Title: You Promised

Author: GreenMartian777

Summary: Raven gets hurt, prompting her and Beast Boy to realize their true feelings. RaeXBB Yay!

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Raven struggled against his tight grip, digging at his leather gloves. Her claw-like nails torn into his gloves, but that only made his tighten his grip.

Raven began to cough, she was loosing consciousness quickly.

Slade only laughed at her attempts to escape. Hatred and fury towards Slade began to grow. Loosing control over her emotions, Raven's powers were going haywire. There was a large explosion and Slade was sent fly backwards against a wall. He landed with a loud grunt, and quickly pulled himself to his feet.

Slade watched as Raven's glowing white eyes turned to four glowing red eyes, her size grew to as large as the ceiling, her cape grew with her, black tentacles of magic extended from under the cloak. The way they moved was somehow creepy and disturbing.

The tentacles shot towards Slade, one wrapped around his left leg, more around his waist and another around right leg, they quickly pulled him under the cloak. Raven laughed as she heard the screams of Slade in pain.

Raven then suddenly regained control. She shrank back down to her normal height. Slade was kneeling on the ground clutching his right shoulder which the tentacles had popped out of place.

"Why didn't you let them finish me off?" Slade asked, curiosity hidden in his usual monotone.

"You don't deserve that, it's too good for you!"

She charged him, anger in her eyes. She tried for a kick to the head, but he easily dodged it, she quickly turned around. She charged him again, it looked as if she were going to do the same move, but when she reached Slade she jumped over him, doing a flip to kick him in the head.

Slade grabbed the back of his head, and turned to see her kneeling on the ground. She quickly stood up and turned around. Slade pulled out another staff and went straight for Raven without hesitation.

Raven backed up to a wall. Slade was coming fast. She shot a black magic beam at him, direct hit.

Slade bounced back, hitting the floor. He jumped to his feet. Slade this time didn't head right back into battle it looked as if he were think up a plan.

In seconds Slade ran at her, Raven braced herself, right before he reached her, Slade sunk into the ground. Raven looked around. She was expecting him to come out beside her.

Raven felt something grab her arms, it pulled her into the wall. Raven was stuck. In the small panic that she was in Raven couldn't control her powers to pull her self out of the wall.

Slade rose up out of the ground in front of her. Raven was staring at him, fear hidden in her eyes. Slade then delivered the heaviest punch Raven had ever felt before it was enough to make her scream, but she didn't.

Slade then delivered a kick to the head. Raven grunted, but still did not scream. She knew that's what he wanted. Slade gave a punch to the back of the head. Raven's world was getting blurry.

Slade stopped for a moment to think about what he could do to get Raven to scream. He acted as if this were a game.

Slade then slammed her head into the back of the wall, her head bounced forward. Raven was biting her lip.

Slade threw a few good punches at her head, then a kick to the chin. Raven was now almost to tears, but still wouldn't scream.

This continued for couple more minutes, Raven was just in too much pain to even remotely try to get out of the wall, and too proud to scream.

The wall she was in had taken so much abuse to that it was crumbling a little now. Slade punched her again. The wall was too beat up to take anymore and fell, not the whole wall just the part Raven was in.

Raven was lying on the ground now. Drifting into unconsciousness, Raven began to think of her friends, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, but mostly Beast Boy. She never realized it before but Beast boy always had her back in battle.

Now he wasn't here, and Slade was probably on his way to kill all her friends now… She almost cried at the thought of loosing her friends.

For some reason her healing powers kicked into high gear, healing the bruises, cuts, and anything broken. She was still very tired though. Raven crawled to her feet. Slade was standing a few feet away. Raven looked at him with so much hatred it could have burned into him.

Using her powers, Raven split a chunk of rock off the wall, she looked at Slade aiming for his head, and threw.

Slade easily jumped out of the way, the rock shattered. Raven quickly took the shards and threw them at his head again, they were all jagged and at the speed they were going at could probably rip through Slade's suit.

Slade ducked out of the way, he somersaulted toward Raven. Using his staff, he knocked her feat out from under her. She landed on her back and got the wind knocked out of her.

Seizing the moment Slade tried to land a blow on her face, Raven created a shield around herself and sunk into the ground.

She rose up behind him and threw an energy bolt (like Starfire's star bolts) at his head. Slade fell to his knees, but not missing a beat, jumped back up on his feet. He turned around to see Raven standing in a defensive position. Thinking quickly, Slade sank into ground just like she had.

He came up right underneath her. Grabbing her foot Slade threw her at the wall. It crumbled a little when she landed on it.

Slade went over and picked her up by the arm. He threw her into another wall.

Raven rose to her feet. Hatred rising again, but she had to keep her emotions calm. With a few short breaths, she was calm again.

Slade ran at her again, using his staff to push her to the ground. Raven couldn't take much more she had been fighting for at least 45 minutes.


He was still trying to break down the wall he had to help Raven! He'd made little progress with the wall. Plus, many of the robots would sneak up behind him and attack while he wasn't looking. Right now he was very weak. But all he did was think about her. He'd heard noises of smashes and explosions coming from the room and he wanted to get in there desperately.

As a rhino, he ran at the wall again. He was extremely fatigued. In the past 45 minutes he had been hit in the head with a stick several times, electrocuted, blown up, and just plain beaten.

He turned around to see his friends weren't doing so hot either.

"Where are all these coming from…?"

Beast Boy couldn't think about that now. He had to save Raven. He turned into a Rhino, charging the wall. The more he though about saving Raven, he thought she could be losing the battle in there, or possibly dying.

The more he thought about it, the angrier her became, he began hitting the wall harder. He was getting so worried and angry he turned into a T-Rex. He hit the wall with his tail. It crumbled down creating a wall of smoke.

Beast Boy turned back into his elfish form, he ran through the door.


Raven had her face down on the floor, she had lost her hope. There was no will left in her body. Slade was standing over her, about to give the final blow to her head.

They both looked to the wall when they heard a cracking sound. The cracking stopped for a moment, and then cracked again.

There was a sound of something roaring, and then the wall suddenly crumbled. Dirt flew up into the air making Raven cough.

When it cleared Beast Boy was standing over the ruble. His uniform was ripped and he looked worn out.

"RAVEN!" Beast Boy ran over to help, but Slade stepped in his way. Using his staff Slade smacked Beast Boy upside the head. Beast boy grabbed his head. He fell to his knees.

Slade smacked him in the head again. Beast boy fell on his sides. Slade was about to impale Beast Boy with the staff, but was hit in the head with black energy.

Raven was standing again. Her teeth were gritted in pain, she looked exhausted.

Slade turned around to face her, "You want to take me on Raven? Go right ahead."

Slade began to walk forward.

Raven was beginning to form an energy ball. As Slade got closer she began to think of what he's done to the city. The ball got bigger, she thought about what he'd done to the people of Jump city, the ball got bigger, she thought about what he'd done to her, bigger, what he'd done to her friends in the past, but most of all what he'd done and was doing to Beast Boy now. The ball of energy was as large as a small boy.

Raven was extremely calm as Slade was walking toward her. She realized her emotions were all focused on making the ball bigger. She could feel the power coursing through her. Slade was drawing near; she looked at the ball of energy to see if it was big enough it had grown as tall as Slade himself.

Slade was only a few feet away. With all of Raven's power she threw the ball toward Slade. He didn't stand a chance

It flew fast, he didn't have time to avoid it. It hit him dead on. The scream he let out was horrible and sad. The ball engulfed him, his screams grew louder. The ball began to glow powerfully white. It was almost blinding. There was one last scream from Slade; it was chilling as it echoed through the room. There was a bright flash and the bright ball disappeared. All that was left of Slade was dust on the ground and his mask inside.

Raven looked over at Beast Boy. He had slowly pulled himself to his feet. He looked very tired and beaten. She gave him a small smile. Raven felt the overwhelming feeling fatigue set in. She fell forward.

Someone flipped her over on her back, the last thing she saw was Beast Boy's worried face.

Beast boy held her for a second longer, before picking her up. He looked to the gap in the wall and saw all his friends there. Their mouths were open.

"Did you guys see how much power she used…?" Cyborgs said, "My scanners were off the scale!"

"Indeed she was most wonderful!" Starfire yelled.

"So… Slade is dead…?" Robin said with disbelief.

"Yeah I guess…" Cyborg replied.

"Hello! Guys! If you haven't noticed, Raven has passed out!" Beast Boy yelled as he walked over.

"Relax BB," Cyborg said while scanning her, "She's just tired. She used a lot of energy for that blast."

When the Titans got home, each went to their room, exhausted from the battle.

Except Beast Boy, after he laid Raven down on the couch, pulled a blanket over her, and made sure she had plenty of pillows, he decided he'd watch over her. I case she needs anything. For now she had to Sleep.

Beast Boy would take glances at Raven. She was so beautiful, the sunset, made her skin glow; it brought out her some best features. He didn't understand why she stayed out of the sun. But the thing he missed most was her eyes. He wanted to see her eyes again.

Pulling himself closer to Raven urges won over his common sense. Beast Boy leaned down over Raven's head, landing his lips on hers. It was a soft kiss, but it was enough to wake up Raven.

Raven opened her eyes in shock, when Beast boy realized what he'd done, he jumped back.

"R-Raven, I-I…uhhh, I'm so sorry!"

Raven stood up and walked towards him. Beast Boy was a little scared. He had no idea what she was going to do to him. Raven stopped right in front of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck slowly, and pulled his head towards hers. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, but then Beast boy began to return it. It was becoming passionate and very long. They broke apart, for a moment, their foreheads touching.


"HHHOOOOORAAAYYYY!" Her emotions cried in unison.


"I love you Beast Boy, I really love you…" Raven hadn't even felt this way with Malchior (sp)

"I love you too Raven" Beast Boy hadn't felt this either, even with Terra.

They were laying on the couch now. Beast Boy had pulled the blanket over them. He had his arm around Raven, while Raven held his hand. They watched the sunset, feeling safe and of course loved.

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