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All's fair in love and sorcery; prologue: "the pendant of viper calling"

Goat's blood? Check. Ram horns? Check. Hemlock? Check. Pendant of Viper Calling? …uh…

After several minuets of frantic searching, the sorceress soon discovered that she lacked not only a pendant, a viper, but the Pendant of Viper Calling all together. Cursing and stamping her feet angrily, Sadira flung the (already battered from past tantrums) spell book across the room and huffed as it slammed into the stone wall.

"How in all of the Nine Hells am I supposed to be a sorceress if I don't have what I fucking need?" Sadira yelled at the top of her lungs.

This wasn't the first time it had happened, but the sixth and she was getting pretty irritated by now. Sadira then calmed down a little and decided to act mature (which was a rarity for her) and think about how she was going to get through another fine mess she had made. She sat on the cobblestone floor of the room and thought deeply as a spider crept around her feet.

'I can't perform the Working of Decay spell without the Pendant of Viper Calling,' Sadira thought, 'Without that Pendant, everything else is useless,'

Sadira had purchased everything from the merchants that came around the area periodically. They were gone now and wouldn't be back until next winter. It would be dangerous to purchase magical items at a regular market considering all that damnable traitors and backstabbers present and it would be foolish to even borrowing something from another sorcerer (Sadira had learned these lessons the hard way).

But by the Seven Deserts she needed that item!

"Spell Book, come!" Sadira said, extending her hand to the book.

The spell book jerked itself and flung into Sadira's open hand. It was an ancient book, known as The Tomes of Onenutar, bound in the ancient flesh of a none-too-smart sorcerer who killed and skinned and the pages were written in goat's blood and made of stitched deadly nightshade leaves.

In short – it was very rare and very expensive. (Sadira had managed to steal it from an illiterate merchant who didn't realize the book's worth)

Sadira flipped through the book and came to a chapter titled "Magical Items and You" and found The Pendant of Viper Calling under "Dark Magical Items and You". There were several listing of several magical items, but Sadira found it under Devil's Tiara and above Fine Caster's Amulet. Written here was:

The Pendant of Viper Calling is a powerful dark magick item made to summon up the spirit of the snake beast from the ninth pit of hell. The Pendant of Viper Calling can only be found in the Pyramid of Vlni, Eater of Souls The Pendant of Viper Calling call be used for several spells, such as "The Working of Decay", and "Evocation of Tombs",.

Good news: The Pendant of Viper Calling could be found! Bad news: it's in the Pyramid of Vlni, Eater of Souls, which means you have a very good chance of going in and dying a horrible, gruesome, death! Isn't life funny?

Sadira had probably a good enough mind to just forget the whole thing and try something a little bit simpler than The Working of Decay spell.

'But by the Blood Of Violusae, I need that spell!' Sadira's mind reminded her.

Xerxes hovered nearby his master as he poured the contents of the glass bottle (a reddish white powdery substance) alone the stone floor into a triangle shape. Xerxes' tiny brain had little space for understanding the necessity of such an action to Mozenrath.

"What Mozenrath doing?" Xerxes asked.

"Quiet, Xerxes! Can't you see I'm working right now?" Mozenrath snapped. Xerxes flinched, but still looking curious. Mozenrath then sighed, "Once again, Xerxes, I am willing to explain this to your tiny mind but if you ask me one more time I will be forced to make your eyes recede into the back of your skull. Do you understand?"

Xerxes nodded.

"I need more mamluks," answered Mozenrath, "and the only way to do that is to raise up the recently buried by using the Evocation of Tombs spell,"

Mozenrath finished making the triangle of ground up anaconda and then made the circle of goat's blood around it. Then he stood outside of the circle and began to use all of the enchantments and magical wordings from his spell book:

"By The Grimoires Of All-powerful Tiaegri, I Evoke The Sphere of Sop-hiu and The Pyramid of Unkillable Qursuman, I Summon thee Viper of the Ninth Hell!"

Thunder boomed.

Lightning crackle.

Nothing happened inside of the room.

An awkward silence filled the room. Xerxes blinked at the still circle and triangle on the floor and Mozenrath's eyes narrowed. After a few minuets of waiting, Mozenrath rechecked the spell book and saw what was the problem on page 5309:


Things needed: Goat's Blood, Powder of Anaconda

Words needed:

'By The Grimoires Of All-powerful Tiaegri, I Evoke The Sphere of Sop-hiu and

The Pyramid of Unkillable Qursuman, I Summon thee Viper of the Ninth Hell!'

Mozenraththen saw some tiny print at the bottom of the page.Mozenrath had to squint to read it:

NOTE: You dorealize that you need the Pendant of Viper Calling right? This is an advanced spell book for advanced sorcerers and we shouldn't haveto hold your and tell you every little detail, now do we? You're a big sorcerer now,it's time to have a little responsibility.

"I hate sarcastic books," Mozenrath growled as he gripped the spell book's spine, threatening to break it.

Unfortunately, Mozenrath hadn't seen the asterisk or the small print and had gone ahead with getting the other items. Now he had several options: (1) skip the spell, (2) blame Xerxes, (3) blast things with magic, and (4) go get the Pendant of Viper Calling.

Options two and three were tempting but it was decided that option four would be the best considering how he needed more mamluks around.

Mozenrath searched through the "Dark Items and Where to Find Them" section of the spell book and found this little paragraph:

The Pendant of Viper Calling:

The Pendant of Viper Calling is a very powerful little item that summons the Great Serpent from the pits of the Ninth Hell to you! The Pendant is held inthe scenic desert in the lovely Pyramid of Vlni, Eater of Souls! Isn't that just exciting?Now, just watch out for Vlni, or he just might chomp on you!

"Stupid over enthusiastic book…" Mozenrath growled as he dropped the spell book.

On one hand, he needed more mamluks. On the other hand…Vlni, Eater of Souls, was someone Mozenrath would not care to meet (or dine with). And on the other other hand, a powerful sorcerer like him could certainly walk in the pyramid and walk back out alive and with Vlni's head on a platter.

"Xerxes, go find my map," Mozenrath said to her servant.

I prefer doing prologues because it's just the start off and you don't have to buckle down and write too much at once. It's just the first part anyways, right?– ZeroSoul