hands and began to push her away, keeping a firm grip on her hands so the were arms length apart.

The blond began to panic, she couldn't fly she was human, she looked into Mitsuru's eyes and they told her a truth, he loved her. The winds that swirled around her told her secrets that belonged to Mitsuru, about how they knew he loved her and neither tengu nor wind would let her go. Blue eyes nervously laughed, it was preposterous the wind couldn't speak. But now that she thought about it wasn't really spoken words but a feeling in her heart.

She smiled, as slowly the right hand of Mitsuru's slipped from hers and they were floating next to each other. Mahiru was becoming braver, and chanced a look at the world below it looked almost like the night sky, just the 'stars' were all closer together, she glanced up comparing the beauty above and below, thoroughly enjoying herself.

Mitsuru laughed and whispered, "Lesson five: we don't have to even touch." It seemed to everyone that Mahiru hadn't heard those words. The gentle caress of air on her right hand as the tengu's slipped away, didn't even jostle her back to reality.

The blond subconsciously began to twirl, completely happy in this new world that Mitsuru was sharing with her. Once she got dizzy she fell backwards, it seemed a slow descent as she lay, cradled by the wind.

"We should be heading home," said Mitsuru looking at the girl.

Mahiru sat up and hugged Mitsuru with all her might wrapping her arms around his neck, "All right let's go."

"What did I just teach you? You don't have to hold on to me," The tengu growled.

"I like being in your arms Mitsuru," replied the girl there was a short pause before Mitsuru's arms slipped around his love, "you know Mitsuru, everyone was planning on going swimming tomorrow? They weren't going to tell you because they didn't want to make you mad, since before you couldn't swim."

"Is that why you taught me?" asked the tengu as the couple descended.

Mahiru smiled, "No ever since you almost drowned I wanted to teach you, but since this trip, I figured I'd teach you sooner than later."

"Oh I see, let's keep this a secret."

"Yeah, we'll surprise them tomorrow," replied Mahiru as her feet touched ground Mitsuru was smiling ear-to-ear, he could only nod as the two walked out of the alleyway and walked towards the Moonshine.

The fish may love the bird, but where would they live?

Far above the horizon, in the sweet life giving air

The fish will sore. For all they need is their love to give.

Author's Note: Was it pretty? It is a belief amongst my people that the wind is the ultimate keeper of secrets. You know like that feeling when you're outside and have this sense that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend/family member loves you and is thinking about you. It is said that, that is a message carried by the wind to give you reassurance, and hope. For the wind was there when you breathe your first breath, when you take your first step, your first kiss, and your last breath. I believe I was told that by a dear friend wherever he may be, Martin (If you 'd like to hear about Martin read the Author Notes at the beginning and end of my Peter Pan fan fic first chapter (on FF. Net) If you know him or of him feel free to tell me). I hope you enjoyed this fic thanks for reading!