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It had been 3 years since Myetum had left and the heir had been born, the second the child was brought forth to the kingdom, the news of the princess's death filled the streets and now Myetum was on the run, not knowing where to go.

At the age of 12 she was alone and scared. Her whole life she had been sheltered and didn't know how to survive, she relied on nobody, but herself. Never knowing who would recognize her and turn her in for the reward Ramases had out for her.

At night Myetum would travel through the desert, making her way into a new town only to hear the news of her wanting had reached the same town as well.

She had finally hit a new city that she wasn't sure of the name. Luxor. That was the name, a beautiful city where she was certain that nobody would care of the dead princess or not.

The city was far from the capital of Egypt and knew that within time, Ramases would give up looking for her and then she would be safe, after all it had been 3 years and he would come to the conclusion of her death within time.

As she walked into the city a tall man about 15 stood before her.

"Halt! What is your name and business here?" he spoke. He had hair like the sands and blue eyes that glittered like the Nile, his skin was tanned and he was muscular for someone of his age.

"My name is..?" she trailed off, she could not give out her real name, incase he would trade her life for the money. "I am Bayata" she lied, remembering what her mother had called her when she had taken her for a walk in the slave village when she was young and didn't want anybody to know who they were.

"Welcome Bayata, to Luxor, the city where all your dreams can be made, our protector is Nejati, he's a very nice old man and tries to keep us away from the troubles of the lower Egyptian problems, you know stuff going on in Thebes." He spoke to her while walking with her deeper into the city.

"I have heard many things and wish to escape it all" she said walking with him and smiling at him, she was home and she knew her family had brought her here for a reason. She just prayed the feelings she had for this man was not love, she was in trouble enough as it was and needed to come up with away to get the kingdom that was rightfully hers, even though she was on the run it was only for a while until she could come up with a plan to rule what is hers by blood, her birth right.

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