My Sword. My Shield


By: Niño F. aka F00l3Al2

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There will be a little bit of a spoiler, if you haven't got far into the game or beat it yet, it's only in the first part so don't worry. It's not really a big spoiler, but still for those who care, you been warned. Sorry if the scene isn't right, I kind of forgot how it went so I'm winging it on the remembering.




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Chapter 5-Epilouge

"NO! How can I be defeated?" Screamed a demonic voice. "How can a small army of pathetic mortals defeat the Demon King? CURSE YOU ALL!" With one last scream of pain, the demon disappeared in a flash of light. The army cheered and yelled cries of victory over their demonic foe.

"Lord brother, we defeated it." Said a blue haired princess. "But at a price of an innocent's life. Why couldn't we save him, Ephraim?" Cried the princess. Her face was covered in tears over the body of the prince of Grado.

"I feel your pain sister." Replied the distressed Lord. "He was my friend too, Erika, it pained me to see him turn into that monstrosity."


"What was that?" Said the startled princess.

Eirika, please don't cry over me

A ghostly image of the prince appeared over the dead body. Looking at the princess with sorrow.

Please move on. I could not be saved; I have lost too much of my soul for you to save me. I will be going to the afterlife soon and I have to say something before I left.

"Don't go! We can try to find another way to save you! Just hang on!" Yelled the distraught Eirika. "You can't leave now..."

I'm sorry that I can't stay Eirika. But before I go, I have to say this to you, the words that I couldn't say for as long as I can remember you. I have always loved you…


I should have not listened to that fiend! He promised that he could help me win your heart, but all he told were lies! I should have had more courage to say these words myself, but I was to shy to say. And now look, I confess when I die and it won't matter! So good-bye Eirika, I hope I'll see you again.

His ghostly body started to disappear, fading away into nothingness. During that time Eirika could not stop weeping over him, and the words he said.


After the battle the army held a little party in the Darkling Woods before heading back to their home. Cries of laughter and enjoyment were heard throughout the forest. Which was quite ironic, considering that the woods were quite a sad place. Two paladins were enjoying the activities, but decided to take a break from it and sit out near their tents.

"Isn't this great brother?" Asked a certain red knight. "The Demon King is dead and I have someone to love. What can be better than that?" His brother just looked at him with a mischievous smile. "Eh? I don't like that look Franz. Whenever you get that look something always happen."

"Don't worry Forde, I just have something planned for you, back at camp."

"Now I am seriously scared of what you're going to do to me."

"Let's just say it was because of all those pranks you pulled on me, old brother of mine." At that last remark Forde's face gone white as he imagined all the things Franz might have in store for him.


The two returned to camp and were surprised to see that the party was still continuing. Forde left Franz to join Vanessa, who was currently dancing near the fire with Tethys and other soldiers. Joshua was setting up a game of dice with some of the drunken soldiers to get some easy wins. Lute was trying to get Artur drunk to see how a holy man acts intoxicated, with Artur opposed to the idea. Rennac was busy trying to keep up a shot game with Dozla. And of course, the lady knight in red was busy holding back her excitement when she saw Franz again. The two nodded and made their way to the center of the festivities.

"Come on now," Whispered Amelia. "I always wanted this to happen. So don't worry you won't embarrass me." Amelia then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek for some luck on what he's about to do.

"Excuse me, everyone! I have an announcement to make," Franz proclamation has caught everyone's attention. They eagerly wait of what news he brings. "I would like to say I am honored to be a part of this army. And it is very important to me. Why? Because I meat someone special here. I was only looking for a sparring partner at the time but now look at what happens! She is my fiancé!" He paused for a second to hear the cheers that his comrades gave him. "We been through a lot together, and I believe that my life now would mean nothing without her. And that's why I asked her, my lovely Amelia, to marry me." The encouraging shouts and cries of the army were as loud as a dragon's roar. (Maybe it was because of Myrrh in her dragon form?) "And as this as an oral invitation, I would all like you to join and see us get bonded in holy matrimony!"

"Let me do the sermon!" Shouted an excited Artur.

"Can I help me your dress Amelia?" Shouted Thethys, who was excited to hear the news as well.

"Will talk about this later. For now let us continue the celebration! Consider this the bacholer/bacholerette party!" Replied a happy Franz.

"Where are the exotic dancers then, bro?" Said a certain red knight. "It can't be one without them." This little comment of his earned a slap from Thethys and Vanessa.

"Looks like I will have to teach your lessons again!" Screamed Vanessa. "You will remember why us Pegasus knights love the Elysian whip!" Dragging his poor body to her tent.

"No mistress! I will behave from now on! Honest! You won't hear another perverted comment from me!" But it was to late for him; the cracking of whips and the cries of pain were soon heard. Everyone that could hear that slowly backed away from the tent and was trying to ignore any sounds coming from inside the tent.

"Anyways, because of this special event, I will now charge triple the price to enter my game!" said Joshua.

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to lower it?" Screamed a frustrated Ross.

"Now son, it is a special occasion. So it's ok to overprice." Replied his father, Garcia.

"Ok, deal me in Josh." Said the defeated Ross.

"Like taking candy from a baby." Joshua just smiled and deals out his cards. He knows he'll win, because he was rigging it. "Hopefully that divine cheater, L'Rachel, doesn't join in. I always lose when she plays, rigged or not!"

"That is so lovely! Another couple is getting married, like us Colm." Said the maudlin archer.

"I know Neimi, Hopefully everyone here gets paired off, and find love between them." Replied the blue rogue.

"We should start picking out dresses for their weddings and outs you know." Said Neimi.

"I hate it when Weddings get expensive you know?" Replied Colm.

"Don't worry will somehow get it. Maybe we should wait until after their wedding. We might have enough money by then to afford a normal wedding for us."

"Yeah I guess. Well come on. Hopefully there is still some fun things to left at this party." The two joined the crowd again, sharing laughter and fun. Not everyone was having a good time though. No notice her leave, no one notice her with her sad face, no one noticed her tears. No one that is, but him.


"It's not fair! Why did he have to die?" Were the thoughts of a certain figure; she was upset when she saw that scene unfold in front of her. It just reminded her of her dead loved one. "Why didn't you say you say I love-no. I should have said it first to you, then you would not have die and we could lively peacefully together and be husband and wife. We could have been so happy together." She satdown and started to cry, while going over her thoughts. A man then appeared out of the bushes to see the girl start to cry. He then went over to try and comfort her.

"Princess Eirika, what is the mater?" Asked the man.

"Nothing Seth. I'm just crying because I'm happy that the evil is gone." Replied the tear-eyed princess. "And Lyon as well…"

"I would have believed that if I were talking to Neimi, but you are not Neimi. So what is really bothering you?" Questioned Seth.

"No really, it's nothing. You don't want to get involved, Seth." Replied the princess.

"I would not be good vassal to you if I don't help you in your time of need, so please tell me what's wrong." Said the worried paladin.

"It's Lyon," This caught Seth's attention right away. He too knew the boy, he was also saddened when he found out he was possessed, and was now worried to wonder why she was upset. "I loved him Seth, and I just learned that he loved me too, after he died." Eirika was just bawling now, and was crying it all on Seth shoulders. He took a free hand and started to rub her back in a slow motion.

"Don't worry, it's ok, I might know someone who loves you just as much." Replied Seth. "And you know him too. He kept you safe at knight, helped you on your swordsmanship, he took a blow for you, and he is here, comforting you." Eirika looked up into his eyes to see if he was lying. And she sees that he isn't she wanted to ask. But Seth just stopped her from talking and said, "Shh. You cry all you want on my shoulder, we talk about this later, when you're ready to deal with it." Eirika just looked at him and went back to her old position, but not to cry, but an intimate embrace.


Five Months later

"I can't believe it!" Cried an older looking woman. "I am just reunited with my lost daughter and find out that she's going to get married! That Franz, is perfect for you dear."

"Thank you mom, that means a lot to me." Replied the happy bride. "Always my dreams have come true. I got to find you and I found someone that's just for me."

"Come on we have to get ready, they're just about to call you!" Said her mother.


A beautiful church came into view, with its beautiful stain glasses; it made the place shine which was just right for this celebration. The couple decided to get married at the outskirts of Port Kiris –1-, because that is where they first met. Up at the alter, Franz and his best man, Forde, where eagerly waiting for the arrival of the bride.

"Alright we get to have sex tonight!" Said the little perverted voice in his mind.

"Honestly! It is called love making!" Replied Franz.

"Hey! Before we go on I got a little confession to make." Said his conscience. "I'm not really your conscience, I'm actually your libido. I tied up your conscience and took over because I wasn't getting any action!"

"You got anything else to confess, since this is a church, it's the right time and place." Said Franz with a sweat drop.

"I'm actually a horse, no, a broomstick." Sarcastically his conscience replied.

"O haha! To be honest I was surprised" Replied Franz. Forde then nudged him, to get his attention. -2-

"Are you ok bro? You look kinda funny. I hope you aren't sick on your own wedding day." Said a worried Franz. "You won't be able to do it tonight."

"I'll get Vanessa" Said Franz coolly.

"Shutting up now." Said a worried Forde.

"HAHAHAHA! He's whipped! Literally!"

The little mayhem stopped for the sound of the organ playing. Everyone in the church stands ups for the bride. Dusseal, as the person who will give away the bride, escorts her. In the back, Amelia's mom, Annie, starts to shed tears of joy to see her daughter get married. Her actions were shared by Neimi, who was currently blowing her nose on her 10th napkin, which when then lead to her using Colm's cape as a napkin. But not everyone was drowned in his or her tears, some like Thethys was smiling at the couple and others humbly gave there blessing like Marisa. The bride was then placed near her soon to be husband at the altar. That's when Artur walks in, and starts the sermon.

"Dearly beloved! We are gathered here today to join these two, Amelia and Franz, in holy matrimony. If there is anyone that has good reason why these two should not be married, please speak now or forever hold your peace!" No one dared made a sound for at least a minute. "Well then, I understand that the couple has made vows for each other. Franz, why don't you go first?" Franz nodded in agreement and turned to his bride.

"Amelia, I have said before that we are walking towards the same goal, and that we are traveling there together now, I just have to say that I'm happy that you want me on this journey with you. Living our lives together, protecting each other and are future kids, as you as our shield and as I as our sword, we will live our lives to it's limit. I just want to say, you are never alone now and without you, I would not feel as complete as I am now."

"Franz, you are my yang to yin, my sword to my shield. We do complete each other, and I would never want anything to break us apart. I want to be always with you, forever and into eternity, as your wife, I will always love you so. I don't want to be alone anymore. So never leave my side Franz. I always be there with you through thick and thin, so I ask of you to do the same for me."

"Now that we got that settled, Franz, do you take Amelia, to be your lawfully wedded wife, through good times and bad, through rich and poor, until death do you part?"

"I do." Said Franz proudly.

"And do you, Amelia, take Franz, to be your lawfully wedded husband, through good times and bad, through rich and poor, until death do you part?"

"I do." Said Amelia.

"Then I now pronounce you two, man and wife, you may…. continue kissing the bride." As Artur said, the two were already lip-locked before he could even finish his sentence. The two parted for a while to walk down the aisle, with everyone throwing rice over at them. The newlyweds and party, left to a wonderful private gathering hall. Ephraim owned it so the two got a deal for it. At their reception party, the bride got ready to throw away her flowers to see would get married next. All the girls lined up, and were quite giddy as well, ready to see who would get the bouquet, and be next to get married. Ameila throw the bouquet over her head and the girls rushed to catch it.

"I got it!" cried an excited voice, "My divine powers helped me get these flowers."

"And now Franz gets to publicly go up Amelia's leg to get her special belt!" Yelled Forde. -3- Amelia just blushed at the though, while Franz seemed frustrated with his brother.

"Vanessa! Forde's been a naughty boy!" Said an angry Franz.

"Forde! You promised me! Now I have to punish you all over again!" Said a saddened Vanessa. She took him by the ear, and dragged him to place where no one would hear them. With that out of the way, Franz gets started on his tradition as the groom, to throw take off the belt with his teeth and throw it into the group of guys. It took him awhile, but me managed to get it of her leg with his mouth, then he threw it into the crowd of rowdy males. But before it can go into any of their hands, the wind picks up and blows it to the lone male at the back of the whole crowd.

"Oh my Rennac! Were going to get married!" Said the ecstatic princess of Renault, while holding on to his arms. It looks liked Rennac beg to differ.

"Curse you fates! Why torment me so? I'm going to be stuck with this beautiful woman for the rest of my life. Wait did I just say that?" Dozla came to congratulate him, and expects him to be a husband and king, with Rennac protesting the whole way.

The excitement of that soon died down and it was time for the dance. The newlyweds took the first dance, and then soon others joined in. L'Racheal with a disagreeing Rennac ("We are not getting married! It's just a silly norm that people blindly follow."), Seth and a recovered Eirika. Colm and Neimi also joined in the slow dance. Some danced alone while others just sat as wallflowers. And there was interesting conversation with two wallflowers.


"Since I'm stronger and older than you I get to dance to dance with Myrrh." Said a warrior.

"Well I'm smarter and can handle a more intelligent conversation with her, unlike you, Ross the Barbarian." Replied a high sage.

"Well at least she can tell she dancing with a guy, and not a cross-dressing sage I know, Ewan-a" Replied Ross.

The two stopped their bickering when they saw Myrrh coming. They both rushed towards her to ask her to dance with him.

"Myrrh! May I have this dance with you?" Both said in unison.

"What? Oh! I'm sorry but I'm not going to dance. I can't dance, so I don't want to hurt anyone with my two left feet." Said the Great Dragon.

"Then I'll teach you!" Both said again in unison. They were starting to get annoyed at each other at that point.

"Oh really? I'm glad that both of you want to volunteer to teach me how to dance in my human form. I'll be waiting for you two over at the dance floor." Said Myrrh as she walked away from the duo. The two just looked at each other and smiled.

"Well at least we get to dance with her this time and not let my teacher take her away." Said Ewan.

"Yeah, and at least this author isn't a yaoi writer or else something bad was going to happen between us." Replied Ross.

"Well then let's go and teach her!' Said the pumped up Ewan. "Oh, by the way, I get to kiss her first!"

"What! I get to have first kiss!" Replied an angry Ross.







And it continued like that until they shut up when they were close to Myrrh. It really didn't matter at all of gets first, because all three were having a blast dancing with each other and being with each other.


The party ended four hours later. The newlyweds were leaving in a bright white carriage, leaving for their honeymoon. The guest stayed back and waved them good bye and gold luck in their marriage.

"Do her now! Right now in this carriage! I can't wait any longer!"

"Please don't wreck the moment, it's better to do it at our honeymoon suite in Venila," -4- Replied Franz. "Besides she's asleep right now!"

"ARGH! The need to be fulfilled rising!"

"Thank God after tonight I will finally get you to shut up."

When they arrived at the hotel they were staying in, let's just say that all three of them were quite the happy bunch.


10 Years later

The couple moved into Franz's hometown, and bought a house close by to the castle. Amelia joined Renais army for a while to be with Franz more often, but soon left for maternal reasons. She delivered a boy, which she named Fredrick. She took care of him until he was five and that's when she decided to get back in the army. But she left again because she got pregnant again. This time she delivered a baby girl, which she named Amy. She decided that she would just practice her skills at home and teach her kids on how to fight than go back to the army.

That was in the past, and this is now. The happy couple was enjoying their 10th anniversary today, and their kids joined them in their little party. They set up a picnic by the river, while the kids were playing close by in the river.

"Mom! Fred won't stop splashing me when I asked nicely!" Cried the little girl.

"She should have now that manners can't save you all the time!" Retaliated the boy. Franz was clearly annoyed by the two bickering, so he decided to step in.

"Now you two! Amy, you should have dunked your brother, you're stronger than he is. And Fredrick, you are not suppose to hit a lady."

"Never met a lady that could hit hard though." Which got Fred a hard punch to the face, courtesy of Amy.

"You questioning my gender?" Yelled an angry Amy.

"Wow! Your PMSing already!" He started running when he sees his sister boiling with rage.

"Amelia, remind me to keep Fredrick away from Forde. He is such a bad influence on him." Amelia just smiled and gave Franz a quick kiss. "I hope I'm being a good father."

"You haven't been doing a bad job at least." Replied Amelia. "So, today is our 10th anniversary, what you get me Franz?" Asked an anxious Amelia.

"Well, I hope you like it." He then took out the gift from his pocket, and gave it to her. "I got this based on your vows you wrote. I hope you like it." She opened her gift to find a beautiful golden locket. The outside was a golden sword crossing over a shield. -5- And on the inside, a picture of the family smiling in front of their new house.

"It's beautiful Franz!" Said Amelia as she hugged him and gave another quick kiss. "Well now it's time for my gift, but you gotta wait till tonight and when the kids are tucked in."

"Why do we have to wai-OH!" Realized Franz. "Remind me to let you hang out with Tethys and Vanessa more. I really like the new you, my lovely wife."

"And I think you've been taking my advice to seriously now."

"True, but at least we are living a happy life now."

The two just sat there in their picnic area, resting their heads on one another, watching their two young kids play. When Franz broke the silence..

"I love you Amelia."

"I love you too, Franz"

Their day together did not just end with that kiss, but a little more, later at night, what a man and woman do when they are in love.

El Fin

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-1- I forgot where they meet, but it was at a dock of some sort, right?

-2- Family Guy joke, you fans might get it. It was the one with the Real Griffons Show.

-3- I forgot what that thing is called when the groom throws the thing into the crowd. Does anyone know?

-4- From last chapter, it was the town they stayed in.

-5- Think OoT boxart.

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