Title – My Happy Ending

Author – JubilationLee

Summary – A devastating illness to one of their own causes mixed reactions from the staff of Sacred Heart.

Authors Notes – Ok, this is my first story ever, because I live in a Milo tin. Please read and review cos I'm not very smart. See, that didn't even make sense.

Disclaimer – I don't own anything to do with Scrubs! Please don't sue me!

Chapter 1

"It's funny how we all worry so much about insignificant things, like our hair looking good, or whether or not we should buy that toaster with the inbuilt internet browser because in the end, when push comes to shove, its not really going to help us when we're bangin' on those pearly gates trying to prove ourselves worthy."

Dr. John Dorian was sitting alone in the Sacred Heart Hospital cafeteria, all of his thoughts concentrated on constructing a castle with the remains of his lunch. The day seemed to be dragging on for ages and the relentless, pounding headache in his skull was doing nothing to ease the unending boredom the day was producing.

Just as JD was putting the finishing touches onto his "Camelot", he was interrupted by the cheerful voice of his best friend.

"Didn't yo' momma ever tell you not to play with your food?"

JD looked up startled, the bread crusts, already on the verge of falling, fell, scattering themselves across the table. The owner of the voice, unaware of what he had just destroyed, dropped his lunch tray carelessly on the table and sat down in the chair opposite JD, with a thump. A mischievous smile began to form on JDs face.

"No, but yo Momma so…"

The warning glance form Turk caused J.D to trail off and he began picking up the scattered crusts, his unfinished joke still disappointedly, hanging in the air. Meaningless chatter began to pass between the two friends and looking up at the clock a short time later, JD realized he was supposed to be back on his shift. Excusing himself he begrudgingly dragged his heavy limbs to the nurse's station.


"Oh, my, God!" The sarcastic voice of Dr Cox, bit painfully through JD's head, causing the thumping to increase as Cox continued his little tirade. "Look who it is everybody! Why don't we all give Madonna here a big round of applause, for actually, like, showing up, and god forbid, doing some work!"

Dr Cox was leaning smugly on the counter, wearing a look of fake admiration as he taunted JD. To pained to be bothered retorting, JD gave a forced grin before heading off to his first patient for the afternoon, as Dr Cox shot a disgruntled look at his retreating back, disappointed at the lack of effect his comment had.

Carla, who had been watching the scene before her spoke up,

"You know Perry, there are some people in this hospital who can see through your cold exterior".

"Oh? And I suppose you're one of them?" countered Cox, raising is eyebrows in mock surprise, before turning his back on her and stalking down the corridor.

"Don't you know it, baby!" he heard the shouted reply from behind him. The smallest trace of a smile formed on his face.


JD sat in the staff lounge, eyes glued to the clock as he willed it to go faster, waiting for the minute when he'd be able to sign out and head home. By now the pain in his head had increased dramatically, each bit of movement caused a stab of pain through his aching skull. Probably that pizza I had for breakfast, he thought, but would food really effect my head? Well, I don't know, you're the doctor. JD's internal argument was interrupted when the door of the lounge swung open and Elliot loped in, knocking a stack of papers of the bench as she came in,

"Hey JD, wanna grab some take-out, after we get off?" she asked.

"Nuh, I think I'll have an early one tonight" he replied

"Yeah. You know, your not looking to flash, you coming down with something?"

"Just a headache Elliot, I'm fine"

"Alrighty then, See-ya tomorrow"

"Yeah. See you."

They went their separate ways at the door. JD's eyes followed her momentarily as she scuttled off, immediately regretting his decision to turn her down, before he turned and began trudging home.


His hand shook uncontrollably as he fumbled to find the right key and when at last he did, JD stumbled through the door of the apartment he shared with Turk to find it empty. Mustn't be home yet, he thought. Probably out with Elliot and the others… where I should be. Deciding to go against his previous decision for an early night, JD grabbed his coat off the sofa and headed back out the door. It was at this moment when the world around JD began to spin and he barely had time to register himself falling, before passing out in the open doorway.