Title: You Promised

Author: GreenMartian777

Summary: Raven gets hurt, prompting her and Beast Boy to realize their true feelings. RaeXBB Yay!

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans (obviously) for if I did, there would be a lot more Raven and Beast Boy moments.

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It began when the red sirens went off in Titan Tower; Slade had apparently stolen some big flashy gun for his new "kill the Teen Titans" scheme. They had searched for about 3 hours until they had finally found him running through the shadows of a gloomy alley. When they spotted him Robin yelled out the typical "TITANS GO!" and all followed Slade with a great burning desire for a big Slade whipping.

All the Titans had been trailing Slade down the dark streets of Jump City, but Slade made a huge bound over a wall and as soon as the Titans got to the other side, he was gone.

"(sigh) We lost him again…." Robin wretchedly complained. He would have continued chasing him, but he was too tired tonight. He'd spent the past three days with little sleep or food, looking for signs of Slade, and this defeat was too much for him to take.

"Perhaps we shall open a can of 'kicking of the butt' on some other notorious criminal?" Starfire suggested.

Cyborg chimed in, "Well maybe we could go for pizza, it's only….." Cyborg looked at his built-in watch and shook it as if it were broken, "Okay so it's a bit past 1, but I bet ya somethin's still open…."

"Food sounds good" Beast Boy said cheerily. They all would have wanted to go after Slade but for tonight, they figured what could he do with a gun that didn't seem like it did much more then fire big bullets.

They all waited for Raven to pipe in on her opinion, but she was still floating in the air. Raven gave one last look for Slade and began to sink back down to the ground. The Team watched her float majestically toward the cement-covered ground.

Little did they know Slade was watching Raven and had the gun aimed right at her back.

"Pizza sounds alright…." They all turned their backs to her and began to head for the T-car, but the stopped short when they heard a blood-curdling scream and whipped around to see Raven being hit with what did not look like a big bullet but a giant red beam. She began to fall to the ground.

"RAVEN!" Beast Boy screamed and ran to catch her but Slade leaped from the building and caught her himself. Raven dangled limply from his arms. Beast Boy cried with rage and yelled, "DON'T TOUCH HER!

"If you wish," He said mockingly. Slade grabbed Raven by the arm and threw her to the ground. She landed with a tremendous thud, and let out a cry of pain. Slade leaped at her and picked her up by the neck. He gave her one punch in the face before Beast Boy attacked him as a Rhino and pinned him to the wall.

Beast Boy turned back into his elfish green form, "DON'T EVER TOUCH HER EVER AGAIN OR I'LL RIP YOU TO SHREDS!

Slade started to sink into the ground, "I'll get her later. But for now Beast Boy shouldn't you go check on your friend?" He pointed to Raven's body. It was absolutely still. Beast Boy ran over screaming her name.

The others, still in shock, finally reacted. Robin was screaming out orders to get in the car, but Beast Boy was already heading there in a panic. He held Raven tightly as he jumped into the car. He wasn't sure what he'd yelled at the others but he knew it consisted of "Get in the car" and "hurry she's dying". He looked at Raven's body, once so beautiful and smooth, now scorched and blistered with blood pouring out of the cuts Slade had given her when he had thrown her to the concrete below. He held her closer as the car sped away, squeezing her hand hoping somehow it would make the bleeding stop.

"I can't lose you" he thought, "not after what you did for me……."


It was raining and a thunder storm had arrived over the city. Beast Boy ran out the door of Titans Tower and turned into a bird to fly over the water separating him and Jump City. He was quickly flying to the place he hated most. To the place of Terra's death. He had to make sure she was alright. Beast Boy had tears pouring from his eyes. "TERRA! He screamed, "TERRA!"

There had been an earthquake just moments ago. Much of the city was destroyed, and Beast Boy had feared that Terra's perfect stone body had been shattered. He could still remember her stunning smile, her deep blue eyes that looked like pools of the clearest water, her eye-catching golden hair, her voice which had always been able to comfort him. He couldn't lose her.

When he reached the site of Terra's monument it looked as if it had caved in. Beast Boy turned into a gopher and dug under the debris. "Terra, you've got to be okay, you just have to be". When Beast Boy popped out of the ground the sight he saw was one he'd never forget. There, lying on the ground, was the shattered remains of Terra's stone body.

Beast Boy stared in disbelief and before long ran over. He wouldn't let her go. He wanted to put her back together.

Meanwhile back at Titans Tower, everyone had gone to bed except Raven. She knew where Beast Boy was and she wanted him to come home. But the problem was she wasn't sure if she should go get him. The first thing was, she didn't know if she should disturb him and the second thing was she didn't understand why she was so concerned. She knew she liked him as a friend but she seemed to be feeling very strong feelings of fear for Beast Boy. She thought about how he could be trapped somewhere or worse. The more she thought about it the more scared she became, she finally got to thinking he might be dead. As images of his broken body filled her mind, the light bulb shattered. She had never had feelings this strong before, and she decided the best thing would be to act on them before she destroyed everything in her room.

She said her incantation and was soon was surrounded by a glorious silhouette of a raven. She flew over the city keeping an eye out for Beast Boy, but she knew where he was. She soared over the rubble that was Terra's monument. She dove into it and landed gracefully on the hollow inside. What she saw almost made her break down and cry. The statue was on the ground broken and scattered, and there in the middle of all the mess was Beast Boy, collapsed on the ground, desperately trying to fit the pieces back together. He was crying and didn't even notice Raven had come until she spoke.

"Beast Boy….there's nothing we can do…please come home."

There was a long pause and look of anger came over Beast Boy's face but then he softened "Please Raven, let me stay a little while longer….. please…." Raven shook her head slowly.

Raven stared at him, she wasn't used to this heartbreaking, worn-out, Beast Boy. She watched him mourn and dig at the ground with his fingers. Finally she went over to him and put her hand his shoulder. She said," We have to go Beast Boy…"

"Raven….I don't think I can move…"

"I'll carry you."

Raven picked him up and he was a bit resistant a first but gave in, he lay limply in her arms, and began to cry. Raven turned into her shadow raven and soared out of the rubble.

"Raven…." Beast Boy said

"Yes BB," she said hoping his nick name might cheer him up.

"Thanks for coming to find me…. I really don't think I would have made it home without you……"

Raven stared at the little green heap and managed a small smile. Beast Boy fell asleep for the rest of the way home. When they got inside, she laid him on the couch and pulled a blanket over him. She was about to leave when Beast Boy spoke.

"Don't leave me alone Rae…please I can't be alone."

Without hesitation she went over to the couch and sat down. Beast Boy moved closer. Raven was a bit uncomfortable but let him use her legs as a pillow. She gingerly stroked his head and said to him, "You can always have me to lean on BB." Beast Boy sat up and stared deeply into her eyes. He'd never realized how beautiful her eyes were until now. Beast Boy said nothing and slowly gave her a hug Raven at first didn't know what to do but then threw her arms around him and whispered, "You need sleep..."

They stopped hugging and Beast Boy laid down on her again. She began to rub his head again. Beast Boy thought it was the one of the most soothing things he'd ever felt. Her soft hands rubbed his tired head in a gentle way only she could. Beast Boy turned over onto his other side. Raven began to hum a little, it made him feel safe. He could smell her lavender scent. Raven stopped humming and stared at Beast Boy.

"Please be okay BB," she said, but Beast Boy heard Raven choking on her own words. Just then Beast Boy felt a tear hit his head. Later she started to rub his head again, and soon fell asleep.

Beast Boy sat up as the sun began to rise. He looked at Raven. Never had he noticed just how absolutely stunning Raven was. Her soft thick hair was bordering her full creamy face. He scanned her body up and down, looking at how much muscle tone she had and how full of life she was. Beast Boy moved closer to Raven. He felt the urge to give her a good morning kiss like they were a couple. Beast Boy leaned in getting closer her full lips. He closed his eyes, the closer and closer he got to her the more he wanted the kiss… two inches away….

But then Starfire burst through the door and yelled, "Good morning friends Beast Boy and Raven!" Beast Boy immediately jumped back away from Raven and Raven woke up. Thankfully Starfire hadn't seen what he was doing and neither had Raven.

"Shall I make the morning foods of eggs and bacon?"

Raven yawned, "Sure Starfire."

Raven began to walk away but Beast Boy grabbed her hand, "Thanks for last night Raven, it meant a lot to me….."

Raven starred at him and gave him a smile, pulled him close and said, "Remember, you'll always have me….."


Beast Boy Ran to the medical room in Titans Tower with Raven still unconscious in his arms. He laid her on the bed, still squeezing her hand. Cyborg attached many wires to Raven. He told Beast Boy to stop the bleeding with gauze. Beast Boy pressed as hard as he could. The bleeding eventually stopped.

"Will she be okay?" Beast Boy asked still in a panicky voice.

Cyborg stared at the ground…

"CYBORG! Will she be okay?"

"We don't know yet… she lost a lot of blood and her burns are bad." Beast Boy stared at Raven's motionless body.

"When will we know if she'll be okay!"

"See how she's floating? Once she floats back down to the bed she'll be okay…..but we don't know if her healing powers are enough……."

'Then I'll stay with her till she wakes up" Beast Boy pulled up a chair and held her hand.

The others stayed as long as they could, but eventually they went to bed. Beast Boy stayed. He stared at her body. Some of the burns had begun to heal, but she still looked horrible

"Raven..." he said his voice sounding a little shaky, "You can't die… you said I'd always have you…." Beast Boy started to sound angry and loud, "Was that a lie? Well I need you now Raven! You can't leave me like this! You promised!

Beast Boy began to calm down again but now he was just upset, "but you could die…and it would be my fault… I could have protected you…. I should have protected you… Raven, come back. You're all I have left…" He grabbed her hand and held it tight again. Then her hand squeezed back. Beast Boy looked up, Raven wasn't floating anymore… her cuts were gone but some burns were still visible. Beast Boy ran and got some cream and began to apply it to her burns. The cream seemed to enhance Raven's healing powers and her burns were gone but she still didn't wake up.

Beast Boy relaxed and leaned back in his chair. He was so tired, his eyes got too heavy and he fell asleep.

A while later Raven woke up. She sat up and realized where she was. She remembered everything that happened. She looked around the room and spotted her only visitor. There was Beast Boy, sleeping in the chair. Raven looked at him and she had never really looked at Beast Boy before. She stared at his face. It looked so kind and handsome, his forehead had worry wrinkles on it. She looked him up and down and realized he was quite muscular for a boy his size.

Beast Boy began to stir and opened his eyes. There she was, as beautiful as ever, sitting up and staring at him.

Raven smiled and said with a hint of teasing in her voice, "I'm glad you woke up. I missed you."

Beast Boy stood up and threw his arms around her, "I thought I might have lost you"

Raven returned the hug, Raven and Beast Boy realized that they had been hugging a long time and both let go instantly.

"Well look at the happy couple…" said another voice

They both turned to see Slade walking out of the corner with an even more devilish tone in his voice than usual. "You're still alive Raven? Well I can fix that…" Slade began to get closer……


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