She had been going out with Draco for four months when it happened. They had only gotten to first base. Her naïve heart stopped her there (after all four months isn't that long) but deep down she knew the hormonal desires of a teenage girl would overcome any such thoughts. Coincidentally it was Draco who introduced them, all smug with his fancy robes and perfect girlfriend on his arm. She never thought in a million years she would be the trophy girl. She remembered the way she used to stare at the girls he went out with in awe. Respect for being so beautiful and disgust for dating the likes of Draco Malfoy. She suspected she just felt disgust for herself. He wasn't a completely bad guy, but like most of his ancestors; he was an ass. A bigheaded better-than-you-so-there asshole but then she'd remember the sweet moments like how he would randomly take her hand or kiss her on the forehead and she managed to push all thoughts of his evil-ness away from her mind.

They were at a party, a small one compared to the ones he would take her to in the future but at the moment she felt surrounded. They had danced a bit, and his skills at dancing was only another plus in the "why I'm still with him" column. He led her over to the punch bowl, and gently pushed her against the table. His lips automatically met her neck. He reeked of Vodka but after a while it became a scent she associated him with.

"Draco, not here," She murmured, though her body contradicted her words. He began to softly slide his hand up the back of her shirt, resting it gently on bare skin. She snapped back to reality when he began fingering her bra clasp. "Draco, stop," He didn't. He never did when she asked the first time; in Draco Malfoy's mind the first no always meant yes.

"Drake, I think you better listen to the girl. Weasley's tend to have a temper on them," Ginny felt Draco grin against her neck as he turned to face the boy. He looked slightly familiar but she knew she wasn't going to place him. His hair was shaggy brown, falling wisps kissing the lids of dark hazel eyes. His skin was tan, and Draco paled dramatically next to him. He stood an inch taller than the blonde(who was fairly tall at 6'1''). He stared at her, his eyes raking slowly over her body. She quickly stepped behind her boyfriend, hoping he didn't see. Draco always was the protective sort sober…but drunk he was obsessive.

"Blaise, where the hell have you been," He demanded, giving the boy- Blaise- a light push.

"Family shit. I see I've missed a lot," His eyes again landed on her and instead of shying away as she previously did she stood tall and offered her hand.

"Ginny Weasley," Her voice was cool, collected. She had picked up some things from Draco; the ability to hide emotions being only one of them.

"Blaise Zabini," She nodded, recognition finally hitting her as he shook her hand. The emblem on his ring only set her mind into further chaos. She knew that symbol…she just didn't know where she knew it from. She pulled his hand further, lifting the ring to her line of view and studying it. She definitely knew it from somewhere.

They stood by the chairs and Draco sat down, pulling her to him roughly, his arms wrapping around her waist protectively. He never let anyone get to close to her.

"So, how's it going?" He asked, his voice just a tad colder than earlier.

"Good, Mum's doing better," Draco nodded in understanding, lightly playing with Ginny's belt loop. She was wearing simple clothes, jeans and a tank top. She opted for black rather than any red…she learned the hard way that you don't wear Gryffindor colors to a Slytherin party.

"Draco, I got to get heading back," She told him, her eyes on Blaise instead of Draco. He fascinated her…and the way he looked at her. She was used to boys staring, she had filled out over the summer according to Rayne. She got a kick out of teasing the redhead about her newly acquired boobs.

'You turn into a watermelon!' Her friends voice echoed in her mind. Ginny stood, brushing off her jeans.

"I'll walk you," Draco attempted to stand and simply fell back down.

"It's okay, babe, I can walk alone," She assured him.

"No, I don't want you to go alone," Ginny knew he only said that because Voldemort was on the rise and the fear of him getting into the school grew larger everyday. Blaise offered to take her and she kissed Draco lightly before they left the common room. They walked in silence before he struck up a conversation.

"So, you're going out with Malfoy now. I thought it was Finnigan when I left," She shrugged and turned back to him.

"How have I never met you and you know who my ex's are?" She questioned, staring at him with wonder.

"You don't realize it do you? You, my Ginny dear, are the most interesting girl in the school. You radiate heat, and not just from these," He tweaked one of her long red curls. "You intrigue me,"

"Do I now?" He grinned and began to walk away.

"Good night," Blaise called over his shoulder, before turning the corner.

"You intrigue me too, Zabini," She muttered, before sneaking back into the dorm and attempting to get some sleep.

Authors Note: I need to stop writing new stories and finish the old ones but I'm stupid and I really wanted to write this. Pairings will be revealed, review please.