I don't own the characters beside Steve, they're Janet Evanovich's. But I think I will keep Ranger. Nobody will miss him, right? ;)

He's so gonna get it!

When I woke up I was lying in a white room and there were lights blinding me. Hospital!

I looked to my right and saw Ranger, sitting forward on a chair with my hand between his and his head on the bed beside me. Sleeping.

"Morning, kitty. Feeling better?"

I looked to the left and saw Steve leaning against a window.

"Yes, what day is it?"

"You slept two days, kitty, it's Thursday!"

I looked back down at Ranger.

"He didn't want to leave your side. We talked a lot. I guess I have to change my mind about him. He's a good man."

I looked at him, surprised.

He laughed, "yeah, I never thought, I would say this one day, too. But it's the truth. He loves you as much as you love him."

He walked towards me and kissed me on my lips.

"I wanted to ask you to stay here for holidays, but I guess you have to go to Trenton to sort everything out?

I smiled and nodded. "Yes"

He nodded and went to the door, there he turned around d. Steve smiled, but the smile didn't reach his eyes. "But you can tell your superhero that I will come back and we'll go dancing."

I smiled at him.

"I hope so."

The end

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