She adjusted her skirt as she left the Slytherin common room, desperately trying to fix her mussed hair so her brother didn't flip out when she appeared at dinner. It was a known fact that Draco Malfoy's girlfriend had to sit with him, but Ginny Weasley wasn't just Draco Malfoy's girlfriend. So once a day, she demanded that she be allowed to sit with her brother and friends, the only remaining family she had at Hogwarts. She rubbed her tired eyes, her cheeks still flushed from the heavy make out session in Draco's private dorm. She felt someone begin walking next to her, and slyly grabbed her want from the waistband of her skirt. The second a hand touched her shoulder, she rounded on the person, and her mouth was mid-curse before she realized whom it was.

"Hello to you too, Miss Weasley," She allowed herself to smile softly as Blaise, before turning back to her walk. "Might I ask where you're boyfriend is this evening?"

"Showering. He has no reason to be down at the hall quickly at dinner,"

"And why is that?"

"Because that is the one time of the day, Mr. Zabini, that I am a Gryffindor," The way she said it, still following their proper façade made him smile again. Ginny wasn't like other girls. She was her own person but she still allowed herself to be marked as Draco's girlfriend. Blaise had seen how much she had changed his best friend. Subtle things of course, but they were still evident to someone who grew up with the man.

"He never allowed any of his other girlfriends to sit at their actual house tables,"

"And if you haven't noticed I am nothing like his other girlfriends. I do believe four months is a record for Draco. Four months and over a hundred fights with that scoundrel I call a brother," And despite the fact that she called him a scoundrel her eyes lit up in such a brilliant way. Different from how they were when with Draco. When she mentioned the last remaining boy Weasley at Hogwarts she almost looked innocent. She almost looked actually 16. They were nearing the Great Hall, and Blaise took the redhead's hand in his own, kissing her knuckles lightly.

"Will I see you after dinner?" He asked, still acting like a proper gentlemen.

"I normally go back to the common room with Draco, but tonight I promised Rayne I'd do a girl's night," He nodded, registering Rayne as the pretty brunette Ginny was always with. Blaise waved her goodbye and they headed off to their separate tables.

"Cheating on Draco now?" The question almost caused Ginny to spit pumpkin juice all over the table. She quickly swallowed to avoid choking and rounded on her best friend. The taller brunette had a mischievous smile on her face that would rival her twin brothers.

"Ray, how dare you even think like that!" Ginny shrieked, though the volume of it was low enough for only the two to hear.

"Well, Zabini is defiantly a hunk of burning love and you have defiantly got the hots for him," Ginny wrinkled her nose and took another small sip of her pumpkin juice.

"No way,"

"The sexual tension that entered this room when you two walked in would need a chainsaw to cut," Rayne informed her.

"You know I'm with Draco and I plan on staying with him,"

"Are you actually falling for him, darling?" The brunette questioned, staring intently at the other girl.

"I don't know. I mean in the beginning it was a test. A game. Me and him wanted to see who could last the longest before breaking and kissing the other one. Then he kissed me and it spiraled. I mean, it was fun. Testing the limits, watching him defend me against his friends and Ron, then it changed. I began actually liking the little things. Like how he always has to be touching me, and not in a sexual way. Like how he'll sit completely content just holding my hand,"

"So you have no feelings for tall, dark, and hunksome over there?" Ginny looked up, and sighed.

"Not really, I mean in another lifetime sure but now…I'm content, you know?"

Rayne only nodded because despite what her friends said, she was always right and there was more to it then that. There was always more to it then that.