Hi everybody, this is my first mummy fic so I hope you all like it. It's just my version on how nefertiri met the love of her life and how the two hid their love from the world. It also brings in nefertiri's and the medjai's kids, whose incarnations will be Alex and his sister Sara. Sara will be Alex's younger sister by 2 years. Just to get this straight she's at an all girls summer school during the mummy returns film.

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It was a nice and sunny day, with a small breeze that flowed though Egypt. Which was unusual seeing as how it was summer and not many breezes came by, but today the gods favored nefertiri and granted her the beauty of the day.

Not too long ago she had escaped the palace and went for a walk. Now, looking around, nefertiri saw she was lost and didn't know the way back. Scared she turned around to retrace her steps, but bumped into a medjai, who undoubtfully had seen her escape and followed her, for her safety.

"Hello, princess what brings you here to these parts?" the medjai asked smiling.

"I went for a walk and seemed to have gotten lost, might you escort me back?" nefertiri said flatly, normally she would have acted brave and made up a lie stating that she was strong enough to get back on her own, but she was scared of the unknown land, and soon it would be getting dark and that would be worse, but the main reason why she allowed this medjai to escort her back, was because he was handsome.

He had gorgeous blue eyes and brown hair that lightly fell over his eyes, 'a regular prince charming' she thought to herself and dismissed the thought all together, as he walked her back to the palace.

When they arrived she said, "Thank you…uh?"

He smiled at the thought, that all the time walking back and talking that she hadn't asked his name until now. "Meekel" he said and turned to leave.

"Wait! Meekel, might I asked when I can see you again?" she said quietly.

"I don't think that would be wise, princess."

"Oh? And why not?"

"Well I am a medjai and you a princess."

"Yes and…?"

"Your father would be angry with any notion he might come across. God day." He said as he turned and left.

Night fell not too long after and nefertiri had already missed the medjai. Was it possible? Had nefertiri actually fell in love? But he was a medjai and she a princess and the both of them knew that it was forbidden for the two to love.

Nefertiri was at the balcony looking over at the medjai camp and began to cry, she was in love with a man she couldn't have, until a wonderful idea hit her. Nefertiri ran into the main hall where her father was asked, well actually debated, on getting her own body guard and succeeded.

That night while asleep in her bed she dreamed of her body guard and how he would always protect her from the good and evil's of the world. Who knows with him so close maybe they could hide their love.

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