Title – My Happy Ending

Author – JubilationLee

Summary – A devastating illness to one of their own causes mixed reactions from the staff of Sacred Heart.

Authors Notes – It's Sunday nightand I have to go to school tomorrow, which makes me sad. But I have a chocolate bar, this makes me happy. Yum. I hope you like this chapter, its not very well written cause I had to rush to get it finished, so sorry about that.

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Chapter 15

"Hey buddy, how're you feelin?"

JD stirred and forced his eyelids open as the soft voice drifted into his mind. The strands of thin light leaking in from the window were enough to make him squint but as his eyes grew accustomed, he looked up to find Turk sitting in a chair next to the bed. He gave a wry smile.

"Ok, I guess, considering I just had my brain sliced and diced by some dude I done even know"

JD looked around the room. It was the same one he had been in earlier, before he'd gone into surgery. Before surgery… he remembered seeing Dr Cox just before he had gone into surgery. Unless he had imagined it. Turk was still looking at him, an odd, indecipherable expression gracing his features.

"You didn't happen to see Dr Cox around here by any chance did you? I thought I saw him earlier…" JD trailed off.

"Ahh, yeah I saw him" Turk said slowly, giving a quick glance behind him, "Carla and Elliot took him outside; he was getting a little worked up"

"Worked up?"

"Uh, yeah, you could say that" Turk said gradually.

Just at that moment the door to JD's room busted slammed open and a large man, dressed only in a flannelette nightgown ran into the room.

Dr Cox?

"OH! JD, you're awake! I've been so worried about you!" The figure cried as he threw his arms around JD's prone form.

"We couldn't stop him! He's too strong!" Elliot screeched from the doorway.

"Oh JD…" Cox sighed as he snuggled into JD's neck.

JD shot off the pillow, awakening with a girlish yelp. He let out another gasp as a bolt of pain shot through his head and he slumped back into the pillow with his eyes squeezed shut. What a dream. JD thought, at the same time tying to shut the dream out of his mind.

"It's probably not a good idea to go jumping around so soon after brain surgery" Dr Lombard said with a dry smile as he wrote something on his clipboard. JD squinted open his eyes and looked up at Dr Lorenzo, and cleared his dry throat.

"How'd it go doc?" Did you get it out? Am I cured?" His joking tone failing to veil the frightened one that lay beneath it.

The doctor lowered his chart and surveyed JD over his glasses, smiling reassuringly. Why's he looking at me like that?

"I'm afraid-" this is promising. "We weren't able to remove the entire tumor, a small part had spread to an inoperable part of your brain and we couldn't operate without that chance of causing permanent injury, or worse"

JD fiddled with the sheet, unsure of how to react. What he really wanted to do was pound the doctor senseless with his IV pole, but thought of how little it would accomplish.

He settled for, "So…?"

"So, you'll need to go through a series of chemotherapy sessions…" Dr Lombard began.

JD sunk further into his hard pillows and listened reluctantly to the unwelcome news.


Elliot sat completely still, if anything, she clutched the pillow she was holding tighter than before, which happened to be the equivalent strength the world's largest bulldozer. It seemed as if the doctor had left hours ago, and still nobody had said anything. Cox was still massaging his temples. Carla and Turk stood in close proximity wearing almost identical expressions as they stared into space.

What am I supposed to do? Elliot didn't know what to think and couldn't bring herself to say anything out loud. She didn't get the chance to ponder this further, however, before being interrupted.

Dr Cox suddenly jumped out of his chair and grabbed his pager out of his coat pocket. "Well" he paused, "Sorry I gotta leave this roaring party here folks, but you know how it is, duty calls and who am I to refuse good old Bobby Kelso, aka The Devil" he said quickly, waving his pager in the air in front of his face as if he was proving a point.

"I didn't here your pager" Carla said suspiciously, snapping out of her silent contemplation at his words.

"I've got it on silent" He snapped testily, brushing imaginary dust off his pant legs as he prepared himself to leave.

"It can't go on silent" She snarled back

"Mine can" he growled.

"Just forget him Carla. He's to bloody selfish to care about anyone but himself. Let him leave"

"That's exactly right" Cox said. "Listen to your wife Carla"

Cox began striding towards the door, while Turk and Carla glared lethal daggers into his back.

"JD would want you here when he woke up" Elliot said softly. The others had seemed to have forgotten her presence.

Dr Cox's hand faltered on the door handle as he heard the quiet words, he sighed inwardly, shook his head and left the room.

Carla also shook her head. "I really thought he'd changed, you know?" she said, looking to Turk for support.

"Forget that guy, baby" Turk said angrily, throwing an arm around Carla's waist. "I don't know what the hell JD see's in him"


Cox slammed the door of his car shut so hard a small screw from the hinge tinkled to the ground. He ignored it and stalked in through the automatic doors of Sacred Heart. His world famous rage could be sensed the moment he crossed the hospital threshold, the effect causing a group of people loitering in the entrance to scatter as he approached.

"Geez, what's up his butt?" A patient asked her nurse as the raging doctor passed the nurses station where they were standing.

"Who knows, he probably stepped on some chewing gum or something"

"Bill told me his wife kicked him out of his apartment again" another nurse said, looking up from her computer. They all nodded conspiratorially.

"That's not what I heard" A young intern said, wisely joining their conversation as she stopped to fill out a chart on the desk. "I heard he was sitting by JD's bedside all night waiting for him to wake up from his operation"

The two nurses "awwed" while the patient asked "Who's JD?"

"You know that dorky resident with the cute butt" The patient nodded in recollection, a smile forming on her face.

"Anyway, you would have to be mad to even go near Dr Cox when he's all riled- he's coming!" The small group spread quickly as Dr Cox approached.

He'd noticed the small congregation dispersing and growled in their direction. He hoped that he was reinforcing the "don't you dare even try to talk to me" look, he inwardly smiled. This was fun.

"Ahh, e-excuse me D-doctor Cox?" a nervous voice sounded from behind him.

Dr Cox turned and found himself face to face with the young resident he knew as Nervous Guy. What was his name again? Don? Dud? Cox swallowed a sarcastic remark and raised his eyebrows in questioning at the trembling man. How is this guy still a Doctor?

"I-I was, uh, wondering, uh, how JD-"

"Nervous Guy, you have about 2 seconds to get out of my site before my brain just, shuts off and I start doing some really, really, bad things to that very fragile looking neck of yours" Cox said slowly, cutting the other man off mid sentence.

Doug scuttled away. Only to be replaced by a new nuisance

"Ah, decided to show up today Perry?" said a haughty voice from behind Cox. What is it now? "How about the next time you decide to take half the day off, you ring in and ask so I can tell you 'no'"

"I was checking up on a patient in St Lukes, Bob" Cox said through gritted teeth, as he turned to face Dr Kelso, drawing on all his inner strength not to reach out and strangle the smaller man.

"Oh?" Kelso said, unsurprised. "I presume it was young Doctor Dorian. His presence, or should I say lack there of has been causing quite a bit of unrest about the place, wouldn't you agree Ted?" Kelso threw over his shoulder. The slumped figure of Ted shuffled forward.

"Yes…yes, sir. Very unrest…ing" Ted mumbled.

"Did you send over those flowers from the hospital yet Ted?" Eyes still focused calmly on Dr Cox's strained face.

"Flowers, sir?" Ted asked, meekly.

"For doctor Dorian. Make sure you get the cheapest sort, Ted. I'm planning one getting my office painted in the next few weeks" Kelso finished as he strolled off down the corridor, berating doctors as he went.

Dr Cox reached for the syringe on a tray, that a passing nurse was carrying, intent on throwing the, what was hopefully lethal, injection at Kelso's unsuspecting back. Unfortunately was beaten to it by the shaking hand of Ted. Ted looked up at Cox with wide eyes and held out the syringe.

"You do it, I'd probably miss"

Dr Cox raised his eyebrows and walked away.

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