Empire Day. That's what they call it. In my opinion the end of the world would be a better name for it. Of course no one really celebrates today. Their fear of the Emperor causes them to act joyful on this occasion. This empire day is truly happy, though. Today I, Eva Skywalker, begin my mission to stop Empire Day from ever occurring. I am merely 12 years old yet my father has entrusted the fate of the world upon my frail shoulders. I am to stop my grandfather from turning…with his help we can defeat the Emperor.

I wouldn't be doing this if the Empire had fallen 14 years ago…and I can't hope that things will be alright…Because I am the last hope.


"May the force be with you." Those were the last words that Eva heard before a blinding flash of white cloaked her. She squinted as scenes from the past danced before her eyes. With a loud thud she landed face first on the ground.

"Ow." She muttered sitting up and rubbing the side of her head. Groggily she stumbled to her feet. Her hands immediately went to her waist to check for her 'saber. After assuring herself that her lightsaber was still there she straightened her clothing and walked down the large steps.

"Master. I want to apologize. I've been arrogant and haven't been a very patient student"

Eva looked up, startled by the voice. She looked around and spotted two men to the left of her.

"You are truly wise."

"Thank you Master."

Eva turned around and walked away from the two Jedi.

"Master. May the force be with you."

"Good bye old friend. May the force be with you as well Anakin."

Eva froze and turned back around slowly.

"Anakin." She whispered, the name sounded strange to her.

She walked swiftly to the other side of the large hall and hid behind a large pillar. She silently watched Anakin and whom she assumed was Obi-Wan. She sat in the shadows for a moment while Obi-Wan turned to his ship and sauntered away. Anakin remained staansign there for several minutes watching as the ship took off. After it finally zoomed out of sight he let out a small sigh and turned away. Silently Eva followed him… trying not to look as though she were stalking him. Her mind raced as to how she would execute her plan. She followed Anakin as he turned down another hall. Eva let out a small gasp as she entered the large courtyard that Anakin had led her to. The room of a thousand fountains, she thought to herself, amazed by the beauty of the place. She sat down several feet from where Anakin stood. She closed her eyes, acting as though she were meditating. Slowly the day drew on, Anakin remained standing….staring out at the sun. When it finally disappeared beyond the horizon he turned away and walked out .

Eva waited a moment before getting to her feet and following him. She walked several feet behind him…stopping every now and then to look at a new sight. The temple amazed her, with its intricate carvings and beautiful designs. She watched as he returned to the hangar. Confused as to where he might be headed she drew closer to him, trying to see what he was doing. Suddenly she knew where he was going. She cursed under her breath and followed him.

It wasn't long before Anakin's speeder landed at its destination. Eva watched from a block away, not wanting to be seen. She landed at the hangar furthest from Anakin and hopped out of the speeder. Quietly she stalked into the building and again hid from sight. She remained silent, listening intently on Anakin's conversation with the Chancellor. It had taken all of Eva's self control not to rid the world of Palpatine now, but she knew that it wasn't her job.

She was idly turning the silver ring on her finger when she heard Anakin's voice, "No, no I should kill you."

Knowing that he'd be leaving soon she hurried from her spot just outside of the office and back to her speeder. No sooner had she arrived at the temple did she see Master Windu leaving…Anakin was no where in sight. Sighing Eva slumped into the seat of the speeder, waiting for any sign of Anakin. Her eyelids felt heavy before she was encased in black.

Eva awoke suddenly and looked around the hangar, for she was still in the speeder. The speeder that Anakin had used was no longer there. Angry at herself for falling asleep she hurried to Palpatine's office.


"Let him stand trial" yelled Anakin.

'A trial would be a joke. He controls the senate. He's too dangerous to keep alive" Replied Master Windu

Eva ran into the room, slowing down as she neared the door way.

"No! I need him!" yelled Anakin. A blue blade swung down, expecting to meet the dark flesh of the Jedi Master's wrist. Instead it hit another blue blade. Eva had entered the battle. Angry Anakin struck at her. She parried, causing Anakin's anger to rise.

"Run, Master Windu." She yelled.

"No." he replied firmly, "I can't let you face them alone."

"Master Windu, I'm not even a Padawan yet. You're a master. The order needs you more then they need me. Leave, now. "yelled Eva over the insistent hum of the clashing sabers. For once Eva was glad that Anakin was angry. His rage prevented him from truly hearing her plead to Master Windu, or from preventing the Jedi Master from leaving.

Anakin swiped at Eva's feet sending her into a back flip. She landed on the edge of the broken window.

"It's over now. I've won." Said Anakin.

"You've only won the battle, Anakin." Replied Eva taking a step back towards the city. She fell and landed with a hard thud on a speeder below.

"Excuse me, sir" she said to the stunned man who was driving the speeder, "would you mind taking me to the Jedi temple….quickly."

The man was too shocked to reply; instead he nodded and sped off to the temple.


"Thank you" muttered Eva curtly as she turned to the temple and hurried down its halls. She ran until she found a group of younglings being instructed by one of the masters.

"Excuse me, excuse me sir." She called.

"Yes?" asked the man turning from the group of younglings.

"We have to prepare for an attack, sir. Master Yoda's orders. All capable Jedi are to protect the temple. Do not fight unless you have to. I have been ordered to take the younglings to safety." Said Eva in her most 'official' sounding tone. Of course she hadn't received the orders from Master Yoda, not really. Yet she reasoned with herself that she had in a way. Master Yoda was the one who had told her father to send her on this mission. The man nodded and hurried to find the other Jedi, leaving Eva with the twenty or so younglings.

"Come, along" she told them as she walked quickly to the Council Chambers. She had never been there before, though somehow she knew the way to it.

"Get in, quickly" she whispered, ushering the children into the room. Once inside she placed them each in the dark shadows, hiding them from sight.

"Have you learned to hide yourselves…with he force I mean?" she asked them.

One few of the shook their heads 'no'.

Sighing Eva turned to them, "Close your eyes." She whispered to them, "And picture yourself as small as possible. Can you do that?"

The children shook their heads 'yes' this time. "Now do not come out of hiding until I say it is all right."

With that Eva stood to draw the curtains over the large window of the council chamber. Before the bright city was fully out of view, however she saw some that nearly cause her to stumble back several feet. A thousand or so clone troopers…led by Anakin…or Vader…Eva was no longer sure what to call him. She stared at the scene for several minutes before coming to her sense and pulling the curtains closed. It was too late though. He had already seen her. Though he didn't know who, he knew someone was in that chamber.

This is how it feels to be Eva Skywalker,

You choke out a bitter laugh as you realize the irony of the situation. You're protecting the younglings from the dark, by hiding them in the dark. You regain you composure and stare at the door,

You do not hear it shoot open. Nor do you hear Anakin's saber, humming gently. You grasp your own saber…trying not to let yourself become frightened. You swallow hard and stare into Vader's yellow eyes…yes; you've decided Vader is who the man before you now is… Your thumb searches for the button that will turn on your saber, but your mind is racing and you can scarcely concentrate.

You think of how many lives he will ruin. And anger rises in your chest…

But you let it go.

Your heart nearly stops with fear when you glance at Vader. It starts in the pit of your stomach, eating away at you…

But you let it go.

You wish to strike down the man in front of you. One swift swing is all it would take. The need to kill him causes your hands to tremble slightly…

But you let it go.

You let it all go. You focus only on the force, allowing it too direct you. You ignite your saber, just in time to block the blue blade that swings down at you. Your eyes are still closed; the blue saber is still on yours. They are locked together, both pushing against one another. Your thumb still holds down the ignition button. And you let it go. The blue blade of your saber jumps back into your hand. You open your eyes now, and stare at the hooded figure

"You were unwise to come here, Vader" you say calmly.

"You are unwise to lower your weapon."