Alternate Ending to "Romeo and Juliet"

This is something I came up with. I don't like the ending to Romeo and Juliet. In fact, I don't like Romeo and Juliet at all! That's why I'm so evil to them. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, and this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH FRUITS BASKET! THE OFFICIAL STORY STOPS AT CHAPTER 9(sorry, but I didn't want to continue).

Disclaimer: I don't own "Romeo and Juliet"

Just before Act V, Scene 3, Romeo and Juliet are sucked through an interdimensional portal into a barbaric dimension where cannibals find them and tear them limb from limb while Romeo and Juliet scream in pain until they die. Then, they go to hell. Meanwhile, a giant comes along and squashes the cannibals and takes Romeo's and Juliet's bones and grinds them up to make his bread. But, the apothecary's poison gets mixed in with the bread and poisons it. The giant eats the poisoned bread and dies. Then, water sprites from the Nile come and do the "Dance of Decapitation" on the giant's corpse. Romeo and Juliet see all this from hell and reason with the devil to go to God. God sees the water sprites and throws a giant A-bomb on them, which destroys the whole world.

I know, short and sweet(well, more evil than sweet...evil thoughts, evil thoughts.). But, this story came up with a prompt in my english class. My teacher saw it and laughed. A lot of other students saw it, too. Most of them looked at me like I was crazy. My sister's crazier(dogs, dogs, dogs...she knows more dog types than I thought existed!). She also thought up a dance for the "Dance of Decapitation".

Oh, bubbles078, I liked your ending, hence the reason I haven't written an alternate ending for it. However, since you challenged me in one of your earlier reviews...(evil grin).

Thank you so much to everyone who reviewed.

Well, sayonara until next time.(which won't be that long...I hope...ugh, stupid teacher's coffee thing Mom's hosting...and my sister just HAD to be at a birthday, sorry, my general complaints about things...I tend to ramble.)

Sayonara. This time REALLY.