Uchiha and Uzumaki:


Could you really blame me for being a tad bit self-conscious? I mean, I was a little boy who was about to enter his teenage years and whose hormones were already starting to freak. Of course I cared about what people thought of me…

But that didn't mean I hated Naruto. Or so I thought

I stared at the kitchen floor between my legs. I never really noticed how ugly the floor was until now: a brownish yellow tile dirtied with dust and god only knows what else. I lifted my head and looked around the room. Wow, everything was ugly: the cabinets, the sink, the curtains, even the table I was sitting at!

I glared at the door to Naruto's bedroom. There was so many things wrong with him, too: he was whiny, loud, and smelly, had a terrible diet and…that mark. Whatever the heck that was, it was bad.

I shook my head, shocked at myself. How could I think like that towards my only friend? He saved me, befriended me, fed me, clothed me…

But he was still so different.

I bit my lower lip and felt a warm trickle of blood roll down my chin. So many people hated Naruto…if I hung around him, people would start to hate me, too. Secretly, I didn't want to lose all that respect. One of my personal and private weaknesses was rejection.

I was torn between my friend and the rest of the village. A decision had to be made. I couldn't have both.

To my horror, I was crying…again. The right choice was obvious. I would be insane not to choose that path.

I had to hate my best friend.

Shuddering, I stood up from the table and marched down the hallway. It was funny how long the trip down that short hallway seemed. Seconds felt like hours…

I took a deep breath, wiped the mixture of tears and blood off my chin, and slowly opened the door. My heart nearly stopped when I saw Naruto with his knees pulled up to his chest and his usually cheerful face glistening. He must've known the choices I had to make…and the precious things that I was going to lose.

"Yes, Sasuke?" He whispered, turning to look at me with those beautiful eyes.

My lower lip trembled and my eyes once again started to water. 'It's not that hard, say it!' My mind yelled.


'Say it…'


'Say it…'

"N-Naruto, I…"


I gulped and squeezed my eyes shut. "NARUTO, I HATE YOU!"

Time must've stopped at that exact moment. The world must've stopped spinning. The whole universe must've been dead silent.

Tears spilled down my face, though I could still sense the other boy staring at me. I slowly opened my eyes and, without looking at him, stomped to the side of his bed. I picked up my stuffed puppy, my Mayonaka, and glared at Naruto.


I ripped off the stuffed dogs' leg and threw it to the ground.


The other leg came off next with a loud ripping sound.


Mayonaka's head split off as feathers and fluff floated gently to the disgusting carpet. I was still shaking as I turned away from Naruto without looking back at him and began walking away from the most beloved person in my life.

It might've been my imagination, but I could've sworn I heard Naruto whimper something as I left him.

"But I love you."

Time started up again. The world was spinning on its axis. The dead silence was once again replaced with noise…

And Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto were officially rivals.


A/N: Okay, that was overall a pretty short story, but I thought it was…decent.

I officially declare "Uchiha and Uzumaki" by Ortuna…COMPLETE!