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Uchiha and Uzumaki:


I ran down the streets and into the night, hot tears pouring down my face. A little boy with no parents and a fucked-up brother. That's what I was now. I didn't want to believe that everyone was gone. Woosh! Oops, their goes my life down the goddamn toilet.

I gulped and continued running. That's what he told me to do…

Run. Run and cling to life.

Man, I couldn't even believe I looked up to that bastard. I wanted to be just like him in every way possible. I wanted the clan to look at me the same way as they looked at him. I wanted Oto-san to say "I'm proud that you're my son."

But it looks like you won't ever get to hear that…

More tears began spilling out of my eyes at the thought. They're gone…

They're all gone…

Images of the dead bodies, the fresh blood, the red Sharingan eyes of that godforsaken man flashed through my mind. The phrase kept repeating itself over and over, like some old record.

They're gone, they're all gone…

My run soon slowed down to a walk. I felt empty, weak, and most of all, lonely. I was alone. This was how it was going to be the rest of my life. Alone. Cold. Full of hate.

I quickly wiped the sleeve of my shirt over my face and continued to walk. Where I was going even I didn't know. Just as long as it was away, far away, from him. I fell to my knees and onto the dirt ground. As hard as I tried not to cry, I did again anyway. I felt so weak, so helpless and still…

…so alone.

I huddled my knees up to my chest and let the tears freely move down my cheeks right there in the middle of the road. Someone, anyone…

"Help me," I choked.

It was almost like a miracle that he showed up right at that moment. The boy with the straw-colored hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. The boy that actually gave two rips about me. The boy that saved me that night.


I quickly snapped my head back. There he was. Just standing there, right behind me. I sniffled and turned away from him.

"What do you want?"

The boy didn't go away. He still just stood there, staring at me.

"Are you crying?"

I quickly rubbed my eyes. "No! I just got water in them."

I heard footsteps from behind me and the next thing I know the boy is sitting on the ground next to me. I frowned.

"You know," the boy said, looking up at the dark, blue sky. "It's okay to cry. I do that a lot."

"Well, I'm not a cry-baby like you are!" I snapped back.

The boy looked over at me. His blue eyes reflected the moonlight and his sunshine-hair shone in the stars, giving him an almost heavenly look.

"If you cry, that means you're strong."

I stared back at him. Strength? What the hell did he know about strength? He was just a weak little kid who said it was okay to cry. I swallowed back tears. It was so hard. It was hard not to be with anyone else…

I covered my face in my hands, my eyes welling up with water again. "They're…gone…"

The boy cocked his head. "Huh?"

"They're gone…"

My body began to shake as I sobbed. I felt the boy move closer to me and wrap his arm around my shoulders.

"Shh…" he said soothingly.

The boy allowed me to rest my head in his lap. I felt his fingers slowly run through my hair and his other hand move up and down my back. I groaned softly through the sobs. He was so gentle and warm. He was so kind and caring. It felt as though if this boy could understand the pain I was feeling. He was like…an angel.

My crying soon ended but I didn't move me head from the boy's lap. I wasn't alone. I had him now. And I was sure that he'd be there for me for the rest of my life.

Heh, funny how the guy I thought would be my best friend would turn out to be the guy I despise the most.

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