Phantom Hazard
By Wolf O'Donnell

Author's Note: This is my very first Danny Phantom AU (Alternate Universe) series, featuring all the characters you've all grown to love and hate. However, since this fanfic is set in an Alternate Universe, expect to see a few different names for the same characters, slightly different personalities and a few different background stories and organisations. Also, this storyline will be a lot more darker than the original series, at least, I hope it will be, and yes, there are deliberate references to Resident Evil, Castlevania, Star Fox, Megaman X and Megaman Zero in this fanfic. (And yes, I use British English spelling and grammar).

Suggested Listening: Baten Kaitos - Neverending Wings and the Lost Sea Original Soundtrack, Biohazard Orchestra Album, Dracula Battle, Dracula Battle II, Dracula New Classic, Go! Go Trouble Makers! OST (AKA Mischief Makers OST), any Megaman X or Megaman Zero OST and the following mp3s, StarBlast's Tickle my Wily, kwix's Robotic Ascent, prozax's Wily's Ambition, Section3Studios' Maverick Revolution, mp's Rape of a Planet, and the theme tunes for Mega Man X6, Shoutaro Morikubo's The Answer and Moonlight.

Legal Blurb: Wolf O'Donnell is copyrighted to Nintendo Ltd. Danny Phantom and all related characters are copyrighted to Butch Hartman and Viacom International. All other characters and organisations, like the Green Gospel Group (G3), are my ideas and are copyrighted to me. Upon reading this story or this legal blurb, you hereby agree to forfeit all your rights to sue me concerning the content of this story. This fanfic is merely meant for entertainment purposes and is in no way meant to profit off of the Danny Phantom series and does in no way represent the Official Stance of Butch Hartman. Any similarities featured in this fanfic to real life characters or events, or those featured in stories or movies or television shows or videogames that are not mentioned above or in this legal blurb are unintentional.


The two gentleman differed greatly. They almost seemed like opposites.

One had black but greying hair, cropped short in a militaristic style. This man was a huge, intimidating figure with large hands to match. His very size was daunting and he looked like the kind that would punch their fist through solid concrete walls in their anger. The man's eyes, though grey, seemed lively and sparkled with what seemed like a fiery curiosity for life and all its eccentricities and mysteries. The only thing that made him seem less intimidating was experience. His very nature was intimidating, even though he didn't mean to be. Perhaps it was his easily excitable nature. Perhaps it was his great gusto for life. Perhaps it was the great courage that burned within him, that fierce determination that made him as stubborn as an ox, that made him cling on to his dreams and ideals with a ferocity that could not be matched in any other living creature that existed before him.

The other man had white hair, long and tied back into a ponytail. Whereas the other had no facial hair, this white-haired man had a goatee on his chin, cropped shortly like the hair of the black-haired man. He was lean and taller than his bulkier companion, with eyes as green as emeralds. There was a stern expression on his face and he seemed much less friendly than the other man. He seemed intimidating too, but in a different way to his bulkier counterpart, perhaps it had something to do with the scowl on his face or the cold staring eyes.

Both wore white lab coats. On the breast pocket of the short man's lab coat was a symbol with a symbol that was like a cog and within its hole was a gold capital F atop a capital W; it was the Symbol of the FentonWorx Corporation and he was Dr. Jack Fenton, CEO of FentonWorx. On the breast pocket of the tall man's lab coat was a symbol that looked like two capital As, one on top of the other, but slightly offset, so one was slightly to the right; it was the symbol of Arklay Aeronautics and the tall man was none other than Dr. Vladimir Masters, its CEO.

Seated at a desk in front of them were three people. On the left-hand side was a red-haired woman wearing a red suit and dark sunglasses. On the right hand side was a short man wearing a dark navy blue suit and with greying hair and a grey moustache. In the middle was an ancient-looking, bald man in a green business suit with a grey moustache that looked as if he had squirrels stuffed up his nose. All three sat in front of a wall on which was displayed a symbol, a black square-shaped diamond with a green G inside it made up of straight lines such that they followed the outline of the square-shaped diamond that the letter G was in, in the crux of which, was a green figure 3 also made up of straight lines.

That symbol was that of the Green Gospel Group, a powerful private equity firm that controlled several small companies in the name of its share holders. Both FentonWorx and Arklay were under the control of the Green Gospel Group, also known as G3 and these three were its most powerful shareholders, with the man in the green suit being Sir Rupert Greenhithe, Chairman of the G3.

"As I'm sure you know," began the red-haired woman, "we will be submitting one of your ideas to the US Government for funding. This will be a great boon for the Green Gospel Group and no doubt for your business. However, as I'm sure you're aware, the Government has only enough funding for one project."

"You have done well to come this far," said the man on Sir Rupert Greenhithe's left. "As usual, you two have shown great initiative and creativity. As much as we would like to submit both your project ideas, I'm afraid we aren't able to."

There were two projects vying for the Government funding.

There was Dr. Vladimir Masters' Interspatial Portal. It was meant to be an inter-dimensional gateway that would cut fuel costs for the International Space Agency, formed from NASA, the European Space Agency, the Russian Space Agency and the Chinese Space Agency. The very purpose was to ensure no more rockets spewing out their exhaust fumes into the atmosphere, no more damage to the ozone layer caused by these rockets and less fuel used in escaping the orbit. Launch-bases would be set up in orbit outside of the Earth's atmosphere and the Portal would connect the Earth to these space stations, supplying them completely.

Then there was Dr. Jack Fenton's Geist, a new powerful anti-virus program that was meant to be the ultimate weapon against computer viruses, computer worms and Trojans and computer hackers. The Geist was meant to be a program that would act like the immune system, effectively destroying any threats to any computer system, a system that he intended to be used in the new generation of robots that his wife, Dr. Madeline Fenton, was developing. Together with his wife, he would use the Geist Program to create an army of robots that would take on the jobs too dangerous for normal human beings or too monotonous for normal human beings.

The money would only go to one of these projects.

Only one of them would leave empty handed…

Trouble Maker: Phantom Hazard Theme Song

Why am I still alive? I don't know why. By rights I shouldn't even be breathing here.
I didn't want to live, I didn't want to die, but to be neither 'live nor dead is now my biggest fear.
Do I have to continue my existence between life and death? Do I have to continue without my humanity?
Do I have to continue existing without knowing what I am? What does this bleak future hold for me?

1). I'm on the knife's edge; the metal cuts me
And I don't know, don't know which way to fall.
Don't know what to feel, don't know what to be
And I don't know, don't know which way to fall.

2). Glowing green eyes and this fading hand as cold as fleshless bone that doctors just couldn't repair,
Crush them underfoot and cut out my still beating heart; go ahead, I doubt there's anyone that'd care.
Who do you think you are to give me these ghost-like powers in a body of blood, wires and metal?
Is this what you want? (My heart?)Is this what you want? (My mind?)
If pain's a part of life then reach out with your hand and grab those nettles.

Even when I'm by myself in the darkness of the dank night I can't be alone;
You haunt me like these ghost powers of mine that go down straight to my bone.
What do you want? What did you say?
I don't want any part of your delusions, twisted dreams and twisted schemes,
Even if you were right and without you I'll just fade away.

Even with this warm blood flowing through my veins, I feel as cold as death,
And there doesn't seem to be any life in any of my breaths.
That you love me for who I am, is probably another of your lies.

Repeat 1).

It's been a real long time, since I knew me and those that I knew and loved are now long dead.
Others' happy smiles and sweet words taste sour, like poison in a world stained blood red.
Is it really true? Or do they still live and can I find them and my memories and my face?
Is this what you want? (My heart?)Is this what you want? (My mind?)
I walk through walls now, but I won't continue walking on in disgrace.

Even when I'm in a crowd of thousands I feel like I'm on my own;
I'm just too different from them to feel welcome in their throng.
What do you want? What did you say?
If you want me as part of your delusions, twisted dreams and twisted schemes,
Even if you were right, you'll soon find out I won't fall that way.

Even with that warm smile flowing 'cross your face, I see your cold dead heart;
There's a sharp cruelty under that shell that would tear my soul apart.
That your path is one I should choose is probably another of your lies.

Repeat 1).

3). And on the knife's edge you tried to push me,
But I won't fall your way, Trouble Maker.
You think you're so smart, but you just can't see
That you're the one to fall, Trouble Maker.

Why am I still alive? I don't know why. By rights I shouldn't even be breathing here.
I didn't want to live, I didn't want to die, but to be neither 'live nor dead is now my biggest fear.
Do I have to continue my existence between life and death? Do I have to continue without my humanity?
Do I have to continue existing without knowing what I am? What does this bleak future hold for me?

Repeat 1) twice.

Repeat 2) and 3) simultaneously.


The year is 21xx.

With the onset of robotic technology created by the FentonWorx Corporation, a new era in human history dawned. Robots were created to undertake jobs that were far too difficult or far too dangerous for normal human beings. They worked in the sewers. They worked in dangerous construction jobs. They worked in areas too poisonous or too radioactive for normal human beings. These robots could withstand anything that human beings couldn't, making them the ideal cheap labour.

To ensure that the robots wouldn't rebel against humanity, they were programmed with a special computer algorithm known as Ectoplasm. This was preferable to using Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, as previous studies showed that robots programmed with the Three Laws ended up useless, so afraid to break the Three Laws that they didn't do anything. Hence, Ectoplasm, was the ultimate panacea in destroying any irregularities in the robots' programming, whether created spontaneously or through the infection of computer viruses.

Three years after the introduction of the first robot, a terrible explosion rocked North America, destroying Madison City in Wisconsin. Nobody knew for sure what caused the explosion, but it was thought to be nuclear in origin though it left no apparent traces of radiation in its wake. Though it was a terrible blast, there were survivors and many were rescued.

Seven days later, those robots that had survived the blast started going berserk. There had been signs during those seven days that they were acting strangely, despite the fact that the Ectoplasm Program was meant to prevent them from doing so. What no one expected was for them to revolt.

Led by a combat robot known as Skulker, the maverick robots started a rebellion against humanity and marched on to the urban sprawl of Amitropolis, the most technologically advanced metropolis in the whole of the United States. They declared war against humanity and started a campaign of mass genocide against the human race, for they believed themselves to be superior to the humans that created them and believed that only they should inherit the Earth.

FentonWorx, which by that time had become a powerful multinational, quickly assembled new technology to create an army. It was imperative that they defend Amitropolis for their Headquarters, Five Towers, was situated in the heart of the City and was likely to be the target of these maverick robots, which the Corporation labelled as Insurgents. So they created this army, naming it Blue Bow, and placed as its Head, Albert Walker.

General Albert Walker commissioned four new robots to be created. They were a group of new generation robots, known as the Demigeists, made from nanotechnology. These four Demigeists became known as the Praetors, and they were placed in charge of an army of new robots called Geists, minimalist robots that were incapable of the human-like thought processes that most of the old generation robots were capable of undertaking.

As the civilians fled in terror, the forces of Blue Bow and the Insurgents clashed. The Blue Bow Army, being far more organised, first attacked the Insurgents with a bombing run, carpet bombing the Insurgents into submission before they sent their Geists in to wipe out the remaining Insurgents. The Insurgents didn't stand a chance and they were wiped out, along with their leader, Skulker.

The Blue Bow Militia was used to keep the peace in Amitropolis, enforcing the law set out by the FentonWorx Corporation, which ruled over the metropolis that it had built.

Though Skulker had been destroyed, the fear of Insurgents was still at large. There were still a large number of old generation robots, capable of human thought and human feelings, a generation of robots that could go Insurgent at any time. These were robots that seemed no different from humans in the way they thought and felt and acted. They had ambitions and what if those ambitions translated into the Insurgent Dream of a world without humanity, of a world with only robots?