The sun shone too much during the daytime, with

This God-awful hue of brazen citrus, heat

Beating down on my back, scorching and burning

My precious epithelial tissues, leaving

Visible reminders of my out of doors activities.

The breezes licked my body, taking with them

Vast amounts of unwanted sebatious gland

Secretion, leaving this skin of mine feeling

Cooler, drier. What little sweat remained smeared with

A dirt mixture, providing a small ounce of protective shade.

The sun, though, had other plans for me just then;

He decided it was time to retire

And let me alone as he dipped below that

Far off horizon. The dull throb of my scorched skin

Contrasted with the already much cooler twilit landscape.

My work for the day was done, so I rested

On the chilled, smooth concrete of the front porch step

And watched as one star after another winked

Into existence in the night sky above me.

Slowly, the Empress of the Night shone her lovely silver face

Down onto me, turning the world into some

Distant dream, some ghostly reflection of the

Nonexistent beauty of a paradise

Lost in moonlit night above that Sea of Rebma

Hiding the treasures of Tir'na Nog'th just beyond my mind's eye.