Author's Note:
AAC stands for Anime Assassin Corps. It's the web personalities on the Anime Hit List, one of my alternate websites. On that site my personality is Kawaii. Here I'm just using the name as a prop.

Two Weeks

The large red manilla envelope, sealed with red wax bearing the initials AAC arrived on a bright Sunday morning. On the front of the envelope was an illumination of the name Shiozu Mitsuo. There was no return address, no stamp, nothing but the name and the wax seal. The letter sat on the floor as if it had been pushed under the door.

Mitsuo stared at down at it for a moment before picking it up and rubbing his fingers over the seal. It was a bit heavier than he would have thought and Mitsuo noticed that the envelope was made of crudely recycled paper. Strangely, the rawness of the paper lent an elegant quality to the illumination. Mitsuo carefully cracked the wax and slid the letter out. After the envelope the letter itself was a dissappointment. It was just plain paper with neat typing.

"Dear Mr. Shiozu,
We of the AAC have chosen you to be the recipient of an all expense paid trip for two to Virginia Beach, USA. The trip is two weeks of fun in the sun. Two first-class airplane tickets are included with this letter. You need only board the plane when ready. An AAC employee will meet you in the States. There is absolutely no hidden fees, charges, tasks, etc. This is not a gimmick, just fair reward for all your hard work.

Looking foreward to meeting you,
Kawaii, Hime & El Dona (AAC co-founders)"

Mitsuo read the letter twice before shaking the envelope. There were indeed two first-class tickets inside.