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Chop Suey

Harry Potter stood in the kitchen of his flat. It had been 8 years since he finished his schooling at Hogwarts. That same year he had defeated Voldemort for the final time, and to think his downfall came from a beheading. However, hi demise did not come without a high price. There had been many causalities Moody, Tonks, Madam Hooch. The Hogwarts staff lost many Proffessors Sprout, Sinistra,& Flitwick. But the deaths that affected Harry the most were that of Ron, Hermione, & the rest of the Weasley Clan.

Staring at his bare flat, he sighed keeping the guilt and grief bottled up inside. His hands started shaking as angry tears began to fall from his eyes. It was his fault, how could he have let this happen. If only he'd been there he could of done something, anything. It been almost a decade since it happened but the pain was still fresh. He was now 21, and he carried more grief than a man 100 times his age. At the beginning of his 7th year Harry had become what most dub goth. His clothes were baggy, black, and covered everything. He stilled had the same style they had all thought it was a phase, but Harry had discovered his true self.

In that small kitchen flat harry rolled up the sleaves of his dark emerald shirt. He then stared at that scars that marred his forearms. They were everywhere, except for his wrists. Today, harry decided Today I will finally do what I've never had the courage to do. Harry then preceded to clean what little mess was in his flat. He wrote a short note to Remus that simply said I'm Sorry. He set out his keys. Put on his contacts as well as a celtic cross chocker which had been the last present from Hermione. He got his trusted dagger, named Myhel, emerald tears. Laid down on ths coach and slowly drug the silver blade across his wrists. The small bite of the metal on his flesh freed the last of Harry Potter's worries. As the crimson liquid flowed from Harry like tears from an angel, he smiled. The first one to cross those rosy lips in quite a while. He became paler, and paler until finally... He passed into the spirit realm, where he was greeted by everyone who was taken from him. The saviour of the wizarding world was finally in peace. For he was no longer in a world where he cried when angels deserved to die.