I realise that I did not end properly and many people expected an update so here is the official ending


The festivities lasted for seven days and by the end of it Aragorn had been almost completely assimilated into Mirkwood culture. He had even entered a few games at Legolas' insistence. He placed last in archery but sixth in swordplay and even the king was quite impressed by his skill. On the final night of the Festival, the garden was quiet as the evening was dedicated to story telling and singing. Story telling was first and well known tales of long ago battles were retold gaining thunderous applause from the gathered audience. One storyteller weaved a tale of love, that of the elf maid Luthien and the human Beren. It brought tears to the eyes of many listeners. But it was when the singing began however that Aragorn was awestruck. He had of course heard elven singing before but not like this. The singers' voices blended so harmoniously that the very trees seemed to be listening. Legolas smiled at the rapture on the face of his friend.

Of course the singing soon degenerated into more ribald themes…


They walked together in companionable silence. In the background there was talking and laughter. Their stomachs were full and their heads slightly fuzzy, from the generous amount of wine they had imbibed. Then Legolas caught Aragorn's arm and ducking under a low garland lead him to a quiet rock pool that was fed from an underground stream. Sighing Aragorn stretched out full length on the ground and rubbed his slightly distended belly. Legolas laughed, seating himself cross legged on the ground.

"So how do you like Mirkwood?"

"I love your home Legolas."

Legolas caught up a handful of his hair. Through it was threaded various coloured blooms. Tugging it gently he said, "I can see that,"

Aragorn grinned. There was silence for a while and then Legolas asked.

"You will stay for winter?"

"Yes… I am not yet ready to journey further," Aragorn replied with a rueful smile.

Legolas nodded, absently picking blades of grass around his feet. He looked slightly sad.

"What ails thee," Aragorn asked softly.

Looking at Aragorn fully he said. "His shadow is not completely gone from me."

Aragorn knew of whom he spoke. He did not think that Talen's evil would ever completely fade from Legolas' memory. He took the elf's hand and squeezed it and Legolas smiled.

"Come teach me that song," Aragorn said sitting up abruptly.

"What song?" Legolas asked puzzled.

"The one about the storm, the maid and the traveller."

"Oh," Legolas said, a slow smile building on his face, "that song. Well it starts like this…"

And he began to sing.

The End