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Chapter 17: I'll See You Soon

Shannon turned to face John, immediately feeling the urge to somehow explain what could possibly be the reason behind Randy being scripted in to sweet talk her after her first match. But honestly she had no idea what reason they would have to throw such a curveball. Although there was no reason for her to be, the feeling of guilt weighed heavily on her mind as if she somehow did something to make this happen.

"There must be some sort of amazing plot twist that they're planning." she said looking to him to offer reassurance.

"They better be coming up with an amazing opportunity for me to kick Randy's ass for touching my girl." John replied flipping through the pages for some sort of hope.

"The week after your first match he will supposedly propose a date with you to discuss how you can go far in the business with his help and guidance."John added rolling his eyes." Oh look, there I am in all of this...being a bystander feeling like I should warn you about Randy's rep as a player."

"Well they have effectively got my interest in how this will play out." Shannon tried to lighten the mood. "At least you know you get the girl in real life...and I know for a fact they can't write a script that does any justice for how I feel about you." she said sincerely.

John placed his hand gently to her cheek and brought her face closer to meet his lips in a light kiss.

"I love you baby girl."

"I love you too John." she smiled. "Now let's finish up and get on with our day together hm?"

"Deal." he said taking a bite of his English muffin.

After finishing brunch, the duo headed over to drop off a list Shannon had compiled of song requests for her theme. She really wanted the first on the list but if they couldn't lock that one down, she had backups.

A strong female is really what she wanted to portray. More than anything, she felt like it was her personal obligation to be someone female wrestling fans could look up to. She had always felt like there was no one on the roster for her to personally relate to. Even with Lita and Trish, they constantly had been thrown into some sort of crazy perverted storyline over the years. So she was determined to keep her head up and her dignity in check even if the script given to her said something different.

The couple made their way to the gym that the WWE had made arrangements with. After stretching and performing warm ups, they lifted some weights and did some strength conditioning. Watching John's determination made Shannon even more motivated than she originally had felt. Any onlooker seeing him this way could tell wrestling was his life. Weightlifting and strength conditioning in general was something Shannon preferred. It gave her time to think as opposed to running a track. Running was something that never struck her as enjoyable.

Before getting involved with the WWE, Shannon had joined some kickboxing classes at the local gym to release pent up aggression and frustrations from the day to day life. She really had enjoyed it and it made her feel empowered which was probably why she enjoyed wrestling so much.

They moved around the gym getting in a full rotation of various types of exercise before stopping by a ring to check out the wrestlers practicing. Randy and Punk were currently involved in a match up. Shannon couldn't help but notice John's glare toward Randy and the slight twinge of a smile when Punk's leg made contact with Randy's torso.

After a couple of more minutes of sparring and showing off, they both made their way to exit the ring. Spotting Shannon and John ringside, Randy made his way over to them.

"Be nice. It's not his fault."Shannon whispered to John before Randy reached them.

"Hey guys, enjoy the show?" he smirked.

"Oh yea, especially when Punk bulldogged your ass." John chuckled.

"Yea it was pretty impressive, if I do say so myself." Punk chimed in."Who's this beautiful lady?" he asked staring at Shannon.

"This is Shannon, John's girlfriend." Randy filled him in.

"And our newest diva."John added proudly putting his arm around her shoulders. "Haven't you read your script for the following weeks Randy?" he gave Randy a look that made him react with a puzzled expression, making it obvious that he hadn't.

"Well I'm glad they're going by higher standards nowadays."Punk smiled shaking her hand.

"Thanks, I started as a trainer, but I knew I wanted more so... here I am." Shannon confessed.

"Are you guys done with the ring? I wanted to practice some holds and fine tune some of her moves." John asked.

"All yours. I'm ready for a shower and some grub. It was nice meeting you Shannon, I'll probably be seeing you around." Punk said leaving and heading toward the showers.

"Let's see what she's learned." Randy suggested, making John slightly annoyed that he was going to watch them practice.

At first Shannon was reluctant of an audience considering she had never really been in a real fight before and she still was not completely confident in her skills yet. Wrestling around with John, even if it was play wrestling was in itself a daunting thought. Shannon was honest with herself when she sized up competition and knew her limitations. In order to even come close to succeeding against someone of that size, it took some real creativity. The upside was that she didn't have to hold back with someone that strong.

They began with some easy moves which became more advanced and involved as time went by. Soon there was a bigger audience than just Randy, mostly checking out who the new blood was and if they should bother caring. In general the reactions of the crowd seemed to be on the positive side and a lively murmur could be heard throughout.

Although everyone else noticed the two in the ring, they simply were too involved with themselves to notice anyone else besides each other. With each encounter the pair had progressively gotten more flirtatious in demeanor and consequently more aggressive in their movements. It was easy for their feelings to surface when they were consistently touching and rubbing unbearably close to one another. There was definitely a very obvious spark between the two, which unbeknownst to them, Vince McMahon was observing closely at the moment. Storylines were flying through his mind faster than he drove his sports car.

Before the couple could continue, Vince made his presence known and it was as if the king commanded silence because that is exactly what he got from the crowd.

Shannon felt a wave of nerves surface at the sight of the boss of bosses. Let's face it, he had an intimidating presence without even trying.

"Can I speak with you both for a moment." Vince politely asked but when he requested anything, it always sounded more like a command.

"Yes sir." Shannon politely nodded.

They exited the ring and made their way to a back office that Vince had commandeered for his benefit. The pair sat in the office chairs across from their boss and awaited to hear what exactly was in his head. They weren't sure if him asking them there was positive or negative, so all they could do was wait.

"I was impressed watching the both of you together. There is no denying the chemistry between the two of you." Vince started. The thought of Vince watching them so closely made Shannon a bit uneasy and she used all her might not to blush.

"Well sir, we have actually started dating so it would make sense." John spoke up.

"Good, then you two shouldn't be opposed to my ideas. I want the both of you in an onscreen romantic story line. The audience will eat it up." Vince continued.

"Not to put a wrench in the plan sir, but I just received my script and it seems as though the writers are leading me down a road toward a relationship with Randy of some sort." Shannon interjected.

"Perfect. We don't want to just give the audience what they want up front. Drama is part of the fun of it all. Randy will wrong you somehow, and then Cena here,will sweep you off your feet and be the hero. Randy plays the perfect heel, and John is a fan favorite. You two will be the hottest couple since my Stephanie and Triple H." Vince beamed with happiness at the potential.

"If it isn't overstepping bounds, I think you just gave me some really great ideas for what could possibly happen. It could ultimately lead to the introduction of Eva's character." Shannon responded.

"Eva, yes, the one who's always hanging around with Dave. "Vince said putting two and two together."

"The two of them are dating as well sir." John added.

"Well it all makes sense now. Submit to me in writing your ideas and I'll push it through to the writers. I like where this is all going. I have also arranged a flight for you to Toronto for training. You'll stay at the facility the rest of the week, come to Raw for an appearance and then return to Toronto until your premiere the following week. Trish Stratus has promised to have you ready by then."

"Wait, Trish Stratus? Really?" Shannon sounded astonished.

"The one and only." Vince confirmed.

"Will Eva be going to?" John asked curiously.

"That would probably be best. Get it all out of the way now. "

Shannon was hit with a mix of emotions. She couldn't believe that she was going to train with someone like Trish Stratus. The thought made her ecstatic beyond words, she couldn't wait to tell Eva the news. Although on the other hand this meant she was going to be away from John for pretty much two weeks. After getting used to being constantly around him, it was definitely going to be an adjustment. She had known all of the obligations and time commitments that came along with this career choice but that didn't make it suck any less.

The silver lining of it all definitely was Vince's push for John and Shannon's relationship to go public because that meant they would be booked similarly for public events and be guaranteed time together. It was just getting to that point that was the real issue. Hopefully she wouldn't have to be in the story line as Randy's romantic interest for too long because she had no idea if John could handle that. Optimistically at least he knew how temporary it would be so he would ideally just get over it, now with the knowledge he would get the girl in the end, onscreen and off.

When they were dismissed from their impromptu meeting, Shannon felt like she could breathe again. Anyone of authority always put her on edge even if there was no real threat. John sensed her uneasiness so he made the effort to grab her hand and hold it reassuringly.

"You okay? I thought you'd be more happy and excited." He looked at her peculiarly.

"I'm happy, really happy actually. It's just going to be a very rough couple of weeks. Especially not seeing you." She confessed.

"Trust me, you will be so busy and exhausted you will barely notice I'm not there. I'll be the one counting down the hours."

"I'm sure you'll have plenty of PR stuff to handle while I'm gone."

"But I won't be getting run down by Trish. I heard she's thorough, but I'm sure you can handle it. You impressed me today. Most people, it takes years to build up that much talent."

"I'm a natural ass kicker, what can I say?" she laughed.

"There's my girl. Since it's going to be an extremely early morning for both of us, what do you say to a shower, dinner, movie, bed?"

"I'm not sure I'll make the movie part but we can try. I'm pretty beat. I wonder how Eva's doing." She thought aloud deciding to text her friend.

As they headed back to the hotel she went with her instinct and started to play with her cell phone. After texting back and forth for a couple of minutes she learned that Dave had arrived back not too long after leaving to buy her antidote. They had decided to spend the day together in the room, lying in bed and just enjoying each other's company. Eva had the big guy completely wrapped around her little finger, because usually you couldn't get Dave to stay that long away from the gym.

It had been decided that the two couples would meet for dinner after they had cleaned up from their gym outing. Shannon hinted that she had big news, and Eva immediately got worried as she often did. Shannon had conveniently left out whether the news was good or bad.

In the room Dave and Eva had made into their own personal escape, Eva laid on her back and just kept staring at the ceiling in deep thought.

"You know if we're gonna go out in public and get food, I think you might want to get dressed." Dave suggested looking at the small figure with amusement. "Not that I don't enjoy what you're wearing now, but I'd rather the general public not get to share my view."

"I guess." She sighed. "But this bed is so comfortable."

"You haven't eaten all day, I'm sure food is a great motivation at this point."

"Damn you and your logic." She let out a little whine.

"You know what happens when you do that pouty lip." Dave growled pulling her body over towards him to steal a kiss.

"Of course I do. Why do you think I keep doing it?" she giggled.

"I think you're just trying to distract me so you can stay in this bed longer." he deduced.

"Well it definitely is a whole other level of temptation when you're in this amazing comfy bed with me." she wiggled her eyebrows at him.

"Are you propositioning me?"he asked with a mock surprised look.

"You're right, I am getting pretty hungry." she said slowly sitting up. "Okay, I'll get ready. Now I just have to figure out what to wear. Where are we eating?"she continued posing defeat.

"I know where." Dave said coyly. Before Eva could turn around to look at him, his large arms were already wrapped around her small frame, pulling her back into his embrace.

"I swear Dave if you rip anymore of my lingerie, we're gonna have a problem." she yelled.

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