So, here I am, writing once again after a long absence.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. I am writing this for fun and because a mutated plot bunny got hold of me and would not let me go.

Characters in this story may well be OOC. Also I am treating this as at least partial AU because I am not a total Narutard that knows everything about everything and I've probably got a ton of things wrong. Not to mention that by the time the manga/anime ends this story is bound to be totally out of whack anyway. :-P

Main pairing: Kakashi x Sakura

Please see Authors note at the end for further explanations if you feel so inclined. :-D

So, let's get on with the show.



The sun rose on a beautiful and peaceful morning over the hidden village of Konoha.

However, Hatake Kakashi, the copy ninja, did not feel that it was such a nice morning. As he blinked blearily in the early morning light he noted that he felt as if Pakkun had used his mouth for a toilet and then stood on top of his head and done a tap-dance wearing heavy boots… and why were those darned birds singing so loudly?

Sigh "now I remember why I don't like to go drinking" he said to himself as he made sure that his ever-present mask was securely in place and positioned his forehead protector over his Sharingan eye. As he did this, his normal eye noticed a crumpled piece of paper that was just peeking out from under his pillow. Slowly he picked it up, knowing in the pit of his already roiling stomach that the contents were not going to make good reading.

His eye widened as he read what was written….

"Oh shit."


oooo Flashback to previous afternoon oooo

Kakashi sat facing the window in the Jounin Bar with his… well he'd lost count of how many drinks he'd had by now, but it was a lot. He was half heartedly listening to Gai, his self-proclaimed "eternal rival" carry on boisterously about…. Well, whatever. He had stopped listening to what the idiot was actually saying several minutes ago.

"How did I get myself into this" he thought fuzzily to himself as the alcohol took further effect. There had been a fairly large group to start with, but everyone else had drifted away until it was just Gai and himself. He gave a mental shrug; it didn't really seem that important anymore. He put his glass down with a quiet clink and let out an appreciative sigh.

Gai grimaced as he noted that Kakashi had finished yet another drink. "Ah, my eternal rival, how is it that even when you are approaching the most drunken of stupors, you can drink and yet keep that face of yours hidden behind that mask?"

Kakashi looked up and blearily fixed Gai's gaze with his one exposed eye. "That, Gai, is a trade secret."

"Ah, Kakashi, you are no fun!" Gai said mournfully as he slumped back in his seat.

Silently they stared out of the window watching the people pass by, whatever rational conversation that could occur between these two having been exhausted for the moment. Kakashi sighed as he saw Sakura being followed by Lee who was trying to be inconspicuous, but failing terribly dressed as he was in his trademark green spandex suit. Sakura knew he was following her and she had a face like thunder.

"Ah! Sakura," Gai enthused, "Such a beautiful flower of young womanhood! She is wasting her burning youth away pining after Sasuke, whilst Lee has devoted his youthfulness to her…"

"Oh come off it Gai," said Kakashi, "You are deluding yourself as much as Lee is. She just does not like him in that way. He is wasting HIS "burning youth" chasing after her like that! Besides, she got over Sasuke a long time ago."

"But it has been, what, 3 or 4 years now since the rescue of the the Uchiha boy? And yet since then she has turned down every single person that asks her out. She must still hold a torch for him… Such a waste of youth," Gai continued mournfully.

"She's still young, there's plenty of time for her to find someone. Besides, she has been busy with her studies under Tsunade and she doesn't get asked out much, I think Lee scares any potential suitors off," Kakashi slurred. "Hell, even I would have more chance with Sakura than Lee does."

"Hmm, if what you say is true…" Gai pondered drunkenly for a moment, He couldn't believe that Kakashi had given him the perfect opening! "In that case I propose a bet!"

"A bet?"

"Yes a bet, or a challenge if you will. You shall do your best to make Sakura your girlfriend within the span of one month…"

"Hey hey, she is my student…"

"WAS your student, she has not truthfully been that since she started studying to be a medic nin under Tsunade, even if you do train with her from time to time…"

"But she is 14 years my junior, that can't be right!"

"Ah! Kakashi, love knows not of these boundaries," Gai clapped Kakashi on the shoulder, then gave him a drunken, yet calculating look; it would almost seem that he could hear a hint of denial in the copy-nin's voice. "Or are you chicken?"

Now normally Kakashi would have blown him off, but excessive alcohol consumption can render even the most rational of minds insensible. He gave Gai a sidelong look in return, "So, what are the terms of this… bet?"

Gai pondered for a moment, "Hmmm… ok, if you can manage to secure the beautiful flower that is Sakura to be your girlfriend then I, the beautiful green beast of Konoha, will run around the village 1000 times wearing only a loincloth whilst beating myself with a brush. Then I will acknowledge in front of everyone in the village that you are a better ninja than I!"

Kakashi raised his visible eyebrow. That sounded pretty stupid, it was typical of Gai, "Aren't you going to say that you will challenge me for her hand or something?"

"Ah, as it pains me to say it, no. I doubt that Lee would forgive me if I purloined the fair damsel from under his nose."

The masked man stifled a laugh, as if Sakura would ever look at Gai as anything other than a freak. "Fine then, I'll accept your challenge. What will happen if I can't do it?"

"Then you will have to walk around Konoha for a whole day without that mask of yours. And that means nothing must cover your face and you must make sure that everyone can see you!"

Kakashi grimaced – if it had been just "without the mask" then he could have used something else to cover his face, but even though he was inebriated, Gai had covered that particular out. Still, he had accepted the challenge and it was too late to back out now. He was sure that he could find a way around it given time, but the easiest way was to make sure that he didn't lose! He gave a mock sigh, "Ok then Gai, but whatever happens can you get Lee to ease off on Sakura? What he is doing to her is harassment, and that is no way to win her over."

"Hmmm, I think that you may have a point. I will try to get him to be a little more… subtle"

Kakashi snorted. He didn't think subtlety was possible in either the teacher's or the student's case…

Whilst Kakashi was ever more drunkenly boggling at the impossibility of a subtle Gai, the said bowl cut maniac was busily scribbling on two pieces of paper. He wanted to make sure that they did not forget this come morning, plus this would make it all the harder for Kakashi to get out of.

"Here we go, just sign here and here, next to my signature!" Gai staggered as he shoved the papers under Kakashi's hand. Drunkenly thinking that he had not got a pen, he bit his thumb and signed both papers in blood.

"Ah! How fitting that you are my eternal rival! Let us each take one of these papers and let us have more drinks to celebrate this challenge!"

And that was the last coherent thing Kakashi could remember that day…

oooo End Flashback oooo


Kakashi sat down heavily on the bed and dropped his aching head into his hands.

"Now I remember why it is never a good idea to go drinking with Gai..."


Authors Notes - AKA convincing myself to post the story… (This is quite long - You don't have to read this, but it might help to explain a few things.)

First off I'll tell you that this is the first story I have written in about three years. If you look at my Bio you will see that I only have one other story on here. I did have a couple of others but I never managed to finish them so I removed them, and after that I just stopped writing. The other story that remains on here is a Sailor Moon one-shot.

This story is completely finished on my computer, and it took me about a month all told to write. I decided to complete it before posting to make sure that I could actually manage to finish it. The middle part was really hard and I rewrote at least 3 chapters from scratch when I thought they weren't good enough, but I made it through and I hope that the result isn't too bad. (I must admit that I'm still not 100 percent sure about it though.)

So, why did I choose to write a KakaSaku story? Well, I'd been reading a few KakaSaku and KakaIru stories around various sites and this idea suddenly came to me and I thought it would be an idea to give writing a try again.

Hell, why did I even choose to write a Naruto story? I'd always intended to write a story for the Ranma fandom but I could never come up with any good ideas for it. Naruto isn't even my favorite anime! Even though Naruto is good, Ranma, Bleach and Kyou Kara Maou are WAY above Naruto for me. (Sorry to all the die-hard Naruto fans!) That fact will probably show in my story. XD

The story didn't really go the way I first intended though, and it's probably a bit on the shallow side, but probably not quite as shallow as it might have been had it gone the way I originally planned.

I've read lots of stories that seem to have great insights into what makes the characters tick and I am in awe of them. I have also read some REALLY REALLY bad OOC stuff that made my stomach churn. I don't think this is quite that bad (the one friend that I let read it as I was writing it said it was good) but I'll leave that to your judgment.

I don't go a bundle on stories that are nothing but angst, but too much fluff and waff can make you sick, so here's hoping I've managed to hit somewhere vaguely in the middle, but perhaps towards the lighter side of things. My personal preference is for Humor, but this just didn't want to be a humor fic. I do have it in mind to write a short "what if Gai had decided to chase Sakura too" fic based on the same bet scenario another time. That could be - amusing. XD

I know the characters in this are going to be OOC. I claim that people change over time, then things happen and they change further. Shrug It's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I have treated this as a learning experience and I can see plenty of scope for improvement. (And if you think this is bad you should see the first story I ever wrote!)

So, if you decide to leave a review, please remember that my writing is very rusty and I'm just testing the waters. Please, don't flame. If you don't like it then its simple, you don't have to read it. :-)

I'm currently intending to release a chapter once every few days, maybe twice a week. As it stands there's this prologue, 9 chapters and an epilogue. I posted chapter 1 at the same time as this so you can get an idea of where the story is going.

Thanks to Tomie (TransientShia) for reading it and giving me the encouragement to carry on and finish it!

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