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Chapter 4: A Happy Ending

It had been two weeks since Anzu had begun working for Ishizu, and throughout this time Anzu had become closer to Malik then she ever thought she could. They did almost everything together (thanks to Ishizu), and were hardly found apart. Though this didn't bother either of them, it was beginning to become almost a hazard to their health.

For example, on one of the few hot, spring days, Malik was working on patching the roof of the museum. Anzu had been walking to work when she had first seen him, and couldn't tear her eyes away from his sculpted body. The sweat on his muscles glistened in the sunlight as he stretched, causing Anzu to completely miss the telephone pole that was standing in between her and the entrance to the museum. Needless to say, Anzu was not happy with the bruise that adorned her face after THAT unfortunate happening.

On yet another hot day, Anzu had decided to completely ignore all dress code and wear a pair of the shortest jean shorts she could find and a bikini top to work. The shorts were so small that the curvature of Anzu's behind could be seen. When Malik had caught sight of her, he had immediately dropped the cannonball he was showing his tour group right on his foot.

These and other such situations began happening more and more frequently, until finally Ishizu was fed up with waiting for one of the two to make a move. It was getting boring watching the two slowly killing each other.

'I really need to formulate a plan…' Ishizu thought, staring in consternation at the paperwork in front of her. In two days time Malik would be ending college for good, with a bachelor's degree in Business. Malik would only need one person to help him celebrate. Ishizu stood up with a determined look on her face. It was time to take things one step further.


Malik sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, looking around the small apartment. He had just finished his last class, but instead of feeling elated at this, he only felt tired and slightly irritated. Now he wouldn't have college as an excuse to stay away from Anzu and the increasing tension she was causing in him. Speaking of Anzu…

"She calls me, invites me to her apartment, and ends up not being here. Just my luck." Malik grumbled under his breath, hating Anzu for making him have the bothersome feelings, and hating himself for not having the gall to act on said feelings.

Suddenly the door slid open, and Anzu walked in, head down. She was muttering under her breath as she angrily kicked off her shoes, before making her way to the kitchen. She didn't even notice Malik standing in the small living room, just opened one of the many cupboards in the kitchen, and pulled out a pack of hot cocoa.

"That prick, why did he invite me if he didn't want to see me? I swear, he just keeps getting more and more complicated. You try to talk to him, and what does he do? Why, he mumbles some lame excuse about college, and runs off! Grrr… That's it; I'm swearing off men and becoming asexual." Anzu giggled in spite of herself, still not realizing that she wasn't the only person in the apartment. In fact, she was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't even realize that someone stepped up behind her, a wicked grin on his face.


The hair on the nape of Anzu's neck stood on end as she heard the familiar voice purr her name. His breath was hot on her neck, causing her to drop the opened cocoa, allowing it to spill all over the countertop. She quickly turned around, only to find herself trapped even more. She leaned back against the counter, trying to get as far away from his body as possible,

"Malik, what are you doing here?" She squeaked, eyes wide and shifty as she searched for a way out of this new predicament.

'Oh no you don't, not after all of those comments you just let slip…'

Instead of allowing Anzu any room to escape, or even feel comfortable, Malik brazenly pressed his body against hers, placing his hands on either side of Anzu's face on the cupboard behind her.

"Oh, I believe you know why I'm here, Anzu…"

His mouth was so close to hers that she could feel the warmth ghosting across her trembling lips, tantalizing her.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about M-Malik." She stuttered, desperately looking for something else to focus on.

Malik let out a frustrated snort, gritting his teeth together. He could have sworn that she was about to kiss him.

'Wait… Why am I waiting for her to kiss me?'

At this thought, Malik almost hit himself. He had been waiting for her to make the first for so long that Anzu must have abandoned all thoughts of him liking her in any way other then as a friend.

'God, I feel stupid…' He thought, almost chuckling at the absurdness of the situation.

Seeing that Anzu was about to speak again, Malik quickly pressed his lips to hers, silencing any questions or protests that might have been forthcoming. He felt rather then saw the shock that traveled through Anzu's body, and he quickly pulled away, leaning his forehead against hers.

Anzu was stiff against him, her body quivering in repressed emotion. Her mind had slipped into a haze of passion so quickly that she was finding a hard time adjusting.

"M-Malik…" Even her voice was hoarse, for God's sake!

"Yes?" Then again, so was his…

"… Why are we still wearing clothes?"

A smirk found its way onto Malik's lips, and he gave Anzu a quick kiss. It was obvious that Anzu had had nothing to do with him being at her house, and Malik silently thanked his sister. It was because of her that he had gotten angry enough to try something.

"I'm not quite sure. Would you like to help me remedy this problem?"

His only response was a small growl. Malik ginned, and couldn't help but feel that even though a door had closed all those years ago during Battle City, a new one was opening up for him, and no matter what, he would walk through it this time.


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