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Well, Ryo doesn't seem the type to go for much PDA- public displays of affection. How many people honestly didn't know that, or haven't read it for that matter. I had to figure out for myself by writing it how that might work out between him and the outgoing and very open Dee, though.

Dee Laytner folded his arms across his chest and walked ahead of his partner, scowling at the night and everyone that passed.

Ryo Maclean, however, simply shoved his hands in his pockets against a chilly March breeze and glared his signature 'you're being an idiot' glare at Dee's back.

Dee ignored it. Like he cared. It was Ryo who'd ruined the night by being such a prude. Though he was still heading to Ryo, and they'd probably end up making up and having sex, he was going to be pissed off for the time being.

Ryo knew this side of Dee all too well and couldn't believe that the grown detective he loved so much could be so childish sometimes. His mind also strayed to how they'd inevitably make up once they reached his apartment, but on some level he didn't want to. In his own respect, Ryo had been none too happy with Dee's behavior that night, and now he had to deal with this?

"Dee, if you're going to act like a child, maybe you should just go back to your place tonight." He tried to keep his voice neutral, but it didn't have quite the calming effect he'd been hoping for.

"A child?" His partner exploded. He rounded on his heel, arms dropped, fists clenched as if he might punch something, eyes absolutely livid. "At least I'm not some self conscious prude with a rod shoved up his ass!"

"And you're implying that I am?" It took a good eye to catch the anger that sparked in Ryo. Dee saw it and it only spurred his on.

"No, I'm telling you that's what you've been all night!"

"Well I'm sooo sorry that I'm not one of your 'bar friends' that loves to live it up and doesn't think beyond their next drink and whose bed they'll be in later."

"One of my 'bar friends?'" Half of those guys were police officers or from the Academy. And you know that's not what I'm talking about. It's been everything about this night. How I had to beg you to go out at all. Do you realize that we haven't been together anywhere but work and your apartment for months?"

"Maybe I don't like to go out partying and get drunk all the time."

"You know what? I don't think that's it. You almost never want to be in public together unless we're working a case. I can't kiss you, I can't put my arm around you, I can't even hold your freaking hand. In a bar! With people who already know we're an item!"

"That's not the point! I don't like PDA either. Is that so horrible?"

"Yes, because I know you have no problem being affectionate behind closed doors. Why is that? Because you think people might find out about you? That they might look at you differently? Ask questions? Or is it just something about me?"

Now he looked slightly hurt. "That's not fair. I've told you before that I don't like going out often, and I really don't like public displays of affection. It's not because you're a man, Dee. It's harder for me because I haven't been in this kind of relationship, but I've never been open about things like that. I'm sorry if I get uptight. I'll try not to be so tense."

All of Dee's anger was suddenly directed at himself. "Ack! Dammit Ryo!" He sighed and ran an irritated hand through his raven hair. "I love you for who you are, just how you are, but try to loosen up a little every once in a while."

Ryo gave him a small smile and a nod, then started moving again. It really was cold for March and he wanted to get in. He stopped when Dee didn't follow. "Dee? You coming?"

He shook his head. "Nah, I'm gonna head home. I'll see you at the precinct in the morning." And with a wave of his hand, he turned and began walking towards his own apartment.

As much as Ryo wanted to go after him, to throw his arms around the one he loved more than anything in the world and kiss him and tell him he was sorry, he knew he wouldn't do it. Besides, they probably both needed to really cool down a little. Hopefully things would be better tomorrow.

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