WARNING! THIS FINAL CHAPTER HAS A MATURE RATING! (I didn't want to change the whole story for the last chapter, so this is fair warning to you unless I get a complaint, and then I'll up the rating.) The following chapter contains semi-explicit sexual situations that may not be suitable for all readers (they're really not that bad, but mention male appendages and some thrusting, so yeah). If you'd rather not taint your purity, scroll to the author's note at the end and find out how this all turns out. For everyone else, I promised a bathroom scene a few chapters ago that readers would enjoy, and that Benny and Dee scene just wasn't cutting it. So here's the real one. Will it be consensual?

"I'm sorry for lying to you for so long, Dee. I'm sorry for lying to myself. It's over."

Dee couldn't turn around to look at him. He'd accepted this already as what needed to be done, but that didn't stop his from having to support himself on the sink to keep his legs from buckling. He hoped Ryo left before he got sick.

"Dee..." Ryo was walking towards him. What more could he want from him? Dee had given him everything, only to find out that it had all been a waste of effort. He had nothing left to give him.

But when Ryo's arms slid around Dee's waist, he wasn't asking for anything. "Dee, I love you. I love you more than I ever thought I could love anyone. And I don't care who knows it or who's bothered by it. As long as I have you, I don't need to pretend for anyone anymore."

Ryo had always been a terrible liar. He was just too damned innocent to deceive someone that way. That was how Dee knew his heart and soul were behind his words.

He let his own hands fall on Ryo's. The warmth of his body, the gentle embrace of his arms, helped to get rid of the feeling Benny had left on his skin. Benny...



Dee shrugged out of his arms and turned around to face him. He didn't feel right about what had happened with Benny. It had been work, yes, but he didn't know if he'd have done it if he hadn't been fighting with Ryo.

"Earlier today, when I went to see Benny..." He never imagined he'd have to tell Ryo about any of this, so he hadn't thought about how hard it would be. It felt like he'd cheated. He'd never considered cheating on Ryo, and he'd never wanted to. "We were..." He wasn't really sure what he felt so bad about, though. They hadn't done anything. "It wasn't..." He looked away, clenching his fists in frustration. He couldn't even say it.

Ryo hesitated before taking Dee's hands into his own. He trusted Dee more than he knew, so even if he couldn't say it, he knew he'd have never really betrayed him.

He was fighting the urge to double check that they were alone until Dee looked back at him. Then it disappeared.

"It's okay. You don't have to tell me. Can you..." He took a deep breath. "Can you show me?"

It was ridiculous. Dee could never do to Ryo what Benny had done to him. But that wasn't what he was really asking him to do.

"Okay." Dee freed his hands of Ryo's and let them slide around his back and down over his butt. A light blush rose in Ryo's cheeks as Dee explored his through his pants and he laughed. "I didn't do that."

Ryo took a deep breath to steady himself. Dee worked his hands back around to the front and let them rest on the clasp of Ryo's belt. As he did it, he leaned in to kiss him. It had been a long time since they'd really kissed. They lips connected as if they'd been starved for the attention.

"We didn't do that," Dee panted when they'd broken away. He tugged Ryo forward by his unbuckled belt and backed them into one of the stalls. He pressed him into the door and flipped the silver lock while his other hand pulled Ryo's pants open.

He let Ryo unbuckle his belt, too. Then he turned him around gently and pressed into him, flattening him between his body and the door. They were both breathing heavily.

"This is where I broke his face open," Dee whispered, nipping at Ryo's ear.

Ryo groped behind him for one of Dee's hands and brought it around to feel his erection. He didn't need to used his hands to feel that Dee was just as hard.

"No one said we had to stop here, too." It was an invitation to continue on with what Dee really wanted to do. But first, he held Ryo tightly to his chest and felt their breathing synchronize naturally. They needed to do this. Dee also needed to know what Ryo was going to be better off for it.

Before he could ask, though, his partner had started grinding back onto Dee's erection, making self control a fleeting dream.

He didn't have the patience to mess with all the buttons on both of their shirts, so he slid his hands under Ryo's while their pants dropped to the floor. Every muscle was perfect, firm, and tense with desire. He wasn't faking it- he was enjoying it.

Dee laughed softly as he kneeled behind his partner to prepare him.

He had Ryo on his tip-toes and moaning in minutes.

"Dee." His tone was between a plea and a demand. He was happy to respond to both.

Entering Ryo for the first time in so long was sweeter than he could have imagined. And anyone who's ever had sex in a public place (as Dee had) can attest that it adds an edge of excitement. Ryo seemed to be feeling it, too.

Dee's hand pumped on Ryo's erection in time with his thrusts. Ryo braced himself against the door, every inch of him straining back towards Dee's heat. Dee felt them rising together. It wouldn't be long. Neither of them would last at this rate.

"No, I haven't seen him since just after he got back. Haven't found Ryo, either?"

Dee froze. He had forgotten to do something that Benny had- lock the door. Ryo whined at the pause, but Dee was trying to hard not to laugh as he heard Drake and another detective walk in.

"Dee," he said urgently, not making any attempt to be quiet. "If you can't finish, don't start." Dee was so shocked that he didn't hear the embarrassed coughing and noisy exit of the officers. He just got back to work twice as hard to make up for his lapse.

Ryo collapsed back into his arms a few minutes later, as spent as Dee was. His face was flushed, but his eyes sparkled with mischievous pleasure.

"Maybe we should fight more often," Dee laughed, kissing him.

"I don't think that will be necessary." Dee was glad to hear it.

-one month later-

"Jesus, is it even safe to sit at my own desk?" Drake grumbled.

"As long as you don't actually touch the desk," Ryo winked.

"Ugh!" He jumped up from leaning on said desk and leaned against the wall sullenly. It was more hurtful to his pride than anything that Ryo had such a full sex life.

"He's lying, you know." Dee poked his head through the door and nodded at Drake and JJ, whose got teary-eyed and had to turn away. He was taking Ryo and Dee's new, open relationship pretty hard. "He wouldn't let me do it here. Something about being inconsiderate; I don't know." He smiled and pulled Ryo into his arms. "But I can't think of anything nicer than having this gorgeous man sprawled out on your desk with his legs spread." Ryo laughed at his dreamy sigh.

"Get a room, you two." Drake rolled his eyes.

"Can we use yours?" Dee and Ryo made the request in unison, and burst into laughter at it.

"Get out, you disgusting jack rabbits." Drake shooed them out the door and closed it. JJ was still whimpering in the corner. Drake sat down again, eyeing his desk suspiciously.

Outside, Ryo twined his hand through Dee's and admired the sun. It was nice to be off after pulling third shift, and being off with Dee was even better.

"You hungry?" Dee asked.

"Starved." The impish curl of his lips said plainly that he wasn't thinking about eggs and bacon. Dee thought sometimes that he'd unleashed a beast in the precinct bathroom that day, but he wasn't complaining by any means. Their relationship had been on the up and up since then, at least.

"I know a great restaurant," Dee said. "They have nice tablecloths."

Ryo leaned his head against Dee's shoulder, sighing contentedly. "Sounds fun." He wasn't worried that they were running out of places. They always made things interesting. And as much of a rush as he got from elevators and buses, in Ryo's mind there was still nothing more sensual than a bottle of champagne and a night at home in bed.

I'll let you interpret what he likes about champagne bottles. Okay, so yes, this was a happy ending, where Ryo is now comfortable with his sexuality and Dee gets sex in kinky public places. Hope everyone enjoyed the story, and will review as a final service to me. Thanks for sticking with this, my faithful readers!