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Sight Unseen

Chapter 1 – Meeting Haruka

Michiru looked in the direction of her front door when she heard the doorbell. She set her book next to where she was sitting on the sofa. She walked to the door, barely having to feel around as she'd made the trip hundred of times before.

Michiru was born with minimal vision, by the time she was old enough to speak, she'd completely lost her sight. She was now 23 years old and had lived with a helper since she was 17, when her parents died.

She opened the door and looked straight ahead at the person on the other side. Her blue eyes were cloudy and lifeless as they'd been all her life.

Haruka smiled, it was evident to Michiru in her voice when she spoke. "My name's Haruka. The hospital sent me over when they heard your other helper... quit." she shivered when she watched Michiru reach up and gently touch her face. She knew it was a blind person's way of putting together a picture of a person. "Do you approve?" she smiled when Michiru came to run her fingers through her short hair, and blushed.

"I like women with short hair. Please, come in." she felt for the wall and stepped aside.

Haruka walked inside and looked around. "You've got a very nice home here...Michiru right?" she set her duffel bag on the chair in the living room.

"I wouldn't know." she giggled and followed the sound of her new helper's voice. "I grew up here. So when they tried to move me to a smaller house, I refused. I know this house." Her face became stern. "Everything must always remain in place Haruka. Please, my last helper kept moving things on me. You have no idea how hard it makes things."

"Don't worry, I promise I won't move anything." she wandered down the hall, stopping at the first door and opened it up. "Is this your room, or will it be mine?"

"I don't know. There are names on the doors." She reached out and drug her fingers over the braille on the door. "This will be yours."

"Thanks. I never could understand braille." she smiled at Michiru's laughter and continued down the hall, looking into each of the rooms.

"Maybe I could teach you sometime. It's not really that hard." She gasped when Haruka turned around and gently grabbed her shoulders to keep them from colliding. "How old are you Haruka?"

"I'm 26. What about you?" she took Michiru's arm out of habit and led her back to the living room.

"I'm 23." She sat on the sofa, next to her book. "Would you like something to drink?" She started to get up again.

"No...I should be asking you that. You just sit back and relax."

Michiru smiled and picked up her book. "Thank you... I can't tell the difference between the milk and the water anyway."

"I bet I could fix that." Haruka went to her bag and got out a little kit, pulling a piece of yarn from it, then moved back up to Michiru. "I'll tie this, around the milk handle." She took Michiru's hand and placed the yarn in it, so she could feel it. "So you can tell the difference whenever I'm not here, or not awake."

"Thank you..." She smiled again and asked shyly. "Can I have some water?"

"Sure." She stood and went into the kitchen.