Title: The Love of the One

By: Flashes09

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So, here we go, chapter three:


Standing on the walkway was almost like flying on a plane in the real world. It wasn't smooth the entire time. I finally decided to sit down, instead of risking falling off. I got a great view of the city from where I sat. On the walkway, It looked as though I was getting close to the center. But I now knew I was wrong. Great clusters of what looked like scrap metal were on the ground. After looking at one for sometime I realized that it was moving. The sky overhead was dark and it took my eyes awhile to adjust. Of course, the light coming from the sparks that jumped off cables every once in awhile, illuminated my surroundings.

There were large structures that I could only guess were buildings. As we flew over them, I nearly got hit with various pieces of metal and debris that were flying around. It looked as though the machines were rebuilding, or destroying. I wasn't quite sure how long we flew. But it was sometime. I heard the machine under me start talking. Arriving with the package. I couldn't help but smile. It sounded like an old movie with the Secret Service.

We started to descend and the walkway began to tilt forward. I quickly climbed up and hung on to the opposite edge so that I wouldn't fall off. Soon the walkway was vertically and I had to stand on the edge. It was narrow, but I managed to stand none the less. I looked around to try and figure out where I was. The place looked different than the rest of the city. It was as though I had entered a room but without using a doorway. The walls, ceiling, and floor were all covered in metal. I did notice there was a small platform just to my left. I prayed to any God willing to listen, and jumped.

It looked as though my Matrix body had caught up with me real one though, and I easily made the jump. That did answer the question that was burning in the back of my head. Was I still the One? Of course. I looked around again. The machine that had brought me here still had the section of walkway and was exiting through I door I hadn't noticed before.

Another door seemed to be the main one and it was more ornate than the others. There were more platforms leading down, and I could have easily jumped down and made my way to the floor. Something told me not to though so I sat on the platform, and waited. Soon after, the large door opened. And out of it floated the one machine I thought I would never see again.

Ex Dues Machina.

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