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Wanting to Fall – Falling into Place

The bright sun and the sounds of birds chirping suggested to Rory that it was morning but she didn't dare open her eyes to confirm the fact. She wasn't ready to, and truthfully, she wasn't sure that she could. The dull but severe pounding in her head was proof enough that two days of straight champagne may not have been the smartest thing she had ever done. She turned slightly and buried her face in the pillow to block out the sun as much as she could. She inhaled as she did so and was startled by the scent on the pillow.

Logan's cologne. She smiled, remembering that she was in fact, in Logan's bed and not her own. Flashes from the night before came back to her and her headache subsided some. She stretched an arm out sideways, trying to brush against him. The sooner she woke him up, the sooner she could convince him to make coffee.

Her hand fell against the mattress. She moved it as far as she could but came up with nothing. Against her better judgment she pried one eye open and found she was alone. She opened both eyes as she slowly moved onto her back and stared at the ceiling. Her whole body hurt, she realized, but she wasn't going to complain. Not one bit.

Rory brought one hand up to her mouth and bit at her thumb as her mind began to focus itself a little clearer. She couldn't help but wonder if Logan not being there was a sign; that he woke up and realized that last night had not been what he wanted after all and was just going to stay away until she got up and left the room.

On the other hand, she rationalized, maybe that wasn't the case at all. Maybe he had gone to just check on Finn or was hungry or something like that.

Sighing, she pushed herself up into a sitting position and leaned against the headboard and considered her options. Stay or leave. Leave or stay. And if she stayed, what would she say to Logan when he came back? They had never actually spent an entire night together, he always left her room somewhere around dawn, while she was asleep. What would she say to him if she left though and faced him later? It was easy to make small talk before because that's what they were supposed to do; they were no-strings. She didn't know what they were now.

Halfway through her mental pro and con list Logan had come back into the bedroom but she hadn't heard him. He stood in the doorway and watched her. She was staring at the wall, one hand holding the sheet around her and the other still at her mouth. He smiled at the look on her face, it was apparent she was deep in thought. He didn't want to startle her but he didn't want to stand in the doorway all day either.

He cleared his throat as quietly as he could but she still jumped slightly. "I didn't think you'd be awake yet," he said, closing the door behind him.

"The sun was a little bright," she offered, gesturing to the window. "Why were you up so bright and early?"

He smiled as he walked over to the bed. "I went in search of some aspirin," he explained, holding the bottle up. "I also stopped by your room to grab you some clothes because I didn't think you'd want to put the dress back on."

"Aww, that's so sweet." She smiled at him. "I don't suppose that while you're up, you could make some coffee? I mean, seeing as how you kept the thing in here we may as well use it, right?"

Logan looked at her strangely. "Are you feeling okay today Ace?" He chuckled at the look on her face. "I started the coffee before I even left the room, you can't smell it?"

Rory inhaled deeply and her eyes widened. "I can't believe I didn't! Is it ready?" She tried to move, but the pounding was back and she stilled instantly, closing her eyes.

He chuckled, setting the stuff in his hands down to go over and pour a cup for her. "The weekend's catching up with you huh?" he asked, sitting down on the bed and handing her the ceramic mug.

She took it gratefully, holding it with both hands. She took a long swallow before nodding at him. "I guess I'm still not up to par with you guys on that aspect yet."

"There will be plenty of time to practice," he assured her. He opened the bottle of pills and handed two of them to her, swallowing three on his own.

She looked at him over her coffee mug, amusement in her eyes. "Don't tell me you're feeling the after effects of alcohol!"

"You're right, I'm not." He winked at her. "I'm feeling the after effects of you Ace." He smirked as she blushed. "It's true," he insisted. "Believe it or not, I have not had much practice at that in awhile now and well, we didn't exactly warm up or anything beforehand." He laughed as she turned redder than he thought possible.

She surprised him though, when she just shrugged at him and lay back against the pillows again. "I suppose you'll blame me for that when really, you were the one who woke me up what was it? Three times in the middle of the night?" she asked airily.

"Maybe so." He took her already empty mug from her and set it on the table next to the bed. "But you woke me first," he reminded her, pulling her back into his arms. She grimaced at the sudden movement and he kissed the top of her head gently as he settled her into his arms. "You good?" he asked as he pulled the covers over them again.

"Yes." Her voice was muffled against his arm. She looked up at him and smiled. "I thought this was going to be weird," she added after a moment.

"What? This?" He gestured between them and she nodded. "Why?"

"I don't know…" her voice trailed off. "I guess I just didn't know what to expect, or what you were thinking."

"I wasn't clear last night?" he intertwined his fingers with hers.

"I don't know. Maybe you were, maybe I was the one who wasn't."

Her words confused him and he stared down at her for a moment. "I might not be very good at this right away Ace," he said slowly. "I haven't exactly done it before, and I don't know what's right and what's not, and you might have to help me out some."

"Help you with what?"

Logan played with her hand, wondering if she really didn't know or if she just wanted to hear him say the words. "Being a boyfriend," he said finally, watching her intently for her reaction. He was pleased to see her face light up some.

"Is that what you are?" she asked, craning her neck to look up at him. Okay, she was definitely playing with him, but he conceded that she had a right to after all of this time.

"I can definitely try," he answered. "If you want."

"I want," she said, nodding vigorously.

"And you'll let me know what I'm doing wrong if I ever do anything wrong?"

"I'll most definitely let you know when you screw up." She tried to smile but yawned instead.

"Well, now that we have that covered, how about we go back to sleep for a little while?" Logan suggested. "It's still pretty early and we're not leaving until late afternoon."

"That's an excellent idea," she agreed, snuggling deeper down into the blankets. They were both almost back asleep when Rory broke the silence again. "Logan?"


"What exactly happened with Finn last night?" she asked, remembering the original reason she had for coming to his room last night.

Logan laughed. "I'll let Finn tell that story as it is simply, well, Finn."

"Alright." She was too tired to listen as it was, and her eyes were too heavy to keep open much longer. Her eyes slid closed but she couldn't help but ask one more question.

"So you've never been a boyfriend before?"

"Go to sleep Rory."

"My god, it's early!" Finn's voice came loud and clear from inside the house. Everyone but him and Louise were on the front porch saying goodbye to some of the other LDB members as they left.

"It's three fifty-two," Colin said after a glance at his watch.

Finn stared at him for a moment as he stepped outside. "My god, it's early," he repeated. He leaned against the railing and waved merrily at the last car to turn around the corner and disappear out of sight.

"I can't believe we didn't even go skiing this year," Colin grumbled. "What's the point of going on a ski weekend if we don't go skiing?"

"We didn't go skiing last year," Stephanie pointed out. "Or the year before that either."

"Well why the hell do we go on ski weekends then?"

"For the drinks mate!" Finn said. "And to keep the ladies warm." His eyes landed on Logan, whose arms were wrapped around Rory's waist. "See, Huntzberger gets it." He raised his eyebrows. "Although you're looking a little more than just friendly there."

"See, even the drunk can see it!" Stephanie said, sticking her tongue out at Logan. "I told you it wasn't just me."

"Sees what?" Finn asked.

"Logan has a girlfriend," she said teasingly. "He's Rory's boyfriend now."

Logan rolled his eyes and tried to glare at Rory and Stephanie at the same time. "I knew leaving the two of you alone at lunch was a bad idea."

Rory laughed along with Stephanie. "We're girls Logan," Stephanie said. "How many times do I need to remind you of that? Girls talk."

"It's true, we do. We share things." Rory agreed. "For instance, I told her that Logan said he's my boyfriend." She swatted at his hand as he tried to tickle her. "And she told me what Colin said in his sleep last night." She laughed again as she watched the color drain from Colin's face. "But I promise to not breathe a word of what that was," she said with the next breath.

"Oh you'll tell me later," Logan said in her ear and she just giggled and nodded. "So Finn!" She turned and smiled brightly at the Aussie who was now slumped against the porch railing.

"Yes Love?"

"What happened last night?"

"Many things happened I'm sure, what are you referring to? Animal, mineral, or vegetable?"

"Plasma TV."

"Oh that." He waved his hand dismissively. "Louise and I walked into the den to see what was going on and some of the chaps were watching a movie and I merely stated that I could do better than the leading man. There was some ruckus and the bloody thing came tumbling down."

"Oh right." Louise rolled her eyes. "That's the edited-for-television version. What really happened is that we went into the den and they were watching porn. Finnie here caught sight of a redhead on the screen and believed he could crawl into the scene with her. As you might imagine, he couldn't, and he pulled the screen down on top of him."

"Aye, I see what you mean about the girls sharing things," Finn complained. He shrugged off their laughs. "It's all good though, right! I mean, that's why you shelled out thousands for Miss Gilmore's company last night, isn't it?"

"Thousands?" all three girls spoke in unison.

"Thousands?" Rory added once more for good measure. She turned around and stared at Logan, who just lifted his shoulders in a slight shrug.

"You better have paid thousands," Stephanie said, jabbing her index finger into Colin's ribcage. Louise echoed both of their sentiments to Finn.

"Ladies!" Logan said smoothly. "Let's just say that between the three of us, Finn's plasma TV mishap and Louise and Stephanie's glass throwing contest are well covered. No need to go into specifics. The important thing is, everyone had a good time, right?" He looked around the crowd for confirmation. "Right." He shot a warning glance at Finn. "This is the reason we never mention bids to the girls."

"I was just stating a fact," Finn said, holding his hands up. "We had the money, it may as well have gone to good use, is all." He started to say something more but was cut off as a perfectly shaped snowball sailed past everyone else and hit him square in the chest.

"We know what you were saying Finn," Stephanie said, scooping up another handful of snow from the opposite side of the railing. She aimed at him again but Colin caught her wrist before she could throw it. "Hey!" she turned and pouted at him, sticking her lower lip out as far as she could. "I kind of need that."

"Don't do it Steph," Colin pleaded. "Please, think of the great snowball fight of 1999 before you do."

Stephanie contemplated it for a moment, and Colin released her hand. "I thought about it," she announced before tossing the snow in Finn's direction. He was quick to move this time and it ended up hitting Louise's forehead instead. Stephanie clapped gleefully as Louise scowled at her.

"Defend my honor Finn," she pleaded as she wiped the snow from her eyes. "Get her back!"

"As you wish milady!" Finn dove over the side of the railing with more energy than Rory would have expected from him at this early time of day. "Hold her down for me, will you Col?" he asked as he scraped up handfuls of snow. Stephanie shrieked and jumped over the railing before Colin could catch her, which sent him flying over the railing as well.

"You better arm yourself," Logan warned Rory. "This will get ugly." No sooner were the words out of his mouth then a snowball sailed their way, splattering against the wall behind them.

"Get off the porch you two!" Finn yelled. "Don't think you're safe up there!" He launched another handful in their direction, hitting Rory's leg. Finn cackled. "What now? Going to be all girly and make Logan defend your honor?"

"No!" Rory flew down the porch steps and raced in Finn's direction, bending down to grab some snow as she ran.

"You throw like a girl!" Finn taunted as she missed him by several feet. "Come on, I know you can do better than that! If Steph can, you most definitely should be able to."

"Jerk!" Stephanie cried from her hiding spot behind a tree. She fired another round of snow off at Finn, hitting him three out of five times. "Try and hit me Finn. Try!" She screamed as Colin came up behind her and threw her down into the snow.

"Easy shot now," Finn said cheerily as he stood over her and dropped snow on her.

"Unfair!" Rory protested as she scrambled over to the three. Stephanie freed herself from the guys and pretty soon the two girls were faced off with the three boys.

"Where the hell is Louise?" Stephanie muttered, backing away from the guys as her eyes moved back and forth. "We're outnumbered here."

"Because she'd so be an asset to your team," Colin retorted.

"The little sneak went hiding! I'll be back." Finn dropped his snow and went back towards the house in search of his blonde.

"There, two against two. We're right even now."

"Hey wait a minute!" Rory looked at Logan with big eyes. "You mean you'd actually throw a snowball at me?"

"You did get chatty with Stephanie earlier," he pointed out.

"But!" She opened her mouth in protest.

"Sorry Rory, it's every man for himself," Colin argued as he launched a snowball directly into Logan's face. "See?"

Logan brushed the snow from his face. "Cheap shot," he muttered. "But it's my turn now."

Before he could even throw his, Colin grabbed Rory around the waist, holding her in front of him. "Let's see if you'll really not hit her," he said, aiming with his own handful.

Logan followed succession, using Stephanie as his shield.

"Oh this is mature!" Rory said sarcastically. "Are we just going to stand here forever in a showdown because I know you'd nev—Oh!" She sputtered, wiping the wet snow from her own face and opened her eyes to see Logan laughing.

"I swear, I was trying to hit him," he said between laughs.

"Yeah right." She wrenched herself from Colin's grasp and took off towards him. Seeing her, Logan pushed Stephanie at Colin and took off running down the hill.

"You can't run!" she called after him, close on his heels. They were halfway to the bottom when she caught up with him. He grabbed both of her arms before she could throw either of her two snowballs at him.

They struggled playfully for a bit before she finally kicked out, trying to hook her leg around his. They stumbled a bit as he got her to drop one of the handfuls of snow. Logan regained his balance and returned the favor, hooking his own leg around her ankle. He laughed as she yelped and dropped the other handful to throw her arms around his neck in an effort to keep from falling.

He was unprepared as she threw her weight against him and he lost his footing, this time unable to keep his balance. They tumbled to the ground and after a few rolls they landed with him on top.

He was about to ask if she was okay but she began to giggle and he couldn't help but laugh along as he looked down at her. She looked like a snow angel, her nose and cheeks red from the cold, with little snowflakes decorating her dark curls. He leaned down and kissed her, silencing her mid-giggle. Rory didn't protest, her gloved hands went around his neck and she returned the kiss enthusiastically. His own hands itched to slide up her sweater but he didn't think she'd appreciate the coldness so he kept them where they were on either side of her. Eventually, one found its way to play with her hair, which oddly enough, smelled like vanilla again after her shower this morning, not watermelon.

"Hey," she said breathlessly when the kiss ended. "You lied to me Huntzberger."

"I did?" his brow furrowed and he kissed her again. "How so?" She gripped his shoulders with her hands and pushed until she rolled them over so she was on top.

"You said you wouldn't let me fall," she reminded him, dropping another kiss onto his lips. She intended on it being a chaste kiss but he laced both hands in her hair, holding her close to keep the kiss.

"I hate to break it to you Rory," he said, rolling them once more and running a finger along her cheek. "But I think we're both falling."

Rory's eyes sparkled as she caught her lower lip between her teeth, clearly delighted with his answer. She lifted her head to kiss his nose. "Well then the question remains." She reached up to run a hand through his hair. "Do you want to?"

Logan stared down at her, his eyes connected with hers and for a moment, all playfulness was lost as he leaned down and kissed her purposefully, his arms snaking underneath her, closing any space between them. She waited for his answer, unsure of the sudden seriousness between them. Finally, his eyes crinkled at the corners and his mouth turned up in a smile.

"You fall, I fall, Ace."