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CH.1-Beggining of the Bad

The hooded black figure came to the throne-room.The figure's lavish black cloak drug the ground as it kneeled before the shadow standing atop the stone steps that lead to the landing where the throne was. "You summoned, Master Ansem?"

"Yes. I have work for you, Agent Zien." Zien rose and gazed in wonder at her master. "You have become one of my most valuable apprentices. Your understandingand control of the darkness parallels only mine.So, I put you to the ultimate challenge." His voice rang in her ear like a bitter bell.

"What would that be, your lordship?" As if she didn't know.The lower part of her unblemished face was all that could be seen in the small amount of light in the chambers.

"Claim my revenge! Kill the keyblader known as Sora! I both command it and ask it of you. He has been a nuisance in my schemes since the first day he stepped out of Destiny Island." Ansem clinched his gloved fist. He walked to his throne and sat in it.

"It shall be done. But...may I ask, where isit that I might find thisSora character?" Her cool voice carried to his ear as she headed for the door, her back to him.

"His home, his sanctuary, his weakness! Destiny Isaland,"Ansem said sitting lazily in his throne.

"Farewell, Ansem...um...I mean Master Ansem," Zien's excitedness over took her obedience. She opened the door and walked out into the main hall of Castle Ansem. She was one of Ansem's students in his new acadamy of dark keybladers. It was odd because Ansem himself couldn't wield a keyblade, but all his disciples could.

Zien walked across the red-carpet laden landing and down a set of stairs. She then took a left and was soon upon the gummi ship docks. "Hey, Jay! I need the cordinates for...Destiny Island."

Jay, the acadamy's mechanic, laughed and jumped into a gummi ship. "Why are you goin' to Destiny Island? You after 'The Big Catch'?" The old man plugged the cordinates into a screen in the gummiship.

Zien stood by the one man fighter gummi ship for Jay to come out. "Yep! Ansem has finally seen me for what I am...a prodigy!"

"Zat so? Well," Jay popped out of the small ship and shook Zien's hand with a firm grip,"good luck to ya.Y'll need it."

"See you soon, Jay. I'll miss you," She said playfully as her head disappeared into the top of the gummiship. The tough glass top covered over Zien, and she layed back into her comfortable "space chair". Zien pressed the go button and off she was. Seeing as it was a three day trip to Destiny Island she started on her nap after checking the ships status and leaving the docking bay.

It was Kairi's and Sora's one-year anniversary. Sora had sealed Kingdom Hearts and found his way back to Destiny Island. Tired and confused, the trio took a "short" brake at Destiny Island. A short brake became a longer one and longer one and yet again a longer one. Soon, a year had passed and Sora and friends were wondering if they would ever want to return to the tiresomelife of defeating villians.

"I can't believe its been a year already. I was here one day, living alone and being with you. ThenI went to sleep and woke up and here we are,"Sora's voice was deeper and he was more mature than when he defeated Ansem. "Time flies when you're havin' fun, I guess!" He gave his usual smile, and Kairi looked at him adoringly.

It had been a perfect day. The two of them left the usual hustle-and-bustle of the main Destiny Island and spent the day together. They had talked and laughed and they were now sitting ona log in front of a fire. Kairi kissed Sora's cheek and he put his lips to hers in return. The previous year had been a good one and Sora felt the next one was going to be better.

"I love you, Sora,"Her words were simple but to the point and made Sora's heart flutter. He put his arm around her.

"I love you,too."Also simple but very deep. She smiled and yawned. It had been a long day and they were both tired, but Sora still asked,"Are you tired?"

"Yea..."She said in a yawn. They thenlayed down in front of the blazing fire and fell asleep holding hands, innocently. And their dreams of each other engulfed them both. But little did they know all that they feared was about to happen with the simple arrival of one person. But neither knew and slept peacfully.

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