This is a special update, just for Haruka-Clone. I had pretty much given up on this one, but she insisted that I give it an update. I do hope you all enjoy, and that you aren't too mad at me for not updating for months

Sight Unseen

Chapter 4 - Hold Me

One Month Later…

"Haruka!… Haruka I need help into the tub." Michiru yelled from her bathroom. The casts had been removed from her legs, but she would be wheelchair bound until the strength returned to her legs.

In the past month, they'd learned much about each other. Michiru had actually become comfortable with her helper seeing her nude. As well as helping her bathe.

"I'm coming. Hold on a second." Haruka finished folding one of Michiru's blouses. Over the past month, her feelings for the woman had turned into much more then the friendship that they now shared. She ignored the sight of Michiru's naked body as she easily helped her into the steamy bath water.

"Thank you Ruka." she smiled softly up at the blond.

Haruka was lucky that Michiru couldn't see the blush on her face. "You're welcome Michi. Is there anything else you need?" Haruka smiled down at her companion as she leaned against the door frame.

"No, I think I can handle it on my own this time. Will you help me with my exercises later?" she began to wash her body.

The blond smiled. "Gladly. Just call for me when you're done." she ran her hands through her short hair as she turned to go into the kitchen to start putting together sandwiches for lunch.

Briefly after Haruka finished cutting the food in half, she heard Michiru call for her. "I'm coming lo-" she stopped herself from calling Michiru 'love.' As she passed the table she sat the two plates on it, then walked into the bathroom, seeing her friend dry herself off. "I finished our lunches too. Ham and cheese sandwiches, I hope that's OK with you." the blond easily picked up the smaller woman.

"Sounds delicious. My robe is over there." she pointed to a hook on the wall.

"I know where it is. It's always in the same spot. Can you hold yourself up while I get it?"

"Yeah." She leaned against the wall.

Haruka grabbed the white robe from the hook and gently draped it over her shoulders. Her voice was soft as she caressed her arms. "Here you go Michi." she gasped as Michiru let herself lean back into the blonde's arms.

"You're warm." Michiru shyly slid her hands over Haruka's bare arms. "Will you hold me?" she blushed some.

The responding voice was soft and soothing. "But I am holding you Michi."

"No." Michiru turned around and pressed herself to the tall woman. "Like a lover holds her girlfriend." she tucked her nose to the crock of Haruka's neck.

"Al… Alright." she slid her arms around the smaller woman, gladly holding her close.

Tears welled up in the young woman's eyes. She never wanted to let go of this moment. Her fingers wrapped themselves in the blonde's cotton shirt.

"Michi… Michi why are you crying." she pulled away to look down at her. She used her fingers to dab at the tears.

"It's nothing, really. I'll be fine. Just hold me… please." she rested her head on Haruka's shoulder, her shirt soaking up most of the tears. Haruka, not knowing what else to do, held the woman tightly in her arms. "Nobody's ever held my like this before. I just wanted to know what it felt like. That's all."

Haruka smiled and rested her cheek against Michiru's aqua hair. "I'll hold you for as long as you want. I promise."

Hope you enjoyed, I'll try to get this one updated soon, I started getting a few ideas for how to continue it/end it, stuff like that.